Cancer Weekly Health Horoscope

October 3-9: Adhere to the daily routine, in the first week of October the health horoscope advises to get enough sleep. Changeable weather, cold, lack of light — stress for the body. To avoid the development of chronic fatigue syndrome, try to get more rest, go to bed at the same time.

Cancer at the beginning of the week should take care of its heart. With the Moon in Aquarius, blood circulation and vascular inflammation may deteriorate. The heart is a muscular organ, it needs to be trained, the most optimal load is walking. Proper nutrition is very important, eat apples, carrots, walnuts.

In the middle of the week, your health concerns will be in vain. With the Sun in the sign of Libra, a lot of doubts of various kinds are born. The weekly health horoscope for Cancer advises to ignore somatic symptoms. Do deep breathing exercises to relieve tension.

At the end of the week, Cancers will be a little scattered and undisciplined. In the waxing gibbous Moon phase, vitality is approaching its peak, but the body needs support. In order not to waste your potential in vain, try to rest more, meditate, reflect, listen to healing mantras.

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