December Names

December children are purposeful and talented, but their character is rather complicated. At first glance, they are cheerful and sociable, but the harsh time of the year endowed them with such features as stubbornness, temper, pride and excessive straightforwardness. They are nervous over trifles, and when they are irritated, they control themselves poorly. A person born in December is certainly able to achieve everything he wants. But often for the sake of this sacrifices relations, the interests of loved ones, "goes over their heads."

In the first half of December, very emotional, sometimes unbalanced children are born. They always throw emotions out, they can unwittingly offend someone. Although they do it quite unintentionally and can be the first to go to reconciliation. The December child is sharp, speaks first, and then thinks. But he is sincere and real. But closer to January, a little closed and shy children are born. However, they have a strong character.

December Namedays.

Female December Names for Girls

A girl born this month is unlikely to be an obedient motherโ€™s daughter. She has early character traits. Girls of the second half of December are able to carefully conceal their will and firmness. Outwardly, they look timid and even naive. Girls start the month more impulsive. They need a constant change of scenery, new experiences. They easily overcome difficulties, although they often learn only from their own mistakes, and not from others.

The December girl is not afraid to fill her own bumps, she bravely endures failures and boldly moves forward. In adolescence, with such a daughter can be serious problems, but only if it is unnecessary to put pressure on her or try to raise her old-fashioned. Rarely what December girl suffers suspicion. She likes to be strong and popular. She is not afraid to leave her parental home, but, on the contrary, wants to start an adult life sooner. She will not let herself be hurt. She has many friends and acquaintances, but most of them are boys.

December Female Names: Venus.

Male December Names for Boys

The distinctive features of the December boys - independence and ambition. They do not tolerate lies, not avid for flattery. Demand from relatives and friends only honest relationships. They almost always grow strong personalities, real men. December boy is not afraid to take risks and make mistakes. He is usually a great friend, but often discourages his friends with straightforwardness and even audacity. Due to the explosive nature of conflicts and fights with other children are inevitable.

December boys need to play sports, active games. They win and where need intelligence and ingenuity. Many of them try to subordinate to themselves friends, brothers and sisters, and even parents. December boy is not a very skilled manipulator, instead of tricks and cunning, he prefers strength and aggression. In such a child you need to develop compassion, kindness and a sense of beauty. Let them learn not to lead, but to compromise. Although, I must say that such a boy quickly moves away from anger and does not know how to conceal evil. Therefore, if you wish, you can always find a common language with him.

December Male Names: .

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