Sagittarius Yesterday Horoscope

Friday, October 15: The number of day 6 will help you in solving financial problems. The horoscope for today promises Sagittarius successful shopping and profitable investment. If you do not understand the mechanisms of the stock market, engage in earthly affairs, for example, go shopping in search of inexpensive, but high-quality things. In the phase of the waxing gibbous, all the feelings are aggravated to the limit, sexual desire increases. However, be picky about connections, do not waste your potential in vain. Now Sagittarius can spoil relations with a loved one because of their own egoism. The moon in Aquarius increases the propensity to narcissism, so try to think rationally, do not overestimate yourself. In professional terms, the stars do not see serious obstacles in your path. Be active, relaxed, do not be afraid to take the initiative — a creative approach will give a good result.

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