Capricorn Weekly Health Horoscope

November 28 – December 4: Do not overdo it with training, in the fourth week of November, the health horoscope does not exclude a deterioration in well-being. Try to spend energy and energy sparingly so as not to bring the body to exhaustion. To maintain the general tone of the body, take daily walks before bed.

Anxiety is contraindicated in Capricorn at the beginning of the week: with the Moon in the sign of Aquarius, the cardiovascular system becomes vulnerable. If you are anxious to sort things out with someone, refrain from scandal. Drink cucumber and beet juice to strengthen blood vessels — vitamin therapy effortlessly.

In the middle of the week, pain in the lower back may appear. With the Sun in the sign of Sagittarius, symptoms characteristic of radiculitis are noted. The weekly health horoscope for Capricorn offers to undergo a course of physiotherapy aimed at improving blood circulation in the lumbar zone.

At the end of the week for Capricorns, a visit to the hairdresser will be a real outlet. The waxing gibbous Moon phase is suitable for a haircut if the goal is to grow long curls. Even by trimming the ends a little, you can get an amazing effect. Hair will begin to grow faster and its structure will improve.

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