Libra Yesterday Horoscope

Tuesday, January 31: The energy of the number 4 will help you develop the right strategy for behavior. The horoscope for today advises Libra to resist the temptation to solve all matters in one fell swoop. Most likely, you are moving in the right direction, slowly, continue what has been started — success will not take long. In the waxing gibbous period of the moon, the process of cell renewal is accelerated, the body works with double force. If you are plagued by the effects of old injuries, it’s time to do your health. Now, before Libra, leading a secluded life, new doors open: the Moon in Gemini increases the desire for change. Take a little trip, or at least start planning it. Calm, only calm: try to control yourself. If you are standing at a crossroads, gather strength, mentally draw a picture of your future so that you can achieve what you want.

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