Aries Weekly Health Horoscope

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August 2-8: Do not postpone a visit to the doctor, in the first week of August, the health horoscope foresees a slight deterioration in well-being. Take precautions to avoid overheating and hypothermia. Try to eat foods containing vitamin C: cranberries, lingonberries, lemon.

To reduce the risk of developing a heart attack, at the beginning of the week, Aries must give themselves a clear message: smoking is a thing of the past. With the Moon in Gemini, a burning and pressing pain in the chest may appear. If you do not abuse bad habits, control what is happening: secondhand smoke is also dangerous.

If you feel a burning sensation in your eyes in the middle of the week, see an ophthalmologist. The Sun in the sign of Leo gives vitality and powerful energy potential. The weekly health horoscope for Aries believes that instilling antibacterial drops will help you quickly cope with the disease.

The mystically minded Aries will get food for thought at the end of the week. The waning crescent Moon is a time of wisdom and debriefing. Dreams of this period are confused and confused, filled with special meaning. They carry intuitive insights, help to understand the true essence of what is happening.

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