Aquarius Weekly Health Horoscope

January 24-30: Try not to overuse tonic drugs, the health horoscope for the fourth week of January believes that stimulants can be dispensed with. Don’t stress yourself out trying to get the job done on time. Engage in self-improvement, be focused — you will have time for everything.

Thanks to his intuition, Aquarius will be invulnerable at the beginning of the week. With the Moon in Scorpio, the inner instinct intensifies, an understanding of hidden processes appears. Night visions of this period help to find an explanation for the events taking place in life. For restful sleep, inhale the mint scent.

Emotional relaxation will be helpful in the middle of the week. With the Sun in the sign of Aquarius, a high level of psychic energy is noted. To switch attention and calm down, the weekly health horoscope for Aquarius advises you to do exercises that allow you to control breathing.

On the weekend, Aquarius will immerse themselves in the world of beauty and health. During the waning crescent Moon period, the body actively gets rid of all unnecessary things, rebuilds in a new way. At this time, you can arrange detoxification, peeling and cleansing the skin, procedures to combat cellulite will be no less effective.

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