Cancer Weekly Health Horoscope

May 16-22: Try to balance your life, in the third week of May the health horoscope advises you to think about psychological comfort. Do not take what is happening to heart, do not react to negativity. Be active, but without unnecessary enthusiasm, and try to rest with health benefits.

In the first days of the week, Cancer will want love and attention. The Moon in Sagittarius enhances natural charm, promotes a quick rapprochement between people. To highlight your beauty, apply a few drops of perfume to your pulse points. Let it be spicy aromas: cloves, amber, vanilla.

If you feel hoarseness in the middle of the week, contact your phoniatrist. With the Sun in Taurus, the throat is vulnerable, laryngitis and tonsillitis proceed in an acute form. In order not to lose voice, the weekly health horoscope for Cancer advises to reduce the load on the ligaments. Drink more warm drinks.

Cancers don’t have to force themselves to exercise at the end of the week. During the waning gibbous Moon, the body is able to cope with increased loads, the process of muscle building is especially effective. Yoga, Pilates or strength training — it doesn’t matter what it is, just be in motion.

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