Gemini Weekly Health Horoscope

January 30 – February 5: You are not in danger of feeling unwell, the health horoscope for the last week of January states that there will be more than enough strength and energy. Activity will benefit you, the first days of February are favorable for playing sports, going through various procedures. However, remember to listen to yourself.

Driving a long distance is a serious test for Gemini: the first days of the week are not very successful for motorists. With the Moon in Gemini, the shoulder girdle and arms are considered vulnerable. If you do hit the road, adjust the seat so that your body is in a comfortable position.

Pay attention to your heart rate in the middle of the week. With the Sun in Aquarius, heart rhythm disturbances often occur. The weekly health horoscope for Gemini reminds of the benefits of the polyphenols found in dark chocolate, red wine and black tea. They have a positive effect on the work of the heart.

Gemini should definitely visit the SPA center on the weekend. During the waxing gibbous Moon phase, the body actively assimilates all substances entering it. To saturate the skin with moisture and useful microelements, carry out a whole range of procedures: peeling, heat wrap, toning massage.

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