Libra Yesterday Horoscope

Monday, October 18: The number of day 9 will give you energy and strength, but try to manage your capabilities wisely. The horoscope for today warns Libra about possible family conflicts. You should not impose your point of view on your close ones, think better about the prospects for the future in terms of career growth. In the waxing gibbous period of the moon it is useful to engage in the prevention of many diseases. Decide which option is most appropriate for you: water treatments, massage, therapeutic exercises. Libra parents may have problems with children: The moon in Aries increases the propensity for impulsive behavior. Do not attach importance to the whims of children, turn their attention to something interesting. Do not cling to your past, trying to find all the answers there. Learn to live in the present, accept your destiny as it is. All that is done for the better.

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