Virgo Weekly Health Horoscope

June 12-18: Try to eat at home, in the second week of June, the health horoscope foresees a slight deterioration in well-being. Discard semi-finished products, do not experiment with exotic products. If you experience heartburn, nausea, or abdominal discomfort, see your doctor.

Overeating ice cream at the beginning of the week, Virgo can suddenly lose her voice. With the Moon in Aries, the throat is especially vulnerable. Gargling with herbal infusions and extracts will help prevent a serious course of the disease. Try to speak in a whisper, which is especially important — quit smoking.

Think mid-week on how to keep your heart healthy. When the Sun is in Gemini, the circulatory and nervous systems are under attack. With a rapid heartbeat, the weekly health horoscope for Virgo advises to drink a motherwort tincture. For a complete solution to the problem, consult a cardiologist.

Virgos planning a replenishment in the family will be convinced of the correctness of their intentions at the end of the week. In the phase of the waning crescent Moon, thoughts and emotions are mature, and decisions are balanced: no spontaneity. A child conceived during this period will have a docile character, a prosperous life awaits him.

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