May Names

May children have a great variety of characters. Their worldview is surprisingly rich and bold, their love of independence is stronger than that of people born in the other months of the year. In the first half of May, purposeful, unshakable personalities are born. Their emotion is hidden under the mask of stone calm. They love order and certainty, but their mood can be fickle, like the May breeze. May kids are able to appreciate the wealth and beauty of the world. They are peaceful contemplators of the beautiful.

In the third decade, very windy and unstable children are born. They are clever and cunning, quickly catch new information, have a good, but selective memory. The end of May children endowed nature with a tremendous gift of conviction. They achieve the desired not by pressure or whims, but by invisible and subtle manipulations. They are very inquisitive, but changeable in their hobbies. Usually, they have a lot of things to do, which they started with great enthusiasm, but they didn’t abandon them.

May Namedays.

Female May Names for Girls

The girl of the first half of May knows what she wants from life. Already at school, she is determined with her future profession, wonders where and with whom she will live. However, excellent self-discipline does not save her from excessive emotionality, which torments the child from the inside. Sometimes, though very rarely, there are impulsive girls who say everything they think, act spontaneously and cannot cope with the flow of their thoughts and desires. In general, girls of this period are balanced and can be an excellent example of obedience and childish innocence.

The closer June is in the calendar, the more chances a mother has to have a cheerful and restless little girl. She is full of strength and energy, although by nature she has not very good health. She is active and open to the world, with a special curiosity about the environment. It should be remembered that the May girls have a very unstable psyche, the threat of depression, phobias and neuroses hangs over them. Such children need constant communication and movement. At home, they just wither.

May Female Names: Agatha, Aurora.

Male May Names for Boys

Just like girls, boys in the first half of May do not cause their parents much trouble. Adults cannot stop looking at them — always clean, tidy and polite. This boy eagerly cleans up his room, is interested in the economic affairs of his father. Give him a small piece of land in a flower bed or in the garden, and he will gladly plant there and take care of them. The guys of the first half of May are more tied to earthly elements. They want to feel solid ground under their feet.

As for the boys of the third decade of the month, they differ significantly from those described above. Such a child is literally elusive. He was here a second ago, but you didn’t have time to look back, as he was gone. These children are distinguished by levity and inconstancy. It cannot be said that they are completely irresponsible, but they do well only with quick tasks. For a long and diligent work they lack patience.

May Male Names: .

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