Cancer Yesterday Horoscope

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Sunday, May 16: The horoscope today recommends the Cancers to forget about all the problems, at least for a while. The influence of the number 7 will help you deal with your experiences. Stop doing self-criticism, because at this time life passes by: negative emotions and stress are your worst enemies for today. The waxing crescent period of the moon is a good time to work on yourself. And this is not so much about physical form, but rather about the state of mind: meditation will help you to gain an understanding of yourself. Now it is better not to experiment with the methods of education. The moon in Cancer increases suspiciousness, interferes with thinking rationally, so you should not interfere in the affairs of children and impose your opinion on them. It is unlikely that you will have serious differences with colleagues and friends, but the stars are advised not to trust too tempting offers. You can lose a lot if you don’t show character, but don’t stoop to lies and hypocrisy.

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