Capricorn Weekly Health Horoscope

June 27 – July 3: Take care of your beauty, in the fourth week of June, the health horoscope recommends not to save on medical cosmetics. Tidy up your skin and hair as you prepare for the holiday season. Pay special attention to moisturizing procedures, and most importantly, spend less time in the open sun.

Thanks to a timely visit to a periodontist, Capricorn at the beginning of the week will feel just fine. With the Moon in Cancer, it is recommended to treat teeth, carry out prosthetics. To completely remove plaque and stones, go through the ultrasonic cleaning procedure.

Prolonged exposure to cold water in the middle of the week can lead to kidney complications. With the Sun in Cancer, the genitourinary system is most vulnerable. The weekly health horoscope for Capricorn suggests drinking kidney tea from nettle, birch and bearberry leaves. Heating is no less effective.

A busy weekend awaits Capricorns looking to improve their fitness. The waxing crescent Moon phase promises success in the implementation of the plan. If you have been planning to start playing sports for a long time, take action. Just decide what you like best: yoga, Pilates, fitness.

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