Cancer Weekly Health Horoscope

October 25-31: You are not in danger of feeling unwell; in the fourth week of October, the health horoscope promises a favorable emotional background. You are energetic and adventurous, the main thing is not to break the daily routine. Eat well, get enough sleep, spend more time outdoors, and everything will be fine.

Cancer at the beginning of the week is better off eating at home than in a cafe. With the Moon in Cancer, pain and heaviness in the stomach can disturb. If you suffer from gastritis with high acidity, do not get carried away with smoked meats. Fast food is completely banned, as is alcohol. Be patient a little — and everything will return to normal.

The main problems of the middle of the week will be related to the lungs. With the Sun in Scorpio, the risk of exacerbation of broncho-pulmonary diseases increases. The weekly health horoscope for Cancer warns: there is a possibility of poisoning with gases, vapors of poisonous substances. Try to be outdoors more.

Cancers on the weekend will be absorbed in caring for their hair. In the phase of the waning crescent Moon, the vitality of the body decreases, changes are given with difficulty. Even a regular haircut can be unsuccessful, not to mention curling, dyeing and styling. It is better to focus your energies on nutrition and hair restoration.

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