Weekly Health Horoscope

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May 10-16: Protect the body from infections, in the second week of May, the health horoscope does not exclude a decrease in immunity and performance. Refrain from swimming in bodies of water, do not overcool or overheat. Drink lemon tea more often, take vitamin C, and even better — immunostimulating drugs. At the beginning of the week, do a test to check the level of iodine in the body: with the Moon in Taurus, thyroid diseases are aggravated. If you feel some lethargy, drowsiness, try to eliminate iodine deficiency. Supplement your diet with persimmons, walnuts and seaweed.

In the middle of the week, pay attention to the condition of the stomach and pancreas. The Sun in Taurus disposes to a leisurely enjoyment of earthly pleasures: plentiful and tasty food. Despite the gastronomic temptations, the weekly health horoscope advises keeping track of portion sizes. Be careful while driving if you have a weekend trip. In the days of the waxing crescent Moon, there is a decrease in memory and concentration. Watch the traffic situation carefully, do not exceed the speed. Take a well-proven route to avoid stress and stress.

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