Scorpio Yesterday Horoscope

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Friday, May 14: The number of day 5 can bring chaos and confusion in your life. Horoscope today recommends scorpions to refrain from decisive action, it is better to wait out this hectic time. The events of this day are so unpredictable that any inconsistencies are possible, but no one can be blamed for this — such is life. The waxing crescent period is the right time to get yourself in perfect physical shape. This is not only a diet and sports, anti-cellulite procedures will give a good effect. Scorpio parents can make irreparable mistakes: the Moon in Gemini makes people less organized and more selfish. Try for a while to forget about your interests, fully concentrate on the child. Try not to miss the opportunity to improve relations with elderly relatives. In every way emphasize your interest in their affairs, be sensitive and caring — your efforts will not be in vain.

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