Yesterday Horoscope

Friday, June 9: The number 9 completes the numerological cycle, so try to put things in order, or better yet, plan your future. The horoscope for today advises not to start a new job; most likely, the result will be deplorable. But it will be useful to complete all previously started projects. The period of the waning gibbous is favorable for any operations, including plastic ones. Plan a visit to the beautician, perhaps you will stop at the salon procedures for face and body care. If you have difficulty in communicating with your loved one, do not rush to blame him for all sins. The position of the moon in Pisces does not contribute to stability in personal life, so any conflict can lead to a rupture of relations. Even if you have a little distraction from important things, do not consider this time lost. Openly communicate on any topics, talk about plans and achievements — create a reputation for yourself.

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