Aquarius Weekly Health Horoscope

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August 2-8: Observe the rules of personal hygiene, the health horoscope for the first week of August warns: there is a risk of infectious diseases. Wash your hands as often as possible, preferably with a disinfectant. Be gentle in the pool, gym, solarium and beach — relax wisely.

Thanks to his tenacity, Aquarius will be able to win the hearts of others at the beginning of the week. The Moon in the sign of Gemini promises success in all endeavors. If you want to look sexy, aim for long-term work. Take a course of honey massage or bee sting — your figure will become flawless.

In the middle of the week, you will be bothered by the feeling of fullness and heaviness in your legs. With the Sun in the sign of Leo, varicose veins can be observed. To improve blood circulation, the weekly health horoscope for Aquarius advises to do gymnastics. Try to wear compression hosiery.

On the weekend, Aquarius will immerse themselves in the world of beauty and health. During the waning crescent Moon period, the body actively gets rid of all unnecessary things, rebuilds in a new way. At this time, you can arrange detoxification, peeling and cleansing the skin, procedures to combat cellulite will be no less effective.

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