Leo Yesterday Horoscope

Monday, March 20: For the day under the influence of the number 2, is characterized by a slow course of affairs. The horoscope for today advises Leos to have patience, otherwise troubles cannot be avoided. Tune in to constructive communication, control your emotions and do not rush to conclusions. The waning crescent phase of the moon — a time of emotional depression, nervous breakdowns. Yoga classes, walking in the fresh air, chatting with friends will let you forget about the blues. In the personal life of Leos problems are possible: the Moon in Pisces makes people touchy and suspicious. Do not conflict with your partner, do not blame him for all the troubles — this will lead to discord in the relationship. Obviously, you will need the help and support of older relatives. If you can not find a common language with the child, try to involve more experienced people in the process of bringing up.

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