Libra Weekly Health Horoscope

June 5-11: Follow the weather forecast, the health horoscope for the first week of June states: the risk of catching a cold increases. Beware of overheating and hypothermia, swim with care. To strengthen the body’s defenses, maintain the required amount of vitamins, eat more vegetables and fruits.

At the beginning of the week, Libra will be in a very positive mood: life pleases with pleasant gifts. The Moon in the sign of Capricorn is good for ear-piercing. If you still haven’t made it to the cosmetology office or have had a bad experience, you can rest assured that the piercing will be painless.

In the middle of the week, a cough can signal the development of an airway disease. With the Sun in Gemini, the bronchi and lungs are vulnerable. To facilitate the discharge of phlegm, the weekly health horoscope for Libra advises taking mucolytic drugs. Also practice breathing exercises.

Perhaps, at the end of the week, Libra can act as predictors of their fate. In the last quarter of the Moon, dreams show events in the near future. They carry a lot of useful information, indicate the problems that you will have to face. Try to remember them.

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