Pisces Yesterday Horoscope

Tuesday, June 28: The horoscope for today offers Pisces to establish contact with others. Energy number 1 enhances leadership qualities that will allow you to strengthen your position in society. Try to enlist the support of relatives and colleagues, even if it is just a solution to everyday problems — success will not take long. In the waning crescent period of the moon any cleansing procedures, removal of slags and stones are especially effective. Consult a nutritionist for advice, his recommendations will help you lose weight without harm to health. The position of the Moon in Cancer strengthens the parental instinct. For Pisces, the health and mental well-being of children is much more important now than money and career growth, although it does not interfere with one another. Look around, appreciate the interior, perhaps it should be updated. Be creative, use bright colors and rich colors — it’s time to update.

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