Virgo Weekly Health Horoscope

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May 10-16: Protect the body from infections, in the second week of May, the health horoscope does not exclude a decrease in immunity and performance. Refrain from swimming in bodies of water, do not overcool or overheat. Drink lemon tea more often, take vitamin C, and even better — immunostimulating drugs. At the beginning of the week, Virgo is not quite at ease: tension is in the air. With the Moon in Taurus, a thorough massage of the head and earlobes is helpful. Gentle stroking helps to completely relax the muscles. Try to act on active points — there will be no trace of the headache.

Be mindful of yourself in the middle of the week. The influence of the Sun in Taurus can be manifested by lethargy, inability to enjoy life. The weekly health horoscope for Virgo advises not to overload yourself with physical work. Tinctures of eleutherococcus or ginseng will help improve your well-being. On weekends, Virgos should do their own hands. The waxing crescent Moon is a period of renewal, the body actively assimilates incoming substances. Paraffin baths are perfect for cleansing and nourishing the skin. What is important, it is undesirable to do a manicure, it can provoke health problems.

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