Health Horoscope 2023: Aquarius

For Aquarius, 2023 will be a period of long-awaited changes. In March, their sign will leave the slow Saturn, the planet of limitations and discipline. Restless change-seekers will quickly feel how the pressure of circumstances has eased and will want something new. The health horoscope recommends taking care of yourself first. Aquarius will be able to lead a more correct lifestyle with pleasure and without much difficulty. They will enjoy being physically active: going to the gym, playing sports, especially with friends, traveling. With enthusiasm, they will begin to implement the principles of healthy eating, sit on a newfangled diet or give up bad habits. Success will come, the health horoscope 2023 says, if Aquarius doesn’t stop halfway.

Health horoscope 2023 for the Aquarius man

From the first days of 2023, Aquarius men will be busy with work. In a period of constant stress, it is important not to succumb to stress. Wards of the sign, although very efficient, tend to lose heart when faced with serious problems. An unimportant mood and anxiety will definitely lead to a deterioration in well-being. In winter, the situation will worsen, because a short day does not allow you to get enough sun. The health horoscope for the Aquarius man recommends compensating for the lack of light and heat with vitamins. Soothing herbal teas will be effective. At the same time, the stars urge the stronger sex not to try to drown out troubles with food: the result will only be excess weight and a feeling of constant fatigue.

The second half of spring and summer are favorable for organizing holidays. The 2023 horoscope of health for Aquarius recommends conducting it with excursions, trips to interesting places and active activities. New experiences and exciting experiences help men cope with work stress. In their free time, the wards of the sign must undergo a medical examination. They are very likely to have high blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Aquarius with such health problems must adjust their diet and adhere to it constantly. Men, who often suffer from digestive disorders, in the summer need to be careful with fresh vegetables and fruits, especially sour ones.

The beginning of autumn promises to be calm and healthy. However, further, Aquarius is threatened by a decrease in immunity. The main reasons are malnutrition and strenuous work. Men of the sign should first of all establish a regime: find time to rest, eat on time and refuse fast food, and exercise. The 2023 horoscope advises to stop drinking and smoking or to keep them to a minimum. In addition, Aquarius need to protect their health from colds and seasonal viral diseases. Wards of the sign should avoid crowded places. For men who are accustomed to regular workouts, you can organize a sports corner at home or work out on outdoor simulators.

Health horoscope 2023 for the Aquarius woman

The health horoscope for the Aquarius woman recommends that in the winter months of 2023, especially carefully listen to the signals of the body. It is during this period that serious diseases are most likely, the onset of which the representatives of the sign may miss. In the spring, women will passionately wish to change something in the image. Aquarius will start with hair, then make-up, manicure and wardrobe. The transformation process and its result will bring great pleasure to the ladies. Many will take action that will benefit their health. Most often it will be a new, more balanced diet and regular exercise. Women who have tried to quit smoking before will find the strength to give up their addiction.

Unfortunately, the summer of beautiful Aquarius will be spoiled by minor troubles. First, these will be allergies, usually to berries and fruits. On vacation, women of the sign should carefully try new dishes, since digestive upsets are very likely. The health horoscope does not exclude sunburn and painful insect bites. Heat and dry air can worsen the condition of hair and skin, especially with improper care. Even if such problems do not arise, the stars advise Aquarius to visit a beautician closer to autumn. Women may need to replace their body care products. Also, while on vacation, it will not be superfluous to implement several health habits. For example, drinking enough water and not eating at night.

During the off-season, Aquarius need to guard against inflammatory diseases and seasonal viruses. The health horoscope 2023 advises women to avoid crowded places and not forget about disinfection. They can transfer meetings with friends in a cafe to nature or replace with a walk in the park. It is equally important for the representatives of the sign to take care of the psychological state. Active ladies will be helped by active workouts, lovers of silence – yoga and meditation. In good weather, weekends outside the city will perfectly relieve fatigue, and fresh air will help you sleep better. Aquarius women should monitor the health of the immune system: eat right and adhere to the daily routine.

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