Taurus Health Horoscope

Outwardly, people born under the sign of Taurus give the impression of calm and balanced personalities, so they rarely suffer from serious nervous disorders. From childhood, they can boast of excellent health, but they also have their weaknesses. Despite the excellent immunity, diseases sometimes overcome them. If this happens, the disease will be prolonged in nature with a high probability of becoming chronic. This is compounded by the fact that Taurus is not a big fan of going to doctors. According to the horoscope of health, another serious problem that representatives of the earth element can face is overweight. They often fight hateful kilos throughout their lives.

Health Horoscope for Taurus Men

Taurus men are in good health from an early age. They have strong immunity, due to which diseases do not overcome them often. However, if the disease hits them, you can not wait for a quick recovery. The course of the disease is complicated by the fact that representatives of the earth element do not like to seek help from a doctor. They will pull until the last moment, when the disease has already become severe. Along with this, Taurus men will never neglect medical advice and will comply with all the instructions to the last point. All inconveniences during the treatment process are tolerated by them courageously and without whims.

Despite the severe course of the disease, Taurus possesses huge internal reserves. Thanks to them, the recovery process is extremely fast and soon the representatives of this sign will be full of strength and energy. The most vulnerable bodies of Taurus are the throat, hearing organs, lymphatic system and the gastrointestinal tract. People born under this sign often suffer from a slow metabolism and related diseases. In Taurus, such ailments as gastritis, constipation and diabetes mellitus are often found. Colds and infectious diseases are commonplace for them.

The horoscope of health for Taurus advises them not to abuse alcohol and not to indulge their own weaknesses. Male Taurus have an increased tendency to be addicted to alcohol and tobacco, which negatively affects the state of their body. Representatives of this sign need to instill in childhood a love of exercise and healthy eating, as they have an increased tendency to overeat and laziness.

Health Horoscope for Taurus Women

Taurus women are individuals with excellent health. However, due to their unwillingness to take care of him, they often suffer from various diseases. Taurus are prone to a variety of excesses in food and have more than one bad habit. In this regard, they devote most of their lives to the fight against extra pounds. In many cases, their dislike of doctors and unwillingness to seek help results in the acquisition of chronic ailments, which later will be difficult to get rid of.

Horoscope of health for Taurus says that most often the women is faced with diseases of the throat, brain, nervous system, digestive system, liver, circulatory system and thyroid gland. Also among the characteristic ailments can be found diseases of the respiratory and genitourinary systems, and in particular the kidneys. Frequent guests are colds and infectious diseases, which sometimes become chronic.

Female Taurus is advised to avoid nervous tension and observe the daily routine. Otherwise, there is a high chance of earning depression and insomnia. Representatives of this sign need to be as much as possible in the fresh air and in no case to neglect physical activity. Astrologers advise people born under this sign to avoid drafts and crowded places during the height of infectious diseases.

Useful and bad habits

Unlike representatives of other signs, Taurus try to adhere to a healthy lifestyle, as they are well aware of their weaknesses. Everyone will be envious of their willpower. They easily get rid of addictions, intuitively sensing the moment when you need to stop. Representatives of the earth element do not differ in reaction speed and mainly from the side seem too slow. However, they approach all matters with care, which is why they often cope with their tasks much better than others.

The most serious bad habits of Taurus include their great tendency to overeat. They are really addicted to various sweets and junk food. Taurus is unlikely to be able to resist an extra piece, which often has serious negative consequences for their health. Due to the love of overeating, representatives of this sign often suffer from excess weight. Many Taurus throughout their lives try to get rid of unnecessary kilograms, which for many of them is an impossible task. All this is compounded by their dislike of physical activity and unwillingness to work on themselves.

Diseases and hazards, vulnerabilities

Thanks to excellent immunity, Taurus is ill quite rarely, but diseases are often severe and protracted. The health horoscope warns the representatives of this sign that in many cases ailments overcome them suddenly. Often the onset of the disease masquerades as usual fatigue, due to which Taurus in most situations misses the moment of onset of malaise. In many ways, people born under this sign are themselves to blame for the formation of sores, as they are irresponsible about their state of health. Usually throat and hearing organs suffer from the disorder of Taurus.

Representatives of the earth element are characterized by diseases such as tonsillitis, bronchial asthma and diphtheria. Frequent guests for Taurus are diseases of the genitourinary and reproductive systems. Often people born under this sign suffer from a violation in the functioning of the endocrine glands and renal failure. Excessive love of fatty foods can lead to intestinal colic, poisoning and skin problems. Excessive physical exertion is not in the best way reflected in the condition of the lower extremities. Overvoltage is also a common cause of osteochondrosis in Taurus.

Nutrition Tips for Taurus

The diet for Taurus should not contain a large amount of sugar, starch and fat, since many representatives of the sign have been struggling with obesity all their lives. They must adhere to a balanced diet and not neglect moderate physical activity, so as not to gain excess weight. In the food that Taurus consume, sodium sulfate must be present. You can find it in such products as beets, spinach, horseradish, cauliflower, cucumbers, pumpkin, onions, cranberries and nuts. Celery will help prevent overeating. A positive effect on the intestinal microflora dairy products.

In the Taurus menu, there must be products that help the proper functioning of the thyroid gland. These include foods that are high in iodine, such as fish, seaweed, eggs, beans, fresh fruits, and lettuce. Taurus is useful from time to time to arrange fasting days and drink as much fluid as possible. At an older age, they are not recommended to get involved in protein foods and reduce the consumption of meat to 2-3 times a week. Astrologers advise giving preference to lean beef, low-fat chicken and various seafood.

Fitness and sports, outdoor activities

By their nature, representatives of the earth element are calm and unhurried individuals. Fitness horoscope for Taurus recommends that people born under this sign choose a sports discipline that matches their temperament. In most cases, Taurus perfectly show their talents in figure skating, speed skating and swimming. Thanks to its high endurance, Taurus makes excellent long-distance runners. Representatives of the earth element do not like to take risks, as a result of which extreme sports are not suitable for them.

Good abilities are manifested in team sports, such as soccer or hockey. Show their strength and endurance Taurus allows weightlifting and bodybuilding, in which they reach solid heights. They perform well in arm wrestling and lifting goods. The main obstacle to conquering sports peaks for people born under this sign is their own laziness. To achieve high results, Taurus needs to accustom themselves to physical activity from childhood and choose only the discipline to which they actually have a soul.

How to maintain and improve health

The main source of most Taurus problems is their pessimistic thoughts. Representatives of this sign tend to become depressed and suggest a worse outcome. It is important for them to receive as many positive emotions as possible and in no case indulge in despondency. To maintain well-being, astrologers recommend that they acquire a pleasant hobby that distracts them from their daily routine. In a negative way, overeating affects the health of Taurus. Representatives of the earth element prone to excess weight should reduce the number of calories consumed and in no case should abuse junk food. Also, do not lean on alcohol and tobacco.

A positive effect will have daily walks in the fresh air and regular exercise. With their help, they will not only be able to keep weight under control, but also receive a dose of positive emotions. Along with this, astrologers do not advise heavily loading the back and legs, as there is a risk of stretching and getting osteochondrosis. No need to make sudden movements or immediately take up intense training. This can negatively affect the work of the heart. A sedentary lifestyle is also contraindicated in Taurus because of the increased likelihood of clogging of blood vessels and circulatory problems.

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