Name Meaning Adam

The male name Adam is a Hebrew name, probably known in every corner of our planet. According to the teachings of the three Abrahamic religions (Christianity, Islam, Judaism), Adam is the first person to live on earth. The etymology of the name is quite interesting, the literal translation is “created from red clay”. According to the book of Genesis, God creates Adam from the “dust of the ground,” which only confirms this version. Later this name acquired another, very symbolic meaning — “man”. Thanks to his creation “in the image and likeness of God,” Adam was called the “Son of God,” which led to a typological comparison with the image of Jesus Christ. In many religions, a man with that name is the progenitor of humanity.

Most likely we will not find a single person who is not familiar with the biblical story of how our ancestors were expelled from Paradise. In Islam, Adam is revered as the father of all mankind and the first prophet of Allah, in Tanakh — the progenitor of mankind. According to the ideas of Kabbalah, Adam Rishon is a general, cumulative creation created by the Creator and being a prototype of a person in the material world. Adam is not a god or a demigod, a hero (as in ancient mythology). Adam was created “in the image of God” and is called the “Son of God”, therefore, it is typologically compared with Christ. In the Orthodox and Catholic traditions, Adam the First Man is revered on a par with saints as the ancestor of humanity. Also among Catholics, Adam is the patron of gardeners and gardeners and tailors. The Orthodox Adam recall January 27. There are variants of the name — Edam, Adem, Adan, as well as variations of the translation — “earthy”, “red”. In the name of Adam stress can be put on both the first and the last syllable.

Adam’s secret is his inner world. He is one of those people that even with the closest people very carefully shares his experiences. Adam realizes early that any spoken word can be used against him. Having received this negative experience, he begins to approach this issue very carefully. Relatives and friends will not be easy. Even having established a trusting relationship, any careless word can destroy them, and Adam will again become secretive and incredulous. The guy lives on clear moral principles, it is difficult for him to compromise. Adam is able to show enviable perseverance, especially if he needs it. Able to be grateful, never forgets good, and will not be shy to express his appreciation.

Adam Personality Traits

Associated Zodiac Sign: Libra ♎.

Ruling Planet: Sun ☉.

Feng-Shui Element: Metal 金.

Talisman-stone, Mineral, Metal: Diamond, Topaz.

Lucky-Color: Red, Yellow, White.

Mascot Tree: Oak 🍁.

Mascot Plant: Immortelle, Elm.

Mascot Animal: Deer.

Lucky Day: Thursday ♃.

Lucky Season: Autumn 🍂.

Character Traits: Perseverance, Principality, Sensitivity.

Spring Adam – has great ambitions, tries to go its own way, without resorting to the help of outsiders. A person tries to be honest, he often lacks determination. Can be a good leader: soft, but fair.

Summer Adam – different stable emotion and kindness. The young man does not like a mess, tries to systematize everything around. He is always surrounded by friends, loves communication. Main characteristics: sensitivity and emotionality.

Autumn Adam – has a docile nature, can come together with any person, easily makes concessions. A man thinks every detail of his every step, does not like to receive unexpected surprises from life. The man is a bit withdrawn and touchy.

Winter Adam – is a man of action, he does not throw words to the wind, resolutely goes to his goal. May become a successful musician or artist. The main features are stubbornness and dedication.

Character of name Adam

Adam is a stubborn boy who rarely looks like his parents. If he needs something, shows a rare perseverance, very persistent. Differs in increased moral vulnerability, is very emotional, sometimes unbalanced. Sociable, always surrounded by friends. Since childhood, experiencing a craving for the sport, so it can grow from a great athlete. From an early age has a desire for order, so in the room of such a boy is always clean. She loves to learn, gets good grades, always strives for new sensations and knowledge. The appearance of the boy is different from the parent. He is constantly surrounded by lots of friends.

The young Adam is very popular with the opposite sex, different amorousness. Able to care for girls and make a lasting impression on them. Dedicated to the determination and courage that causes sympathy from other people. She tries to look fashionable and stylish, takes care of herself, is very picky about her appearance. Always and everywhere seeks to gain popularity, so that can shamelessly push study to the background. The guy is ambitious enough and will never give up the opportunity to become the first in a given competition or contest. Loves moderate exercise.

In adulthood, Adam thinks soberly. He generally owns an analytical mind. I am demanding of myself and others, but I will never say out loud that I am dissatisfied with someone. He does not make hasty conclusions, but first he studies the situation, which helps to get rid of problems and quarrels with people. He has few friends, but he is always ready to help those close to him. Do not tolerate betrayal, remember the insult for life, never again trust such a person. An adult Adam becomes much calmer than a younger boy or small child. Probably, due to his great love for the opposite sex, the choice of the beloved heart is not very carefully and carefully considered.

Positive traits of the name Adam: Adam is benevolent and simple. To the surrounding people are always polite and respectful. He has a cheerful disposition, he is open and simple-minded. With great pleasure helps friends who somehow need his support. Such a person is easy to endear with, which is enough to express his approval or praise, but definitely deserved. This man will always remember about the kindness shown in relation to him, and knows how to respond with good to good.

Negative traits of the name Adam: A man is vulnerable and suspicious. Sometimes it makes itself too high demands. Early begins to strive for popularity, because of what forgets about learning. This, of course, leads him to success with the opposite sex and, in general, among people. But gaps in education are inevitable. He perceives most men as rivals, sometimes aggressively. This person is distinguished by vindictiveness, so in no case should he be hurt or hurt. Often, Adam is overconfident, which can be detrimental to his career.

Interests and Hobbies

Most of all, Adam likes to play sports. He devotes a lot of time to this, which has a positive effect on the health of the man. She enjoys traveling, loves to relax in nature. Adam has a great thirst for knowledge and new sensations. He loves to create, to create things that are amazing in their beauty and uniqueness. He prefers to be alone with Mother Nature. Adam loves animals, pets cause delight in a man, he can sit for hours in the company of his pets.

Profession and Business

Adam has a predisposition not only to sport, but also to creativity. Therefore, it will turn out like a good athlete, and a musician, artist or writer. For this man, it is important that the chosen profession aroused his interest. Adam does not attach much importance to his career. It’s hard for Adam to do the same routine every day. If he faces a choice of family or work, he will prefer the first. He is not willing to sacrifice something expensive for him to take a high post or get a big salary. Ideal — work related to travel. Among the men named Adam, you can often meet veterinarians, programmers or clergymen. Also, the choice often falls on the field of medicine or trade.

Adam will make a good leader, as he is very good at managing people. He maintains trusting relationships with colleagues, often takes a leadership position in a team. A businessman from such a man is not the best for the reason that he is not a master at calculating moves. He also fails to save money, Adam is very generous and wasteful, loves to show his worth to others, which is why he can easily go bankrupt. With the right choice of a profession, Adam will live in prosperity, happily spending money on a family.

Mind and Health

These are choleric persons, however, completely controlling their reactions. Such men tend to withdraw into themselves and look sternly at others. Overly subjective, rarely trying to put themselves in the shoes of another person. Guided by logic, they are somewhat lacking in diplomacy. Pride is their vulnerable trait, and it is possible to play on their desire to always and everywhere be the best and unsurpassed. Very sensitive to defeat and failure. The will is very strong, even despotic. They carefully select intelligent and intelligent friends who remain faithful, but cannot imagine friendship without the complete subordination of friends to their will.

Adam has good health due to his love for the sport, but there are also weaknesses. A man has a predisposition to diseases of the cardiovascular system. He should constantly monitor his condition. There may also be problems with the nervous system, you need to take care of it from early childhood. The best medicine will be a good rest in a quiet place on the lake or the sea. Protracted failures for him can turn into neurosis or depression. It is advisable to have a loved one close by, who will pity him and understand. In addition, the man has a tendency to addictions that he should not abuse. Throwing sports and walks in the fresh air, Adam risks often catch cold.

Love and Sex

Adam begins to be interested in the opposite sex before his peers. As a teenager, he attracts the attention of women around him, often falls in love himself, but such relationships do not last long. The carrier of this name is rapidly losing sympathy for the girl, which he achieved. He will have many novels that are unlikely to turn into anything serious. A man is not very careful in choosing his partner. The main thing in the girl for him is the appearance, because of this, he often does not notice the shortcomings in the character of the chosen one. Because of Adam’s reluctance to know the character of a girl, the relationship between partners is often overshadowed by scandals and reproaches. The only thing that a young man will never forgive his chosen one is treason or betrayal.

This young man has a powerful sexual temperament. Adam loves to spend free time with girls, and not averse to start an affair. This man attaches great importance to intimate life, and if the partner is not able to give him the desired pleasure, can break off the relationship with her. Adam poorly understands female psychology, does not know how to make compliments, but this does not prevent him from constantly changing girls. He often falls in love, but does not immediately turn to action.

Family and Marriage

Adam begins to think about marriage only after thirty years of age. He decides that the youth has already gone, but one does not want to be alone. Often, family life becomes unsuccessful, as the man is not very discriminating in the choice of life partner. He marries a partner who is most suitable for him in an intimate way. He can not find a common language with the chosen one, shows excessive stubbornness and jealousy, does not allow himself to lead. He easily goes into quarrels with his wife, but he will never forgive her adultery. Adam himself does not lose interest in the opposite sex, but remains faithful to his spouse, he never descends to adultery.

If Adam is lucky with his wife, who will treat him with understanding and will not demand what her husband cannot do, a strong family is guaranteed. The main thing is that a woman does not demand that he have a husband of what he is not capable of doing. Adam is always ready to help his beloved in housekeeping, but he will never allow himself to be commanded. The man himself makes all the important decisions and is responsible for them. Even if married life was unsuccessful, a man will always be a good and loving father for his children. And in old age he will find joy and comfort in his grandchildren, he will become a kind and caring grandfather.

Adam Horoscope

Adam-Aries ♈ – a man has many ambitions, he is accustomed to universal attention, does not tolerate loneliness. He was not accustomed to trusting people, he very carefully selects his social circle, he is friends only with trusted people. Adam-Aries is easily outraged, he is inclined to make rash decisions.

Adam-Taurus ♉ – realistically looks at life, he does not dream of the impossible, he stands firmly on the ground. As a child, he is a very hot-tempered child, which causes a lot of trouble for his parents. He reacts sharply to the desire of people to press and force him to do something.

Adam-Gemini ♊ – outwardly looks restrained and calm, but in fact it is a very vulnerable person. He does not like loneliness, trying to spend time in a circle of close friends. A man has an attractive appearance, looks after himself, is smart, loves to show his erudition, being in society.

Adam-Cancer ♋ – has a non-permanent nature, prone to conflict. He prefers to find out the relationship immediately, rather than accumulate anger and negativity within himself. Adam-Cancer does not like loneliness, but he chooses his comrades very carefully.

Adam-Leo ♌ – able to work around the clock to achieve the task, he is a real workaholic. A man does not listen to other people’s advice, sharply reacts to critical comments in his address. Too hot-tempered, but quickly cools.

Adam-Virgo ♍ – a man likes solitude, prefers noisy companies to have a quiet evening with a book. He chooses friends and girls for a long time, he has excessive demands on all people around him.

Adam-Libra ♎ – has restraint, tranquility and balance. The man tries to avoid conflicts, solves his problems peacefully. The most important thing for him is constant self-improvement, he is quite picky about others, but also about himself.

Adam-Scorpio ♏ – is the most hot-tempered among all her namesakes. He was not accustomed to what he was being referred to. In relations with the girls too much power, agrees only to the role of leader. All this often leaves him alone.

Adam-Sagittarius ♐ – will become an indispensable employee, he never gets tired, is very responsible and executive. A man does not like liars and cunning, people who think only about themselves. Appreciates order in everything. He has few friends, but each of them is loyal to Adam and will never betray.

Adam-Capricorn ♑ – has a heavy character. A man tries to control everything, has a tendency to depression and causeless sadness. When choosing between a noisy party in a large company and a quiet evening in a family or friendly circle, this Adam will always choose the second.

Adam-Aquarius ♒ – has a penchant for exact sciences. A man is prudent and stubborn, but always acts in justice. He does not try to prove something to others, all his actions are performed only for his own sake and his own benefit.

Adam-Pisces ♓ – has a non-conflict character, but can respond to rudeness in the same way. He considers tact and restraint to be important qualities in people, but he himself is not able to display these traits of character very little.

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