Sagittarius Weekly Health Horoscope

July 4-10: Beware of overheating, in the first week of July the health horoscope recommends sunbathing with caution. Bring sunscreen for your face and body when you go on vacation. To replenish your vitamin D deficiency without compromising your health, visit the beach in the morning and evening.

Sagittarius should be more circumspect at the start of the week to maintain a great mood. The Moon in Virgo increases anxiety and nervousness. If you are going on a long trip by car, watch the road carefully. Beware of unfamiliar routes.

In the middle of the week, digestive problems may suddenly remind of themselves. With the Sun in the sign of Cancer, chronic stomach diseases are exacerbated. The weekly health horoscope for Sagittarius advises to give up everything spicy, sour, smoked and salty for a while.

Perhaps Sagittarius at the end of the week should not gorge themselves at night, so as not to harm the liver. The waxing gibbous Moon phase is suitable for cleansing the body. Of course, you shouldn’t go hungry, just replace harmful dishes with a vegetable salad, it is advisable to season it with lemon juice. Be sure to drink detox cocktails.

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