Scorpio Health Horoscope

People born under the Scorpio sign have a high life potential since childhood. They are incredibly energetic and from the outside give the impression of almighty personalities. Often they cannot correctly calculate their strengths, which goes sideways to them. Their self-confidence can lead to serious diseases from which Scorpios will suffer for a long time. They intuitively feel trouble and try to avoid them. Representatives of this sign are the owners of a rich inner world. It can be difficult to communicate with them because of their hot temper and self-centeredness.

Health Horoscope for Scorpio Men

Scorpio men will be able to boast of good health right up to a very old age. They have a penchant for sports, which will play an important role in their well-being. Along with this, the horoscope of health for Scorpios suggests that they will face many difficult trials. They cannot imagine their life without risk and dangerous situations. Scorpios are prone to injuries, various accidents and even car accidents are not ruled out.

Representatives of this sign are often susceptible to viral and infectious diseases. They can not resist them, therefore, during outbreaks of epidemics, Scorpios are not recommended to visit crowded places. In autumn and spring, they need to take as many preventive measures as possible. Despite this, the diseases proceed quickly and do not pose a serious danger to them. Scorpio men are predisposed to bad habits that can seriously undermine their well-being. The key to their health is moderation in all aspects of life.

For Scorpio men, urolithiasis, migraines, hepatitis and tooth decay are typical. They often suffer from problems with the stomach, digestive system, respiratory system, kidneys, genitals, gall bladder, and blood vessels. Oncological diseases are found. Often, due to the inability to relax, the nervous system is in danger, and lack of sleep appears. An increase in physical activity, especially if they lead a sedentary lifestyle, will help representatives of this sign get rid of nervous tension.

Health Horoscope for Scorpio Women

Serious diseases in Scorpio women occur only in childhood. Representatives of this sign have a huge amount of energy and an inexhaustible supply of strength. From the side it seems, there are no such problems that a Scorpio woman will not cope with. They try to live a full life and not deny themselves anything. Moderation is not peculiar to them. People born under this sign are prone to risky actions, which often leads to numerous injuries, which, fortunately, quickly heal.

Increased sexual activity of Scorpio female can cause sexually transmitted diseases. The genitourinary system and the kidneys are their weak points. Infectious diseases are common for them, which, if improperly treated, can become chronic. The horoscope of Scorpio health advises them not to abuse alcohol and other bad habits, as they weaken their protective functions.

Scorpio women are often overweight, the cause of which in many cases is the endocrine system. In addition, representatives of this sign are pursued by diseases of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, furunculosis, benign and malignant tumors, as well as ailments associated with the nervous system. Scorpio women are very emotional, and poorly tolerating criticism. They know how to worry about anything, resulting in insomnia and increased fatigue.

Useful and bad habits

Scorpios are strong personalities with pronounced leadership qualities. They are incredibly purposeful and always achieve their goal. Weakness is a vice for them. They do not like to talk to others about their problems and try to cope with them on their own. They try to treat diseases on their own and rarely turn to doctors. Thanks to a well-developed intuition, they feel in advance the impending disease and try to prevent its onset. Representatives of this sign can not stand flatterers. They directly express their complaints to the interlocutor. Despite harsh remarks, Scorpios are reliable and loyal friends. They never blur someone else’s secret.

Scorpios are secretive people. They rarely trust anyone. Failures can seriously undermine the emotional state of representatives of this sign. Increased tension leads to problems with the nervous system, which in turn gives impetus to the development of bad habits of Scorpios. In stressful situations, people born under this sign can start drinking alcohol, smoking or seizing up nervousness. They do not have a sense of proportion, so initially an easy hobby can quickly develop into a serious addiction, from which it will be difficult for Scorpios to get rid of. In such situations, they should not be left alone. It is better for them to wait out a difficult period in the company of friends or close relatives.

Diseases and hazards, vulnerabilities

People born under the sign of Scorpio are on the list of those who try to cope with the disease on their own without resorting to the help of doctors. Their diseases usually proceed extremely rapidly and quickly. The horoscope of the health of Scorpios notes that one of the most vulnerable places in their body is the genitourinary system. Representatives of this sign is haunted by a list of diseases associated with it. They have: cystitis, urolithiasis, hemorrhoids, polyps, hepatitis, prostatitis and others. Often they suffer from diseases of the kidneys, colon and small intestine, bladder. In women, the uterus and ovaries suffer. Often they find sexually transmitted diseases.

The vulnerabilities of Scorpio also include the cardiovascular system, blood vessels, respiratory system, digestive system, eyes and skin. Due to a slowed metabolism, representatives of this sign may experience difficulties with being overweight. The psycho-emotional side of the Scorpios is also in danger. Increased activity and the desire to take everything into their own hands can lead to sleep problems, fatigue and various kinds of ailments. People born under this sign should beware of infections and take preventive measures during epidemics. At such moments, astrologers do not recommend Scorpios to visit public places.

Nutrition Tips for Scorpio

The diet for Scorpios must necessarily contain protein food. In youth, they easily absorb products of animal origin: beef, pork, lamb, veal. Despite this, it is better to refuse it in old age, since problems associated with the health of the stomach and small intestine may occur. It is recommended that you switch to lighter foods. Scorpios benefit from fish and other marine animals. Fresh fruits and vegetables can dilute the meat diet. Various vegetable salads and dishes from cereal crops positively affect the digestive system of the representatives of this sign.

The diet of Scorpios should include fermented milk products that contribute to the regeneration of intestinal microflora. Astrologers advise not to forget about prunes, figs, onions, cabbage, radishes, gooseberries and other dishes that contain calcium. It is necessary to maintain good skin condition, prevents the accumulation of toxins and increases the overall immunity of the body. People born under this sign are extremely sensitive to a lack of vitamins C, E and B in the body. Products such as asparagus, radish and plum can compensate for their shortage. Scorpios are not recommended to abuse fatty and spicy foods, as this can lead to stomach ulcers, and also provokes obesity. Products rich in iron will help to improve the body and improve immunity. These include: beef liver, buckwheat, nettle and blackcurrant.

Fitness and sports, outdoor activities

Fitness horoscope for Scorpio recommends that they give preference to active sports. Representatives of this sign can not imagine their life without physical exertion. These are incredibly active and energetic people, accustomed to risk. They can achieve great success in a very short time. A brilliant career awaits them in sports such as moto and auto racing, running and bobsledding. Extreme types of competitions are great for them, including mountaineering, cycling, triathlon and others. Scorpios are best at singles, like boxing and wrestling. However, with the desire and application of some efforts, they will be able to succeed in team types of physical activity, such as soccer or hockey.

The fair sex, born under the sign of Scorpio, due to their grace and femininity will achieve great success in synchronized swimming, dancing, gymnastics and figure skating. Due to the weak genitourinary system, Scorpios should not choose sports disciplines associated with weight lifting and heavy load on the lower body. They are in no case recommended to do weight lifting and weightlifting. In addition, they need to avoid hypothermia in every way because of the danger of catching diseases associated with the respiratory system.

How to maintain and improve health

Scorpios are incredible workaholics. The horoscope advises resting more often, otherwise they will not be able to avoid overwork. That it is the worst enemy for the representatives of this sign. Scorpio should not ignore the alarm signals sent by their body. Representatives of this sign need to learn to be more moderate in all aspects of life, starting from eating and ending with an intimate life. Overeating can be prevented by fasting days, which are recommended to be observed by Scorpios every week.

Regular walks in the fresh air and the rejection of bad habits will help maintain health until old age. In general, a sedentary lifestyle is contraindicated for representatives of this sign. They must by all means maintain activity at a high level. Scorpios should not be left alone. Support from friends will help them not become victims of depression and relieve depressed mood.

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