Names by Days of Week

Astrologers believe that in the life of a person of great importance is the protection of a particular planet, which gives people certain talents. Each Planet corresponds to a day in the week, and if a baby is born, the Patron Planet presents him with a gift.

Born on Monday

People born on Monday are ruled by the moon. Doubts and confusions are the main traits of those who have a birthday on Monday. Many of them can not overcome the spiritual contradictions, so they do not reach the heights in life that they could have achieved if they had understood themselves in time. In emotion and openness they have no equal. Such people are very sociable. They have a rich imagination, which for some reason they do not always demonstrate to others. People born on this day easily adapt, as a rule, are driven and they are comfortable in this position. They want to see only a strong personality next to them, so they sometimes suffer from loneliness, since few are willing to take responsibility for their lives. In relationships, they appreciate warmth and comfort, and are very loyal to their second half.

Monday Born Names: Albert, Alice, Alina, Lily.

Born on Tuesday

Born on Tuesday live under the sign of Mars, the planet of warriors. Their character is marked by perseverance, perseverance, and sometimes aggressiveness. However, these people may doubt the correctness and correctness of their decisions. Often, those with a birthday on Tuesday need support. About such people very often they say “first do, then think.” A soft, unobtrusive and benevolent person can become the second half for a person born on Tuesday, in which case there will undoubtedly be complete harmony in the relationship. A successful marriage can bring many perspectives, both in work and in social activities.

Tuesday Born Names: Agatha, Alexandra, Jacob.

Born on Wednesday

Born on Wednesday patronizes the planet Mercury. They are successful in science, in business, they love to learn and gain experience, but they look more like conservatives than people open to everything new. Such people are very persistent, since childhood they dream to succeed, and throughout their life they systematically go towards their goal. Many of them get tired of this predictable and dynamic life. And here the following happens: those whose birthday is Wednesday give way to the accumulated over the years (not at all positive) energy. Then everything returns "in full swing". It’s not worth talking about feelings here. People of the environment are somewhat dangerous in marriage, they need to be given an opportunity to occasionally step aside from the relationship, then in the future everything will be good and stable in this pair.

Wednesday Born Names: Albina, Aurora, Elizabeth, Emma, Julia, Julian, Venus, Zoe.

Born on Thursday

Planet Jupiter protects everyone born on Thursday. People of this day are characterized by high organizational skills. They achieve great success in politics and management. These people are drawn to the weaker, which strengthens the leadership qualities. Those who have a birthday - Thursday, can foresee the future. Negative features can be called irritation and stubbornness, sometimes reaching the point of absurdity. Although these people are logical and consistent. In the family, they are powerful and not always tolerant. With them will live comfortably led people. Those born on Thursday must give in and it is better not to fall for treason.

Thursday Born Names: Adam, Evelina, Sophia.

Born on Friday

People born on Friday are protected by Venus. This planet has a great gift — it bestows the art of loving and being loved. Such people enjoy life. They do not lose heart and do not like to suffer. Optimistic, cheerful and very charming. In the character of those who have a birthday - Friday, there is playfulness and frivolity. At home, they create a cozy atmosphere, trying to surround themselves with family and friends. Friday people can not be tied to themselves, we must give them the freedom of choice, then they will gladly give love to households and friends. Jealous people with such people will not be able to be around for long. People of this day are always lucky in money, it’s very comfortable working with them.

Friday Born Names: .

Born on Saturday

The planet Saturn takes under its protection born on Saturday. These are strong people who can endure a lot. They are characterized by great diligence, talent and an extraordinary mind. Gradual and measured — this is what such people appreciate. They are not suitable for the role of the boss. Born on Saturday is not always lucky in personal life, as they consider marriage as the ultimate goal of relationships and lack of initiative in family life. Those who have a birthday — Saturday, people of extremes: either adapt or noisily defend their interests. They need to conduct themselves at home and at work, only then can they feel happy. In more mature age, they feel much more harmonious than in youth.

Saturday Born Names: Alexander, Emilia, Eric, Eva, Simon.

Born on Sunday

Born on Sunday is always warm, because they are under the patronage of the sun. Energetic and lucky, about these say "darlings of fate". However, they are often overtaken by failures. What is the reason? They are often inclined to lead a carefree lifestyle, without making efforts to secure their future. For some time they accept gifts from above, and then life begins to ask them in full. The character manifests laziness, unwillingness to be realized in the family and in the professional aspect. Those whose birthday is Sunday may miss the opportunity to express themselves. It is necessary to educate children of resurrection strictly, to help them in choosing their future profession and to accustom them to hard work. Only in this case in the future, these people can become happy and successful. The main task is to meet a smart and demanding life partner, with a powerful character.

Sunday Born Names: Anastasia, Chloe, Diana.

The strongest influence of the planets on the born babies occurs in the following hours. Mercury, Mars and Venus are as strong as possible for children born at night. The Moon, Jupiter and Saturn most strongly influence in the morning, and the Sun — in the afternoon. The rest of the time, the zodiac signs and the personal horoscope make additional adjustments to the character. Whatever day of the week you are born, the main thing is to learn to perceive yourself as you are, and try to change in a positive aspect, making your life brighter and more harmonious!

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