Leo Weekly Health Horoscope

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May 10-16: Be careful, the health horoscope for the second week of May indicates a high risk of injury. It is unlikely that the situation will get out of your control, but look under your feet and, if possible, give up high heels. If you have problems, do not self-medicate: run to the emergency room. Leo at the beginning of the week will strive for a perfect figure. The Moon in Taurus is responsible for aesthetic taste, awakens a sense of beauty. To reduce your waist and hips without surgery, sign up for a vacuum massage. Hot wraps at home are no less effective.

Take care of your respiratory system in the middle of the week. The Sun in Taurus is characterized by slowness, shortness of breath may be noted. If you smoke, the weekly health horoscope for Leo suggests giving up this bad habit. Dress for the weather, try to breathe through your nose. For Leos planning to replenish their family, the weekend will be fruitful. A waxing crescent Moon gives great potential that must be properly disposed of. A child conceived during this period will be lucky; throughout his life he will be accompanied by good luck.

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