Gemini Weekly Health Horoscope

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July 19-25: Try to drink more, the health horoscope for the third week of July warns against dehydration. In the heat of summer, the body loses a lot of fluid. To maintain water-salt balance, quench your thirst with berry and fruit drinks. Avoid sugary soda and alcohol altogether.

Gemini should be at rest at the beginning of the week. With the Moon in Sagittarius, injuries in the thigh area are possible. Eat calcium-rich foods to help protect yourself from injury. Drink more water, due to a lack of it, the cartilage tissue wears out quickly, provoking the development of arthrosis.

In the middle of the week, you will be on edge: the energy needs to be released. The Sun in the sign of Leo gives great potential, makes you want to live with passions. The weekly health horoscope for Gemini warns against alcohol consumption. Alcoholic drinks cause excitement and excitement, not relaxing.

Gemini planning to have a baby this weekend will get an impulse for action. At the Full Moon, all physiological processes in the body reach the upper limit of saturation. The baby conceived during the specified period will be distinguished by a stormy temperament, this is a leader with strong volitional qualities.

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