Friday Born Names

Children born on Friday are protected by Venus. The planet is responsible for aesthetic taste, reward people with the ability to appreciate the true beauty of things. They cannot exist in extreme conditions, a comfortable atmosphere is vital for them. Children perceive the world through feelings and emotions, try to surround themselves with pleasant people and beautiful things that give joy. A dull homely atmosphere, suffering and hardship can plunge them into depression.

Venus is the patroness of love and sensual pleasures. People of this day are very attached to their relatives, ready to sacrifice much for the well-being of their families. Do not seek to overcome difficulties, prefer to live easy and fun. There are a little lazy, trying to find a conflict-free way to solve the problem. Children do not cause problems to their parents, they are always ready to make concessions. Adults should create a comfortable environment for the child’s life; in return, he will respond with gratitude and devotion.

Friday Born Girls

The girls of this day are soft, feminine creatures. They are happy to spend time with family, do not seek to prove their superiority, competing in success with their brothers and sisters. Friday girls from childhood show an interest in needlework, have the talent to create exquisite things from simplest objects. They differ in patience, they can sit for hours on handicrafts. Parents should encourage their daughter’s creative aspirations; over time, children’s passion can develop into successful professional activities: designer, artist, fashion designer.

Sensitive nature may be too carried away by the desire to surround themselves with exceptionally beautiful things. Girls are often lost and can not make a choice in the simplest things, parents should gently influence the daughter, while giving the right advice. Terrible hails will not have the desired impact, the child may lose vitality and optimism. People of this day depend on the emotional atmosphere, negative feelings and scandals in the family can bring harm to the emotional state of a little person.

Female names for girls born on Friday: .

Friday Born Boys

The boys of this day have a calm, docile nature, they can resolve any conflict. Give enough attention to appearance, carefully select the wardrobe items. They easily find a common language with the opposite sex, prefer to work in the women’s team. Extremely reliable partners are distinguished by diligence, they are subject to many areas of activity. Recommended professions: diplomat, manager, businessman, teacher, psychologist.

Boys born on Friday, over time, become the perfect spouse. They like to spend time among loved ones, do their homework with pleasure. Do not cause trouble to the family, you can always rely on them, in response, waiting for a caring attitude. People of this day do not neglect physical exertion, lead a healthy lifestyle. They try not to lose heart, they always find positive aspects even in the most difficult life circumstances.

Male names for boys born on Friday: .

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