I Letter Name Meanings Dictionary

i“I”, the third vowel, is very strong. It represents law and courage. You are a compassionate person who feels things deeply. It makes sense, then, that you are also artsy and creative, with a great eye for everything from fashion to composition. Make sure you stick close to projects and have direction - otherwise you might suffer from anxiety. Balance is key. In this case the law does not necessarily mean one who is judgmental. It is more a humanitarian letter. “I’s” are warm hearted and loving. Totally unselfish, they attract others too them.

Elegant and stylish, they always look expensive even when they are working in the yard. Others tend to copy their style consciousness because of their tastefulness in clothing and life. “I’s” are artistic. When “I” is the first vowel in a name, generally the person wearing the “I” is interested in the arts or science. They can be an actor or a scientist. Either would be fascinating for them. The “I” is selfless. When the “I” occurs three or more times in the name, you have a very sensitive and shy individual. They can sometimes become over emotional.

People with an “I” in their names are inspirational. Being such they have people who love to be with them. They bring out the emotional and spiritual side of the people close to them. Kindness keeps those same people close to them. “I’s” know no other way to treat people. Consideration of others is their first goal. Thus you will usually only hear good things about these people. Negative “I’s” lack confidence. They can be timid and fearful. Quick to anger, others find they need to stay out of their way. Not only do they have a hair trigger temper but their fear will make them back up their actions. Easily offended, it is hard for a person to stay around a negative “I”.

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