Name Meaning Agatha

The name Agatha came from ancient Greece. It was formed from the word "agathos", meaning "good", "kind" person. Some researchers consider it a variant of the male name Agapius (Agapit), derived from the Greek “agape” — “love”. There is also an opinion that it is a female form of Agathon, which was formed from the name of a semi-precious stone. The name Agatha is most commonly used in Europe. Although in recent years the name Agatha appeared among the names that newborn girls began to call. Since there is a variant of the origin of the name from the name of the semi-precious stone agate, it is quite possible that the name Agata is the female form of the name Agat, Agathon, one of the variants of the pronunciation of the name Agathon. In ancient times it was believed that agate is a stone of health, prosperity and longevity, therefore the meaning of the name Agat corresponds to the ideas of ancient people about well-being and health.

Agatha does not have such a soft character, as you can imagine, based on the translation of her name. In fact, she is persistent and firm in her desires, strongly striving for independence. The nature of Agate is largely dependent on the patronymic and the time of birth; there are few common features in different Agates. One Agatha can be open to the world, observant and receptive, and the other is immersed in herself and indifferent to the world around her. Most often, Agatha is very restrained, and she aspires to keep joy and sorrow in herself. From the outside it is almost impossible to determine what feelings own it. Agatha is a talented speaker. Her speech is reasonable and never sinks to idle chatter. In her words the appeal to the present business sounds. This girl is in the center of events, quickly becoming a leader, striving for action. Agatha’s words rarely differ from case. Agatha has a heightened sense of justice. This helps her skillfully manage finances. Agatha likes to prove her right to others and does it quite successfully. Despite the fact that Agatha often convinces only by the strength of her authority, her friends and colleagues take all her words for truth. But Agatha may be mistaken, but to force her to change the erroneous opinion is almost impossible. A woman with this name is ambitious, she has a great craving for new knowledge.

Agatha Personality Traits

Associated Zodiac Sign: Taurus ♉.

Ruling Planet: Moon ☽.

Feng-Shui Element: Earth 土.

Talisman-stone, Mineral, Metal: Amethyst, Aquamarine, Topaz, Platinum.

Lucky-Color: Purple, Sea wave.

Mascot Tree: Ash 🍁.

Mascot Plant: Rose, Waterlily, Poppy, Saffron.

Mascot Animal: Dolphin, Whale, Albatross, Seagull.

Lucky Day: Tuesday ♂.

Lucky Season: Spring 🌱.

Character Traits: Perseverance, Restraint, Straightness.

Spring Agatha – harsh, noisy and impetuous woman. She is sociable, has many friends and acquaintances. This is a good friend who will never leave in trouble. This woman is intelligent, persistent, capable, achieves great success in work. She easily meets men, but is very inconsistent in personal relationships, frivolous and often changes partners.

Summer Agatha – calm, picky woman. She is tolerant and diplomatic, easily adapts to new conditions. She quickly converges with people, Agatha always has many friends and acquaintances. This woman is economic, she cooks well. She is hospitable, she invites friends and acquaintances with her, but she does not like to go to someone.

Autumn Agatha – soft, often pampered woman and spoiled by masculine attention. She loves comfort and luxury, loves when she is given expensive gifts. She tries to find a man who will support her, because she is lazy and does not like to work. This woman often gets married by calculation. But at the same time, she very rarely cheats on her husband and does not neglect domestic duties.

Winter Agatha – highly emotional. Often she hides the true feelings (doubt and indecision) under the guise of cheerfulness. With such people it is difficult to create strong friendships or family ties: outsiders are repelled by straightforwardness and uncompromisingness.

Character of name Agatha

Little Agatha is a quiet and slightly alienated child. She does not want fun group games, preferring loneliness. From an early age, such negative features as pride and pride appear in it. If a girl has friends, they are like her. The baby is active, cheerful, loves to play games with boys for boys. Her curiosity and fearlessness give her parents a lot of trouble. This is an unbalanced and at the same time restrained child, unsure of himself. For the girl is characterized by frequent mood changes. She studies well, but not for the sake of grades. She enjoys the joy of knowledge and the feeling of a pioneer.

In the matured Agate, new qualities are revealed, peculiar mainly to women, — validity of actions and consistency. The girl is independent, does not strive for candor, does not listen to others. She lives in her own world and relies on her own mind. For the owner of this name, the authority of the father is important and depends on the relationship with him in many ways, how her family life will be. It is characterized by male ambitions and desire for new knowledge and skills. In Agate, an early desire for leadership. Does not tolerate injustice, rudeness and violence. She is happy with the animals and protects the weak.

One of the positive qualities of a mature Agatha is planning. Becoming a wife and mother, she finds time for everything. Her children are always well-groomed, well-fed, clothed, receive a good education. The sense of justice makes a woman keep this word, but she persistently defends her own opinion and often wins over such discussions. Admit mistakes does not like. Strives to achieve the goal and will work for this, not sparing himself. Agate is characterized by the desire to conquer new peaks and constantly discover something for themselves. For her, comfort at home and at work is important, she seeks to strengthen harmony in her life and the world around her.

Positive traits of the name Agatha: The name Agatha is distinguished by calmness, sufficient hardness, sparse consistency and, most importantly, logic. However, in those women who prefer to be called Agatha, sensuality prevails over logic. Their character can be traced significant emotion, one can even say the passion of nature.

Negative traits of the name Agatha: Excessive balance and consistency relax Agatha and do not give her sufficient incentive to self-realization in any profession. On the contrary, the name Agatha has incentives for self-realization to be more than enough, but heightened emotionality often complicates her relationship with others: her kindness, loyalty and commitment are often overshadowed by excessive sensitivity.

Interests and Hobbies

Agatha does not like to sit still; she needs constant movement. She loves to visit, travel and walk in beautiful places. He loves animals and cares for them with pleasure. She chooses friends and companions from among the people who share her wonderful hobbies. If a person does not share her hobbies, the girl very rarely lets him into her little world.

Profession and Business

The secret of the name Agatha is an ambitious woman, but she feeds her ambitions with new knowledge and skills that she acquires throughout her life. Order is very important to her, so all documentation from the owner of this name is classified so that everyone can sort it out. The girl uses her time efficiently, never shelves things, and does everything at once, quickly and efficiently. Sometimes she can not adequately assess their capabilities, but never gives up and always achieves the goal.

Agate should think about creating her own business, she has every chance for success. A woman is smart, knows how to get along with money and correctly disposes of them. Her investments are profitable, she can make good money on the trade in cosmetics, jewelry or children’s products. Solid character, determination, ambitiousness, ability to oratory allow her to achieve leadership positions in the chosen profession. A keen sense of justice is one of the qualities of such a woman, which allows her to become a good business woman, skillfully manage money. She constantly proves her right to all and, as a rule, succeeds in this.

Mind and Health

The name Agatha is distinguished by calmness, sufficient hardness and, which is perhaps most important, a rare consistency and logic. In short, the eternal jokes about women’s logic to Agate are of little use. Her poise and consistency usually make her life quite calm, without any particular ups and downs. She is good-natured and patient, while the inherent energy of the name is most often reflected in a good sense of humor — in most cases, it is characterized by optimism and a cheerful attitude to life. Agates have an analytical mindset, good memory, very inquisitive.

The bearer of this name without trepidation refers to her health and does not care about him at all. In childhood, she suffers in moderation, like all children. Her health can not be called weak, but too strong too. However, a healthy lifestyle, which the lady adheres to due to a strong-willed character, the love of sports training softens this drawback. The vulnerable organs are the kidneys and lungs, the thyroid gland, the endocrine system. She should beware of hypothermia and pay more attention to prevention.

Love and Sex

It has amazing energy, which means special success in men. With her impetuous charm and incredible sense of humor, the girl attracts men like a magnet. She communicates with them on an equal footing and pretends not to notice their courtship. Too obvious signs of attention can cause irritation in a girl, and in some cases aggression. She has a lot of fans, and each of them idolizes the girl for her femininity, sex appeal and natural charm. In love, Agatha is restrained and modest, for a long time does not show her feelings. Conquering her man has to show great perseverance. She does not believe only in words, she needs to prove love with deeds and gifts. The uniqueness, which cannot be ignored by men, is that the girl herself finally does not know herself, periodically reveals new qualities.

Agatha is cold and calm, but until she meets a man who can wake up her sensuality. The carrier of this name is good in bed and knows how to satisfy her partner not only physically, but also psychologically. After the beginning of intimate life, this woman almost does not change outwardly, only becomes more tender, feminine. But behind the outer calm lurks such passions, the existence of which in it is difficult to even suspect, both others and Agatha herself. Becoming an adult woman, Agatha, besides passion, discovers in herself another feeling that she had never suspected before — jealousy. If before she was not upset at all that her fans, having understood that it was useless to sigh over her, paid attention to her friends, then her partner she was jealous of almost all women. This gives both her and him a lot of unpleasant moments, although Agatha tries not to get out of this feeling.

Family and Marriage

This woman matures late for marriage, often rejects the wooing of fans, which, by the way, Agatha abound. Marriage for a girl means too much and therefore is a taboo subject for quite a long time. Only real feelings will force to radically change the outlook on life. But getting married for love and usually quite unexpectedly, not only for others, but also for herself. A man will find in her a rare combination of humility, femininity and loyalty. Having entered into a legal marriage, she feels confident and protected, makes every effort to create a cozy nest.

Agatha is the embodiment of love for home and comfort. Her husband is the best, the children are the most wonderful. A woman loves her family very much and is ready for anything for her. She always strives to create such an atmosphere at home, so that her husband and children will be pleased to return to their nest. She likes to cook and pamper her family with culinary masterpieces. However, problems may arise in family life, because a girl with this name very rarely considers and accepts the point of view of her spouse. As a rule, after the wedding she tries not to take her friends at home, as they become potential rivals, for the sake of family happiness, she will easily forget about many years of friendship. Remains faithful, treason is contrary to life principles.

Agatha Horoscope

Agatha-Aries ♈ – an active, energetic, dreamy and fast woman. Able to fight for your dream, does not succumb to unexpected obstacles. He tries to rely solely on himself, independent and self-sufficient, does not like to ask anyone for help. Does not need attention and universal recognition of the merits.

Agatha-Taurus ♉ – cheerful person, can not stand boredom and loneliness. She needs an impulse of development, adventure, communication and fun, she does not know how to sit in one place for a long time. She has many friends and girlfriends, without whom she can not imagine her life. Sometimes it is too naive and gullible, not paying attention to the shortcomings of people.

Agatha-Gemini ♊ – charming, cheerful, sociable. She loves noisy companies and active leisure, does not like loneliness and despises cheaters. Prefers to spend time with friends who are very valuable. The company is always in the spotlight, which she likes. Values own status in the chosen society.

Agatha-Cancer ♋ – vulnerable and sentimental, vulnerable and trusting, capricious and fearful, but dreams of becoming strong and unapproachable so that everyone admires her. Talented and hardworking, but lives only for the sake of general recognition and respect. She loves when she is praised, her abilities and talents are noted. Dreams of recognition and fame. It needs support, understanding, care and tenderness.

Agatha-Leo ♌ – a representative of the female half with leadership qualities and self-sufficient kind. Loves to be the first to win and conquer. She does not tolerate trying to tell her what to do, it is difficult for her to compromise, to change her point of view. Men find it difficult to find a common language with her. She is powerful, but also fair in judgment.

Agatha-Virgo ♍ – is an overly calm and balanced lady, leading a moderate lifestyle and possessing enviable erudition. Erudite and attractive, diversified. Does not like big noisy companies and parties, prefers to spend time alone or in the company of old friends.

Agatha-Libra ♎ – endowed with a balanced, calm character and friendly disposition. He tries by all means to avoid any negativity, quarrels and conflicts, tries to be on good terms with everyone. She is ready to give in, just not to sow negative things around herself. Respected in society and gets along well with men.

Agatha-Scorpio ♏ – a difficult character does not allow her to make friends. Arrogant and selfish, self-confident, can not give up. She has excessive demands not only for herself, but also for others, with whom she behaves arrogantly and selfishly. In the choice of the chosen one, she will either find her ideal, or will remain lonely.

Agatha-Sagittarius ♐ – is a cheerful girl with a clean and kind character, a “soul of the company” who enjoys universal sympathy. It easily makes new friends, but it is often too trusting and naive, which is why it gives up on them. He tries with all communicates on equal terms. In love, looking for a prince on a white horse.

Agatha-Capricorn ♑ – hardworking and responsible, executive and purposeful, persevering and stubborn. She loves her job, puts all her strength there, forgetting about rest and entertainment. She is provided with fast career growth, will become the excellent leader. But with personal female happiness, everything is bad - later she will remember about building a family and will connect life with the first person she comes across.

Agatha-Aquarius ♒ – able to find an approach to a variety of people. Uses the art of communication as the main weapon for advancing in a career and achieving goals, not forgetting to demonstrate to others around your mind and talents. It is dependent on material benefits and universal attention. Demands respect and needs support.

Agatha-Pisces ♓ – has a gentle disposition, which very often prevents her from doing what she wants. Strongly dependent on someone else’s opinion, trying not to offend anyone and please everyone. Guided only by emotions and feelings, which prevents her from achieving success in the chosen path. She needs a strong and persistent spouse with whom she will feel protected.

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