Pisces Yesterday Horoscope

Sunday, November 28: The horoscope for today offers Pisces to establish contact with others. Energy number 1 enhances leadership qualities that will allow you to strengthen your position in society. Try to enlist the support of relatives and colleagues, even if it is just a solution to everyday problems — success will not take long. The waning crescent period of the moon is the right time to give up bad habits. The body easily gets rid of all the excess, try to help him: adjust the diet, give up alcohol and cigarettes. If you do not tolerate chaos and disorder, try to behave with dignity in any situation. The moon in Virgo gives people seriousness and restraint, you can achieve harmony in all spheres of life. Probably, you will participate in new projects. However, before making an important decision, consider all the nuances of the upcoming business. Do not rush to act, stop until the preparatory stage.

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