Libra Yesterday Horoscope

Thursday, September 21: The influence of the number 3 will give you confidence in their own attractiveness. The horoscope for today promises free Libra attention from the opposite sex. Do not miss your chance for a happy personal life: go to the theater, guests or just stroll through the streets of the city. In the days after the new moon, a slight deterioration of health is possible: headaches, irritability. To stabilize the emotional state will help decoctions and infusions of valerian root. Now the family happiness of Libra depends only on themselves. The moon in Sagittarius gives people optimism, so do not focus on unpleasant moments, think only of the good. Perhaps you should pay attention to your surroundings. You probably stayed in one place, although you deserve more. Expand the circle of acquaintances, learn from the experience — everything is in your hands.

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