April Names

In April, only strong and determined individuals are born. The child of the first half of the month will be restless, sociable, disobedient and very stubborn. He does not want to play by someone else’s rules. Of these children grow up the owners of their lives, but often their freedom-loving nature can lead to antisocial behavior and anarchy. The April child should be taught to be more restrained, merciful and compliant. After all, incontinence and aggression can hardly succeed, much less build good relationships with people.

Children of the end of April are born calmer and prudent. They are somewhat sluggish, poorly accustomed to everything new. They are very attached to their parents, they love home comfort, they take care of their family in every possible way. If the children of early April are characterized by egocentrism and uncompromising, but the kids of the third decade of the month are very friendly and selfless. Their main values are friendship, family and stability.

April Namedays.

Female April Names for Girls

If your girl was born in April, do not expect that she will be a gentle princess and father’s daughter. She does not ask, but demands, crying not from injustice, but from the wounded ego. In the first half of the month are born assertive and bright women. Their extraordinary personality and desire to dominate others manifests itself in early childhood. Despite this, the April girl is very nice and sweet. She will always find something to talk about, not afraid to communicate with strangers.

The babies of the end of April, as well as the boys of this period, have a stony calm. They are peaceful, disciplined, obedient. Of course, such a girl can go bust on the street, but only if she is strongly driven by someone. April girls are accurate and responsible; they can learn early in purely male activities. If household chores are not interesting for girls at the beginning of the month, then mothers born closer to May will be willing to help mothers around the house.

April Female Names: Alina, Anastasia, Emilia.

Male April Names for Boys

This period of spring gives the world true conquerors and pioneers. The April boys will not sit at home, watching cartoons on a comfortable sofa. They disappear all day in the yard, vying with their peers, arguing, fighting, and winning. The boy of April is very impulsive and sometimes does what he regrets later. He is often offended, but is able to quickly forgive and forget about the turmoil. It’s never boring, it’s an interesting and lively kid. Such a child should not be allowed to drift, he needs the support of adults and reputable people, especially parents.

Compared with the above-described boy, the child of the end of April is just white and fluffy. He is also strong willed, but comes three times before thinking about it. Its negative qualities include reticence and sluggishness, but this is offset by a sense of duty and hard work. In his character is captured economic and entrepreneurial note. Women who dream of a calm and exemplary son should plan his birth at the end of April.

April Male Names: .

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