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Friday, May 14: The day, influenced by the number 5, is rich in a variety of events. The horoscope for today offers Leos to forget about all the problems: the time has come for the fulfillment of desires. Fate is favorable to you, enjoy every moment of life, and the world will respond to you in return. The waxing crescent period is the right time to get yourself in perfect physical shape. This is not only a diet and sports, anti-cellulite procedures will give a good effect. For free Leos all roads are open: the Moon in Gemini makes people more relaxed and sociable. Do not hesitate to show your feelings — so you can achieve reciprocity. Stars advise you not to talk about your plans and dreams. Your revelations can cause such a wave of gossip and negativity that you will have to forget about a quiet and peaceful life. Do not give a reason for gossip.

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