Gemini Yesterday Horoscope

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Saturday, July 24: The energy of the number 6 contributes to the convergence of people — this is a good day for new acquaintances. The horoscope for today advises Gemini not to be ashamed of their feelings. Do not forget that communication is your main trump card, be cordial and kind with everyone, show sincere interest in the surrounding people. In the full moon, despite the high energy potential, you should economically spend their strength. Exhaustion can cause exacerbation of chronic diseases or insomnia. The Moon in Aquarius promises for free Gemini a lot of interesting events. Now you are so active and active in terms of communication with the opposite sex, that any even the most insane adventures are possible. Perhaps you should take more initiative. You probably stayed in one place, stopped looking for new opportunities to realize your own ambitions, shake yourself and believe in yourself.

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