Sagittarius Health Horoscope

Sagittarius — one of those signs who are not worried about the state of health. They do not know the sense of proportion and often work for wear. Excessive fatigue provokes diseases and is the main cause of their poor health. In turn, poor sleep can lead to problems with overweight and increased pressure. Representatives of this sign are optimistic in life. Due to the huge life potential of Sagittarius, they quickly get rid of any disease. These are active people who are always in the center of events. They do not like to spend their free time alone and draw energy from communication with loved ones. Representatives of this sign are dependent on the opinions of others and are easily influenced by others.

Health Horoscope for Sagittarius Men

In most cases, Sagittarius men are owners of excellent health. However, it can undermine his frivolous attitude to his body. Overwork and nervous tension play a big role in this. Representatives of this sign often do not spare themselves at work and sleep a little. They can go headlong into their hobbies and not notice the signals that their body sends. In addition, their well-being is greatly influenced by nutrition. Since male Sagittarius are not big fans of a healthy diet, they may have problems with being overweight.

They should beware of colds, especially sore throats. Astrologers advise to avoid visiting places of mass gatherings of people in the period of epidemics and in no case do not forget about disease prevention. People born under the sign of Sagittarius should pay attention to the health of the spine, bones, stomach, and especially the liver. They should not be abused with fatty foods and alcoholic beverages, as there is an increased risk of developing ulcers.

Sagittarius men are often clumsy. They are prone to various kinds of injuries, including during sports. They do not like to go to the doctors and stay in the hospital for a long time. Sagittarius will try to quit treatment as soon as possible, feeling even the slightest improvement in health. The health horoscope for Sagittarius says that the representatives of this sign can easily live to a great old age, if they treat their state of the body more seriously.

Health Horoscope for Sagittarius Women

Sagittarius women are attractive in appearance and have incredibly good health. In the event of illness, they will postpone the trip to the doctor as far as possible, thereby bringing themselves to a critical state. Often they do not listen to the recommendations of specialists, so they think that they can take care of themselves. Representatives of this sign have sudden mood swings, accompanied by a decline or increase in strength. Most often in women-Sagittarius there are problems with the respiratory tract and lungs. Cold for them is common.

The health horoscope for Sagittarius speaks about the possibility of gastrointestinal diseases, rheumatism, atherosclerosis and liver problems. Representatives of this sign should monitor their diet and try to eat healthy foods, as they have a tendency to be overweight. Women Sagittarius often suffer from overwork and lack of sleep, which makes them aggressive in communication. Fatigue also affects the cardiovascular system and in the most serious case leads to a heart attack. Nervous strain leads to hypertension, the consequence of which can be a stroke.

Other problem areas of Sagittarius woman include the lower limbs. For them, the disease is often as varicose veins. To him leads a sedentary lifestyle, to which the slopes of the fair sex in old age.

Useful and bad habits

Sagittarius — the soul of any company. These are incredibly sociable people who cannot imagine their life without friends and having fun. Representatives of this sign are loving and often torn between several partners. Sagittarius can do many things at the same time, which is often the cause of their increased fatigue and subsequent health problems. People born under this sign do not tolerate injustice and try to act according to their conscience in all situations. The negative sides of Sagittarius include excessive temper and impulsivity. They are often not in the mood and show aggression towards relatives.

Representatives of this sign are dependent on the opinions of people around them. They are subject to strong influence from the outside. In most cases, bad habits Sagittarius acquire under the influence of the company. They can start drinking alcohol or smoking to stand out among the rest and show their abilities. Over time, their bad habits develop into the strongest dependencies that they cannot get rid of until the end of their lives. In addition, representatives of this sign are often dissatisfied with their lives. They are often jealous, which negatively affects the state of their nervous system.

Diseases and hazards, vulnerabilities

Sagittarius by nature can boast of excellent health. Most problems with well-being are caused by their own frivolous attitude towards him. They lead an active and restless lifestyle, negatively affecting the state of the body. Horoscope warns Sagittarius about such vulnerable places as the buttocks, thighs, liver and circulatory system. People born under this sign, have a slow metabolism. For them, it is important to follow a diet, as the stomach is one of the weakest organs of Sagittarius. Many diseases in representatives of this sign do not manifest themselves immediately, and for a long time may not be amenable to diagnosis. Sagittarius has a serious predisposition to respiratory diseases. They often suffer from colds and pneumonia.

Astrologers warn of possible problems with the cardiovascular system, hip joints, as well as the colon and small intestine. In addition, Sagittarius complain of high blood pressure, which in old age can cause a stroke. Often, Sagittarius suffers from its clumsiness, leading to serious injuries, dislocations and even bone fractures. Diseases of a mental nature are not terrible to them. They are able to switch their attention and not succumb to negative emotions. Along with this, an excessive passion for some business can lead to increased fatigue.

Nutrition Tips for Sagittarius

Sagittarius is an active sign, for which it is important to remain in good shape and always be ready to rush into battle. Protein food must be present in its diet. It includes: lean poultry, fish, dairy products, soybeans, beans, walnuts and seeds of various vegetables. In addition, the diet for Sagittarius should necessarily include dishes from vegetables and fruits. For the body of representatives of this sign will be useful prunes, figs, strawberries, fresh salads, pears, apples, potatoes, green peppers and strawberries. All these products are rich in silicon, which is necessary to strengthen hair and support healthy skin color. Its deficiency can cause bleeding from the gums.

Astrologers recommend Sagittarius to refuse fatty foods and to refrain from the use of alcoholic beverages. Their abuse adversely affects the state of the stomach, which is a vulnerable organ in the representatives of this sign. To maintain a healthy liver, they recommend reducing the amount of sugar eaten and paying attention to foods that contain vitamins E, B4 and C. They can be found in cabbage, cucumbers, asparagus and oranges.

Fitness and sports, outdoor activities

Sagittarius — is an active sign, which usually from childhood is fond of sports. Thanks to such traits as diligence, patience and enthusiasm, representatives of this sign easily reach great heights in any chosen discipline. In childhood, they can simultaneously go to many sports sections, as it is difficult for them to give preference to one of them. They love to show themselves and demonstrate their abilities. Team spirit is high in Sagittarius, therefore football, hockey, volleyball or basketball will become ideal sports disciplines for them. Track and field athletics will also be able to reveal their natural potential well.

Sagittarius has a large endurance, as a result of which they make excellent runners and cyclists. Not bad they manifest themselves in motor sports. In addition, they are excellent tennis, horse riding, swimming and luge. Sagittarius are not afraid to take risks, so that extreme sports are also included in their area of interest. Despite increased physical activity, the fitness horoscope for Sagittarius speaks of their high abilities in intellectual competitions, such as chess, checkers or fencing. People born under this sign are not owners of strong blood vessels and joints, so astrologers are advised to refrain from weightlifting.

How to maintain and improve health

The health horoscope advises Sagittarius to pay attention to prevention and pay more attention to their health. It is not recommended to bring the disease to a chronic state, since it will be difficult to get rid of it later. Astrologers recommend that representatives of this sign is less subject to danger and avoid traumatic situations. An important part of maintaining health for Sagittarius is proper nutrition. Slow metabolism along with the consumption of high-calorie foods can lead to the appearance of extra pounds.

People born under this sign need more rest. Healthy sleep is the key to a great well-being and positive attitude. To get rid of nervous tension will help them to do what they love and communicate with loved ones. Sagittarius does not need to neglect walks in the fresh air. They will help not only to strengthen the vessels, but also to relax well. In the midst of infections, representatives of this sign should avoid crowded places and take increased preventive measures. In the case of a cold, it is better for them to immediately seek help from a doctor before she becomes chronic.

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