Autumn Names

Autumn is a time to pacify and reevaluate life. Days flow measured and slowly and at this time are born nice calm children. They are not spontaneous, not impulsive, ponder their words and actions, know how to work hard, faithful in friendship. They have a clear and balanced mind, calm behavior. Usually with such children it is easy to communicate, they can give in, help in trouble. Conflict autumn child is no different. He loves nature and animals, knows how to sympathize.

At an older age in autumn children, practicality and rationality are manifested. They can be trusted with pocket money. At school, they do an excellent job with tasks that require organizational skills and responsibility. Autumn child can be both active, and closed and passive. It depends on what environment it falls into. A significant disadvantage of these children is the tendency to laziness. They cannot learn without stopping; they need a lot of time to rest and relax.

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Female Autumn Names for Girls

The distinctive features of the autumn babies are charm and good nature. Itโ€™s easy to get along with them and find a compromise. Parents of such a girl will not take much trouble. She is patient and wise beyond her years. Outwardly, it may seem dependent, but in fact has an excellent analytical mind and the ability to make decisions correctly. Autumn girls like activities that require perseverance and patience. To do some work, they need a little more time than other children.

Girls born in autumn are quite sensitive and sentimental, but they do not show emotions as violently as summer or spring children. They have excellent self-control and innate serenity. Autumn babes are artistic, they love everything beautiful and sophisticated. Femininity and prudence inherent in them. If necessary, such a child may show firmness, but often hesitates in making decisions. For the autumn girl, communication and trusting relationships are very important, and she herself is an excellent reliable friend.

Autumn Female Names: Alexandra, Alice, Chloe, Emma, Evelina, Sophia.

Male Autumn Names for Boys

Boys who were born in the fall are stingy with their feelings, itโ€™s hard to wait for hugs and kisses. But they are very attached to their parents and need their love as much as their peers. They are friendly and pleasant, like to talk heart-to-heart. You can rely on an autumn boy, he willingly does everything that he has, gives advice to friends. He often becomes the soul of the company. Since childhood, these guys are formed persistent family values, as well as a sense of duty.

In general, boys born in the fall have good immunity, and yet they do not differ in their robust health. However, they have strong spirit and will. In school or work, or prefer not to rush, and to perform the task slowly and diligently. Autumn kids are quite active, but you canโ€™t call them restless and bullies. They love crosswords and puzzles more than outdoor activities. Outwardly, they rarely show the spirit of rivalry, but inside are ambitious.

Autumn Male Names: Adam, Jacob, Julian.

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