Scorpio Weekly Health Horoscope

February 6-12: Observing the measure in food and alcohol, you will protect yourself from extra pounds, the health horoscope for the first week of February calls for restraint. You are cheerful and do not need additional carbohydrates. Do not deny yourself tasty and healthy food, just eat a balanced diet.

At the beginning of the week, Scorpio should not be heavy on alcohol. The Moon in Virgo stands for purity and naturalness, you can not load the body with harmful food and alcohol. To reduce the toxic load on the liver, make your diet as green as possible: green leafy vegetables and green tea.

In the middle of the week, a headache will take you by surprise. With the Sun in Aquarius, dizziness may occur. To relieve a beginning attack, the weekly health horoscope for Scorpio advises to do a head massage. As a preventive measure, take a course of acupuncture.

For Scorpios, nothing is more important this weekend than getting their hands in order. In the phase of the waning gibbous Moon, the body is characterized by maturity, pain is easily tolerated. The manicure done during this period will last a long time, the nails will become stronger. In addition, the general condition of the body will improve.

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