Scorpio Yesterday Horoscope

Sunday, November 27: For the day, influenced by the number 9, is characterized by summing up. Therefore, the horoscope today recommends Scorpios to deal with the accumulated affairs and complete all previously started projects. Try not to be nervous, work at a calm pace: you still need strength. In the waxing crescent period, the protective properties of the body are reduced: the risk of exacerbation of chronic diseases is high. Take care of the strengthening of immunity and try not to overwork. Now Scorpios are able to think rationally: the moon in Capricorn gives meaning to each action. If you do not feel the desire to maintain old ties, cut them off without regret. Try not to share the details of your life with unfamiliar people. Your talkativeness in combination with all sorts of fantasies of others — an explosive mixture. Be extremely careful.

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