Aquarius Weekly Health Horoscope

November 28 – December 4: Diseases will pass without consequences, the health horoscope for the fourth week of November indicates a high level of immunity. A cold will not prevent you from leading a fulfilling life, but do not forget about preventive measures. Observe the rules of personal hygiene, do not overcool, keep your shoes dry.

At the beginning of the week, Aquarius should not completely abandon sports: the Moon in Aquarius is a good time for fitness. Training in a mode that is comfortable for you will only benefit. You can combine exercise and dance: Zumba is the perfect way to pump up your body and cheer yourself up.

In the middle of the week, think about the causes of your nasal congestion. With the Sun in the sign of Sagittarius, one should beware of diseases of the nasopharynx. A weekly health horoscope for Aquarius believes that nasal irrigation with saline helps remove mucus. Monitor the humidity in the room.

On weekends, Aquarius should not endure a toothache, justifying their inaction by the lack of time. In the waxing gibbous Moon phase, all processes in the body are as gentle as possible and do not have serious consequences. Treatment will be effective and painless, no complications will arise.

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