Capricorn Yesterday Horoscope

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Tuesday, August 3: The impact of the number 3 will help you to attract people to your side — this day is good for forging useful connections. The horoscope for today advises Capricorns to firmly stick to the intended line, but at the same time to show tact and patience. The secret of your success: iron restraint combined with goodwill. The period of the waning crescent is the renewal of the cells of the body, pain is more easily tolerated. Therefore, any procedures aimed at eliminating the effects of chronic injuries and fractures are useful. If you are tired of boring everyday life, start planning your vacation. With the Moon in Gemini, the need for change increases, so do not deny yourself the pleasure of traveling a little. Do not expect gifts from fate, try to change for the better. It makes sense to go shopping in search of new outfits, if necessary, consult your stylist.

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