D Letter Name Meanings Dictionary

dPeople with “D’s” in their names seem to assist others with good solid answers. Looked to for assistance and empathy, they seem to know what is right for each situation. You are grounded and pragmatic. You have great systems in place for getting things done, which is great, because your sense of determination is strong. Be careful not to be too stubborn, because at your best, you shine under pressure and can get things done fast. They have a determination for life with a sense of purpose, which few others have. Needing a firm foundation, they work hard to build this in their life.

They are intelligent and understanding with very good judgment. “D’s” in the name make the person very intuitive. Able to perceive things that others might overlook, they are good advisors. They never need to look for company because they always have someone willing to be there when needed. Having lots of people who call them friends, they wonder what it is about themselves that causes people to trust them as they do.

In business, they are known for their shrewdness and knowledge. “D’s” are able to apply the knowledge they have gained through life to the business world. Their concentration is always on what their heart desires. They are able to endure when others might give up. A sense of determination drives them to higher goals.

They love authority and have the leadership qualities to back up their talents. Great organizers, they may be builders, designers or promoters. Anything to do with advertising is their forte. Some might call them standoffish but they really love people. Although they need to be around others, they might even be considered reclusive.

Negative “D’s,” on the other hand, can be stubborn. Ego might rob them of the very thing they want most in life. Tending to melancholy, they may be unable to make room for the things they want most in life. Becoming suspicious of others, they do not allow anyone to tell them that their moodiness is hurting their chances of doing well in life.

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