Taurus Yesterday Horoscope

Wednesday, September 20: The number of day 2 symbolizes practicality and prudence, so you should refrain from disputes, aggressive attacks in the direction of ill-wishers. The horoscope for today suggests Taurus to avoid active work and resolve all conflict situations only by peaceful means. During thewaxing crescent phase it is important to eat fully, so do not limit yourself to food. However, do not forget about moderate physical exertion and try to observe diet. The position of the moon in Sagittarius enhances optimism, the desire for success. If your personal life is devoid of bright emotions, take the initiative. Be relaxed, courageous and active — and you will be in the spotlight. It is possible that in the near future you will have a new source of income. Perhaps you should think about how to turn your hobby into a way to make money. At least pay due attention to this issue.

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