Scorpio Weekly Health Horoscope

January 24-30: It will not come to serious diseases, for the fourth week of January the health horoscope gives an optimistic forecast. However, be careful with yourself if you suffer from migraines. Take care of the cardiovascular system, give up bad habits, spend more time in the fresh air.

The first days of the week will bring good events, Scorpio will be happy with what is happening. The Moon in the sign of Scorpio increases the strength, strength and endurance of the body. This is a good time to give up bad habits and acquire good ones. Start doing breathing exercises in the morning.

In the middle of the week, you can injure your leg by slipping on the ice. The Sun in Aquarius affects the legs and ankles. To relieve swelling, the weekly health horoscope for Scorpio suggests applying ice to the bruised area. Remember to apply a tight bandage and use gels and ointments to relieve pain.

Scorpions dreaming of a child will have a busy weekend. The waning crescent Moon period is the time of completion of the most significant affairs. If you approach the issue of childbirth consciously, do not doubt the success of your plan. The fate of the baby conceived during the specified period will develop safely.

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