Name Meaning Albert

Albert is a form of the Old German name Adalbert, which consists of two words — “noble” and “brilliant”, and means “noble brilliance”, “light”, “white”. Albert is the owner of such qualities as sincerity, sociability, gaiety. He just hates loneliness, seeking new acquaintances, comrades, friends. As a child, he is a noisy and lively child who loves to play in a big company, play pranks, play pranks. The light character of Albert has people to him, because it is pleasant to communicate with him. From an early age he becomes a universal favorite, gets used to like everyone around. Albert gets along well with others, he is the soul of the company, a good friend and comrade. Albert has no complexes. Positive attitude and kindness do not allow him to notice other people’s shortcomings, as well as concentrate on their weaknesses. He sees no obstacles to making new friends.

Albert is self-confident and knows how to behave in order to win over a person. He never asserts himself at the expense of others, does not impose his opinion, holds modestly, but liberated. It makes others respect Albert. But his charm has a downside. Albert can get used to the fact that in life everything gets to him easily and become lazy, passive. Also, he should not trust unfamiliar people. A dishonest, profit seeker can convince Albert that he is his friend and begin to manipulate him. Albert should be wary of alcohol. Love for fun and parties can play a cruel joke with him. Drinking too much, he harms not only his health, but also runs the risk of succumbing to the entreaties of dubious "friends" and committing acts about which he will regret afterwards.

Albert Personality Traits

Associated Zodiac Sign: Capricorn ♑.

Ruling Planet: Uranus ♅.

Feng-Shui Element: Earth 土.

Talisman-stone, Mineral, Metal: Tourmaline, Rhinestone, Glass.

Lucky-Color: Violet.

Mascot Tree: Jasmine 🍁.

Mascot Plant: Parsley, Celery.

Mascot Animal: Skylark, Stork, Monkey, Fox.

Lucky Day: Monday ☽.

Lucky Season: Winter ⛄.

Character Traits: Independence, Freedom, Decisiveness.

Spring Albert is a reliable, strong, discreet, slightly imposing and lazy person. Avoids society too obsessive persons. His wife is a kind, calm, intelligent woman, with whom he meets a marriage for quite a long time before marriage, not hurrying down the aisle. He cannot be called a fighter and a warrior by nature, but he will not allow anyone to encroach upon the honor and interests of his family and his own.

Summer Albert – gentle, calm person, for whom psychological comfort is very important. Quarrels, conflicts — absolutely not his element, therefore reliable, strong and balanced family relations very much appreciates. Leadership is useless to him, so a devoted, energetic, resolute woman who is able to deal with home issues on her own becomes the life partner of such a man.

Autumn Albert – good housekeeping. He will never forget what to buy in the store, returning from work; he always has everything in his house. He takes care of the material support of the family on his shoulders and copes with this task very successfully. Strives to ensure that he had his own piece of land, where he could work for his pleasure.

Winter Albert – very strong, strong-willed character. In their families, all the household chores are ruled by wives, but Albert is the true head of the family, for whom the last word always remains. He prefers not to delve into household chores, but he takes up the whole upbringing of children. He takes them to the stadium with pleasure, trying to join the sport early, takes them out into the countryside on weekends.

Character of name Albert

The secret of the name is revealed when meeting with Albert. The boy goes to school well, diligent in behavior. But more often than not, teachers find it difficult to characterize such a child. He is not like other children in the depth of unexpected statements, patient attitude to school pranks and offenses.

Adult Albert — is delicate and tactful. A man with the same name is calm, attentive, balanced, a bit timid, but witty and independent. Timidity prevents him from moving up the career ladder, although most often he has deep knowledge and has generalized ways of thinking. By nature — a proud and secretive person. Despite the apparent indecision and even cowardice, prone to making quick decisions. Can without special explanations change the place of residence and even friends. In comrades and interlocutors appreciates the independence of judgment and cheerful disposition.

Positive traits of the name Albert: Self-confidence, resilience during life turmoil, focus on the main, wit, cheerful disposition and even mischief. Albert from school age can surprise parents and teachers with their academic success. Witness, observation and conflict-free help a guy to reach career heights in any field. Thanks to cheerfulness, independence of judgment, and moral principles, the name holder deserves the respect of society and enjoys success with the opposite sex.

Negative traits of the name Albert: Selfishness, consumer attitude towards people who love him. Albert may simply not notice the person he does not need. He perceives others as people contributing to his success. The choice of profession by name: Albert is not devoid of imagination, creative imagination, which is wonderfully combined with thrift and analytical mindset. A man named Albert is looking for extraordinary decisions in everything, he is able to make discoveries in various fields of science. All these qualities have Albert to a successful creative, scientific and entrepreneurial activities.

Interests and Hobbies

Albert has an excellent memory and creative imagination. He is fond of everything that constitutes a riddle, a mystery, secrets. He prefers philosophy, religion, occultism, parapsychology. Able to sit for a long time on solving a mathematical or logical problem, a crossword puzzle or a chess game. He prefers to be considered a homebody, a man far from secular entertainment. However, he manages to travel and collect the most unexpected items.

Profession and Business

Albert is not devoid of imagination, creative imagination, which is wonderfully combined with calculating and analytical mindset. Science and work in research institutes and laboratories sometimes becomes the meaning of human life with this name. He is not only a good inventor, but also a financier, cashier, banker, mathematician, physicist. Skillfully owning your emotions, becomes a first-class player.

Albert is a born player and adventurer who knows how to control his emotions and desires. He will never cross the dangerous line and will always be the winner. In the hope of a successful prospect, Albert can be content with little. Maintains relationships only with the right people in work, business, personal hobbies.

Mind and Health

Sentimental and phlegmatic, he has an excellent intuition and a synthetic mindset, which allows him to instantly assess the situation. Albert is very curious, has an excellent memory, but laziness often interferes with the execution of his plans. Arrogant, not aggressive, Albert lives a rich inner life. He is capable of self-sacrifice, in his relations with people he is tactful and delicate, almost never openly shows his feelings.

Albert loves himself and knows how to take care. His mind is healthy, strong nerves. However, unforeseen circumstances, disasters, fires are dangerous. Must beware of mental overstrain, which can end for him a deep depression. Problems with the stomach and intestinal tract occur in adulthood due to metabolic disorders and a tendency to overeating. Sometimes overweight.

Love and Sex

Albert’s personal life often develops quite well. A man with an exquisite name Albert truly falls in love only in his youth. With extreme caution, he should relate only to suddenly flared passion. Most often, the “beautiful story” ends in complete disappointment and the collapse of relationships. But memories of the experience remain for life. But, at the same time, it is precisely to burning passion that such men always strive. A storm of emotions in communicating with a woman plays a great role for them.

Sex is more necessary for him than erotic joy. Until old age, he enjoys female attention. He is pleased, but no more, because casual relationships and betrayal of the partner are not in his rules. Men named Albert are monogamous. A woman is chosen as a wife, suitable not only for spiritual qualities, but also sexually. If the harmony in the life of the family is broken, it may well lead to its disintegration on the initiative of a person who bears the name of Albert.

Family and Marriage

In marriage, Albert is rarely happy because of his extremely selfish nature. Most often, it is saved by honesty and ingenuous straightforwardness, which is valued by women. He can not change his wife, but simply leaves her. Marry late, long deliberation over the decision. It is worth noting that the chosen one of Albert will never complain that he cheated on her with his attention. A man will long and persistently try to gain the trust of his beloved, try to please her family. A woman should not immediately try to control such a man, it is worth negotiating with him and looking for a compromise. His darling is a beautiful, kind and sexy woman. It is firm, but non-contentious.

For Albert, the family is something holy and hidden from prying eyes. Talking with him about how things are going on in the family is almost impossible, because he considers it inappropriate to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of his loved ones. If he doubts the loyalty of his beloved, then there will be good reasons for this. The longer Albert lives in a marriage, the more friendly relations he has with his soulmate. Albert financially provides for his family, knows its problems and needs. He never takes care of the house, but he thinks the upbringing of children is personal and responsible. He focuses them on sports, checks lessons, is interested in school problems. Appreciates family traditions, respects parents.

Albert Horoscope

Albert-Aries ♈ – kind, a little naive person. Easily converges with people, knows how to find an approach to them. Its minus is an idealist, who has become accustomed to idealize everyone and attribute to people the features that they do not have. Often mistaken and disappointed in those whom he considered to be friends, eventually becomes reticent.

Albert-Taurus ♉ – independent and hardworking person, a great friend. He considers work to be the main thing in life, his goal is to achieve career heights and achieve something on his own. However, he often overestimates his strength and sets himself impracticable tasks, but he never gets depressed. He hardly perceives criticism, does not like being advised.

Albert-Gemini ♊ – he is a kind and benevolent, polite and attentive man who dreams of pure love, happiness and kindness. It is easy to get on with people, but often disappointed in them, because they cannot distinguish a good person from a bad one. Needs care and attention, carefully sorts out prospective brides, but in the end he only bows to smart and strong-willed ladies.

Albert-Cancer ♋ – dreamy romantic, not able to come down from heaven to earth. Guided by emotions and feelings, often mistaken in people, but does not allow anyone to instruct and criticize themselves. It needs a stronger friend, tries to seem more independent than it actually is. He needs a strong partner, able to rehabilitate his male qualities.

Albert-Leo ♌ – leader, ready to achieve their goals at all. It is difficult to get along with him, so he often suffers from loneliness. He just has great compatibility with ordinary feminine girls, he loves the weak and tender, but only in love relationships. In everyday life, he tries to surround himself with persistent, assertive people, but not surpassing him in hard work and strength.

Albert-Virgo ♍ – the meaning of the sign gives the character swiftness, activity, developed imagination, excellent intuition and assertiveness. He is not afraid of difficulties and all sorts of obstacles, but, on the contrary, seeks them, and not only professionally, but in personal relationships. This is a purposeful representative of the stronger sex, but lonely because of the harshness and excessive emotionality — too hard.

Albert-Libra ♎ – polite, tactful, diversified, will support any topic and will always perfectly fit into any environment. Like women, knows how to find the right approach to them. Does not seek a serious relationship, preferring fleeting passions and short-term novels.

Albert-Scorpio ♏ – distrustful and timid, quick-tempered and callous, unpredictable and difficult to understand. It’s hard to get along with — too overconfident and narcissistic, considers himself a king, but is afraid of betrayal and deception. It can get angry because of a trifle and break even on a close person. Such a character is very difficult to sustain.

Albert-Sagittarius ♐ – dreamy, in love, looking for his ideal. It is pleasant to women, but does not use it for the sake of achievement of the mercenary purposes. His woman will love with all my heart, but the choice of the chosen one will approach with extreme responsibility, also demanding. Ready to give his fiance in many ways, sacrificing their own interests.

Albert-Capricorn ♑ – careerist and hard worker, constant and predictable, but serious and reasonable. This purposeful person, ready to work for days for the sake of the goal. Not a fan of fleeting novels, appreciates loyalty and devotion, honesty. He prefers a serious relationship that does not frighten him at all. Next to him should be an unpredictable and bright personality.

Albert-Aquarius ♒ – does not endure boredom and loneliness, always striving to learn something new. Appreciate friends, is ready to help them, even if he has serious difficulties. He himself never burdens others with his problems. Needs new sensations and impressions, an avid traveler and adventurer. Family life is unlikely to risk a burden — too appreciates their freedom.

Albert-Pisces ♓ – very suspicious, fearful, gentle, gentle, always a man who doubts his own abilities. Needs to be treated with understanding and care. He wants to be constantly endorsed and praised, even if he hasn’t done anything special. The ideal companion will be a bright, passionate, persistent, strong-willed and stubborn lady.

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