Libra Weekly Health Horoscope

November 28 – December 4: Do not overdo it with training, in the fourth week of November, the health horoscope does not exclude a deterioration in well-being. Try to spend energy and energy sparingly so as not to bring the body to exhaustion. To maintain the general tone of the body, take daily walks before bed.

To look your best, Libra must visit the dentist at the beginning of the week. The Moon in Aquarius is good for oral cavity care. If you want a dazzling smile, do ultrasonic cleaning. This procedure will help lighten the color of your teeth by a couple of tones.

The headache that occurs in the middle of the week may be of a psychosomatic nature. The Sun in Sagittarius awakens all kinds of fears. The weekly health horoscope for Libra believes that the body gives out the accumulated negative. Try to relax by placing a lemon peel on your temples.

At the end of the week, Libra will have amazing dreams. In the phase of the waxing gibbous Moon, the emotional background changes for the better, a feeling of lightness appears. Most often, night visions of this period are associated with loved ones. You need to pay attention to how relationships are developing in your family.

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