Aquarius Yesterday Horoscope

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Sunday, May 16: Energy number 7 contributes to the implementation of creative plans. The horoscope for today offers Aquarius not to exhaust themselves with loads, most likely, there will not be much of a physical work. But you can devote the day to your favorite activity or chat with friends. In the waxing crescent period, the protective properties of the body are reduced: the risk of exacerbation of chronic diseases is high. Take care of the strengthening of immunity and try not to overwork. Now Aquarius is better to focus on the problems of children. The Moon in Cancer strengthens parental instincts, so the connection between generations is especially strong, do not miss the chance to improve relations with the child. In any situation, do not give up, readiness for action is the key to your success. Much will depend on your mood, so feel free to go to meet your dreams despite all the difficulties and hardships.

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