K Letter Name Meanings Dictionary

k“K” is the eleventh letter of the alphabet and represents extremes. Never in the center, they go from one end of the spectrum to the other. You are all about enlightenment. Both deeply-feeling and artistic, you are also motivated and rely heavily on your gut to make decisions. You are also a force to be reckoned with. Be careful of anxiety and hesitation, because you tend to be high-strung. Very forceful, these people get their point across with their energetic interpretations. Their strong wills lead them on to greater goals. They expect others to see things their way because they know their way is right.

Others look at the “K” personality as steady, always there. Because of this, some “K’s” may feel as if they are taken for granted, although they could never be. When a person with a “K” in their name enters a room, all know it. Staying on the go even when they don’t feel as if they should makes others see them as all enduring. They do get tired and even though they sometimes become ill, they continue to go until they can no longer move. When this happens, they only stay bedridden long enough to get a little energy. Then up and at it again, they go.

These versatile people are diverse in all they do. Anything they set their minds to, they are capable of doing. Able bodied, they can usually get others to see things their way. With their influence, they are capable of strong leadership but like to have partners that are just as strong. Idealism fits soundly into their lives and they expect others to have the same high ideals. Some “K” people even demand it.

Commanding attention wherever they are, they usually receive it. Even though these people show a very strong front, they are sensitive and emotional. Passionately, they relate their ideas to those who will listen and sometimes to those who won’t. Going after goals and items they want with the same gusto they show in all other aspects of life, they are considered relentless.

Negative “K’s” are timid and hesitant. Afraid of their own shadow, they are miserable. Fearful and nervous, they may even be prone to tell what they consider “small” lies. Dissatisfied with life, they tend to stick to themselves and are even more frightened of being alone.

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