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Tuesday, August 3: The energy of the number 3 has to fun and socializing, so enjoy life, do not stay up at home. The horoscope for today calls Aries to show more interest in everything that happens around. Do not shy away from people: you may be able to acquire profitable dating. In the waning crescent period of the moon any cleansing procedures, removal of slags and stones are especially effective. Consult a nutritionist for advice, his recommendations will help you lose weight without harm to health. Perhaps you will not have a reason to complain of boredom and loneliness: the Moon in Gemini contributes to love adventures. However, be prepared to take responsibility for your frivolous actions: quarrels on the basis of jealousy are possible. Do not try to force events, hoping to gain the best conditions for yourself. Direct energy to a peaceful course, for example, take your image. Use every opportunity to achieve perfection.

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