Libra Health Horoscope

Unlike other signs of the zodiac, Libra does not have problems with mental health. They always strive for harmony, know how to relax with benefit for their body and do not follow the negative emotions. The horoscope of health says that in most cases their problems are associated with excesses in food and bad habits, which they absolutely can not resist. Libra try to avoid unnecessary physical activity, since they do not have a large energy reserve. They do not like to be alone and prefer to spend most of their free time in the company of friends. Left alone with his thoughts, Libra quickly become discouraged.

Health Horoscope for Libra Men

Male Libra has a tendency to slow metabolism. This is a big problem for them because of their predisposition to overeating. In this way, representatives of this sign relieve internal stress. Astrologers recommend Libra not to overwork and learn to relieve internal discomfort. They can not be alone for a long time, otherwise they are guaranteed to acquire a depression syndrome. Weights, like no other, it is important to develop a tendency to self-discipline. Various hobbies and daily morning walks will help them in this.

Men born under this sign often suffer from kidney disease. They have urolithiasis, uremia and diabetes, which also provokes rapid weight gain. Libra is strictly contraindicated in male Libra due to its predisposition to viruses and infections. In addition, they can not lift weights, as there is a risk of tearing your back. Also, representatives of this sign are pursued by diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and allergies. Blood circulation in Libra is not the best. They are constantly freezing, even in hot weather. In winter, they definitely need to keep their limbs warm.

Often, male Libra is disturbed by the condition of the organs of vision and skin. The slightest malaise will necessarily affect the condition of the skin. Various rashes are a usual thing for them. They have not developed resistance to alcohol at all. Weak willpower leads to the fact that they quickly become addicted to alcohol, which in the future will not be easy to get rid of. The horoscope of health for Libra recommends from youth to develop an interest in sports, if they want to maintain good health until old age.

Health Horoscope for Libra Women

Libra women always strive for harmony in everything, but because of an overly active lifestyle, they are not always able to achieve this. Representatives of this sign do not pay enough attention to the state of their health. Many Libra women will seek the help of a doctor only in exceptional cases, when there is simply no other choice. In the case of minor sores, they prefer to use folk remedies and rely solely on their own strength. The health horoscope of Libra recommends listening more often to the state of the body, since many diseases are much easier to eradicate at the initial stage.

Women born under this sign cannot boast of strong immunity, which is why they are prone to colds. In the midst of infectious diseases, they better stay at home. Increased attention should be paid to the genitourinary system and in no case to avoid hypothermia. Female Libra may suffer from increased fragility of bones. Astrologers recommend avoiding traumatic situations and strengthening the skeletal system by eating foods high in calcium. Representatives of this sign are often concerned about problems associated with the gastrointestinal tract and slow metabolism. Often they are overweight.

Female Libra may suffer from insomnia and increased fatigue. The problem lies in their desire to always be in time everywhere. They need to remember that the reserves of the body of any person have their limits. Libra is strongly recommended to learn to relax and not push yourself into a tight framework. Regular rest will help them avoid dizziness and nervousness. In addition, regular well-being in the fresh air and communication with close people contribute to well-being.

Useful and bad habits

Libras always gravitate towards the beautiful and harmonious. Representatives of this sign will never appear in public looking bad. Their appearance is always perfect. Thanks to increased intuition, they manage to avoid serious diseases. Libras are not predisposed to nicotine. Even starting to smoke, they can quit this activity at any time. The natural desire for balance helps them to perfectly control their emotions. Thanks to this quality, Libra almost never has any nervous breakdowns.

The bad habits of Libra include laziness and a tendency to uncontrolled waste. They are ready to come up with a lot of excuses, just not to begin to carry out their duties. People born under this sign of air disaster often spend their savings on things that are completely unnecessary to them. Also Libra slopes to jam its problems with the help of sweets. Overeating, in turn, provokes a quick set of excess weight. Also a big weakness of the representatives of this sign is alcohol. Despite the lack of a natural propensity for alcoholism, Libra is in constant search of a drink that they like. If their search is successful, they will not escape the appearance of alcohol dependence, from which it will be difficult to recover.

Diseases and hazards, vulnerabilities

The weakest point in Libra is the kidneys and spine. Most serious diseases in representatives of this sign are associated with these organs. They often have kidney stones and infectious diseases of the genitourinary system. It is dangerous for them to undergo hypothermia, since ailments of the upper respiratory tract are not uncommon for them. In old age, they themselves can experience diseases such as sciatica, backache, myositis and other ailments that appear in the lumbar region. The weak points in the body of Libra are also considered to be the hips, skin, organs of vision, the navel, and the female uterus is often affected by women.

The nervous system is also exposed to various dangers. Excessive fatigue and increased stress can be factors that influence the onset of depressive syndrome and insomnia. Other diseases that Libra’s horoscope warns of include skin rash, tonsillitis, constipation, and gland dysfunction. The reason for going to the doctor may be regular migraines, which often signal more serious illnesses.

Nutrition Tips for Libra

Libras are great food lovers. Basically, they listen to the desires of their body, eating whatever they want. Diet for Libra must necessarily contain many fruits and vegetables. Astrologers recommend minimizing the use of fatty foods, especially meat products. Libras often suffer from problems with the gastrointestinal tract, therefore it is undesirable for them to abuse flour products. Well-being of Libra will be facilitated by lean meat, mainly poultry and beef, sprouted wheat, vegetable oils, dairy products and various types of fish.

To prevent renal failure, Libra recommends adding sodium phosphate rich mineral salt to your food. It normalizes the acid-base balance and promotes the removal of toxins from the body. Its lack leads to the development of apathy and a decline in vitality. For normal liver function, representatives of this sign need vitamin E, a large amount of which is found in foods such as alfalfa, malt and soybean oil. Dishes containing iodine are useful for weights. Its source is pumpkin and radish.

Fitness and sports, outdoor activities

Sports and Libra are almost incompatible concepts. Representatives of this sign are not included in the list of fans of physical activity. These are refined natures who prefer art to exercises. Along with this, if desired, Libra can achieve significant heights in sports. The main motivation for a regular trip to the gym for them are admiring glances from the opposite sex. Fitness horoscope for Libra says that the best sports for the female half of the sign will be ballet or dance classes. Tennis, fencing, archery or basketball are also suitable.

Libra has a pronounced sense of camaraderie, so they will feel great in team sports. With proper striving, Libra Men will achieve great success in football or badminton. They will succeed in figure skating and skiing. The main thing that guides people born under this zodiac sign is that sport should be fun. If this or that sports discipline ceases to bring them joy, Libra will immediately abandon it. Representatives of this sign are contraindicated in extreme and dangerous sports, such as boxing or wrestling.

How to maintain and improve health

The main enemy of Libra’s health is hypothermia, which representatives of this sign should avoid by any means. In particular, it is worth protecting the lower back from it. Regular walks in the fresh air will help Libra to maintain good health up to old age. To counter problems with the nervous system, Libra needs to learn how to relax. Constant overwork and poor sleep can lead to depression. People born under this sign do not like to be alone. To maintain good health, it is important for them to maintain communication with friends and relatives, who will be able to encourage them in a difficult period.

Weakened immunity is often the cause of infectious diseases. To increase its protective functions, Libra should strike a balance between periods of activity and inactivity. Representatives of this sign should in no case go to extremes, otherwise it will lead to exhaustion of the body. In addition, they should minimize the use of alcohol, otherwise it can lead to serious dependence.

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