Name Meaning Albina

Female name Albina is considered by many researchers to be a diminutive or pet variant of the male name Albin. It was formed from the Roman personal or generic nickname Albinus, derived from the word "albus". Translated from the Latin language takes the value "white". So originally called girls with fair skin. The name has common roots with the name of the country of Albania, which was part of the Roman Empire. The name Albina belongs to the group of German Catholic names. Orthodox church name Albina is not provided. It is very common in the United States and European countries (Czech Republic, Poland), among Muslims. Albina was named the heroine of the novel Dumas, who became the personification of the feat of maternal love. The most common name received in the 20th century. Nowadays many girls are still called Albins.

The meaning of the name Albina speaks of a strict and measured personality. She feels she can be the first. Feel smart and able to win any argument — this is its essence and aspiration. She is not afraid of those unknown to her, as she is confident in her abilities to comprehend the truth. However, in the event of the suppression of her leadership, she is able to withdraw into herself, withdraw and fall into loneliness, seeing in this the only correct way that can lead to religion and fanatical spirituality. Her strong character creates a lot of problems. On the one hand, she tries to restrain herself, moving away from leadership and showing tolerance. However, this works only in the environment of new, unfamiliar people. Once she gets used to the environment, she begins to argue and prove her case for any reason. Given the fact that she has good energy, her confrontation and upholding her position become very bright and active. Most of all it scares life and the danger of being left aground, which determines its goals: work and family maintenance. It is difficult for her to sit in one place, it is easier for her to be on the road, where there are always new people, where it is easier for her to restrain herself.

Albina Personality Traits

Associated Zodiac Sign: Gemini ♊.

Ruling Planet: Jupiter ♃.

Feng-Shui Element: Metal 金.

Talisman-stone, Mineral, Metal: Moonstone.

Lucky-Color: Orange.

Mascot Tree: Hornbeam 🍁.

Mascot Plant: Jasmine.

Mascot Animal: Squirrel.

Lucky Day: Wednesday ♅.

Lucky Season: Summer ☀.

Character Traits: Activity, Restraint, Self-love.

Spring Albina has a strange, secretive, sensitive, vulnerable and at the same time arrogant character. It is pleasant to communicate with her, if she wants this, she is also obligatory, but she lacks diligence and determination. She rarely takes things to the end, trying to avoid responsibility.

Summer Albina – is an active, emotional, receptive woman. It’s nice to be around with everyone — it attracts people with positive and optimism. Ready to overcome obstacles in achieving goals, but not ready to lose independence for the sake of creating a family.

Autumn Albina – is serious and moderate. Guided by common sense and logic, reasonable and prudent, focused on achieving their own goals, a little selfish. Demanding, especially to the representatives of the strong half. To the choice of the satellite will react scrupulously. It is unlikely that she will become a housewife — her destiny, career growth and material benefits.

Winter Albina – hot-tempered, aggressive, but passionate and resolute. With this you can do business — she is responsible, but it needs to be controlled, because it is highly dependent on emotions and mood. But passionate — the stronger sex from this crazy, it attracts simplicity of character and then manipulates.

Character of name Albina

The secret of the name Albina hides an active, emotional, hot-tempered and secretive person. This girl is too self-confident and impressionable. She likes social work, but she quickly gets tired of her, if her duties are narrowed down to fulfill specific tasks. A woman understands such an activity in a simplified way: “See others and show yourself.”

At school, Albina learns mediocre, but she knows how to organize her own positive grades with an obliging character, being able to be useful in time. She has an excellent memory, well-developed fantasy. She easily adapts to the change of residence, life and living conditions. Her mood changes often. Sometimes one look that she didn’t like is enough to cause a storm of anger and loud accusations.

In the family she is a favorite child. Albina reciprocates and is ready to do everything possible to protect relatives and loved ones. In adult life, this trait takes root in her character. She is happy to manage the household, care for the children, raise them, create comfort in the house, receive guests, and also help her husband to “make a career”.

Positive traits of the name Albina: In Albina, softness and charm are combined with determination and the ability to be cold. With the advent of adolescence, the girl becomes more attentive to loved ones, always happy to come to the rescue. And going into adulthood, is wise and prudent. For diligence and kindness Albina is respected by all relatives and colleagues. She is not able to become the instigator of the conflict, as revenge and vindictiveness are alien to the girl with the bright name.

Negative traits of the name Albina: Pride is often accompanied by excessive pride. She is sweet and calm, but when you touch her feelings, arrogance will appear in her eyes. Albina doesn’t spend emotions on shouting, but with her contempt often hits the patient herself. Despite the calmness inherent in all owners of the name, Albina can often be hot-tempered and stubborn. In the absence of love and understanding in the family, it can turn into an extremely arrogant person.

Interests and Hobbies

Albina’s favorite occupation is home improvement. In Albina’s house you can find collections of unique flowers, the cultivation of which brings her pleasure and pride. She also loves to experiment and pamper her family with unusual dishes. Cooking is one of the hobbies that it remains true to throughout life. She knows a lot about healthy food, enjoys fitness. A woman with this name is watching fashion. Shopping in search of suitable clothes and the subsequent combination of elements of clothes in original images — one more her favorite activity.

Profession and Business

Calmness and coldness Albina help her in her career. The profession chooses a practical, monetary, but not always cope with it because of the complex and conflicting nature. A woman named Albina treats her work with coolness, even hostility. For her, it is a heavy and unpleasant burden if there is no material interest. She finds satisfaction in working with people, where she needs to communicate, make decisions, and feel power. It is a suitable profession in the police, school, children’s correctional institutions, the system of public catering, as well as business, sociology, floristics. Perhaps she will be engaged in art.

Albina is able to achieve a high position in society, to establish relationships with rich and powerful people. She can replay anyone in a business conflict. Such a girl is the direct leader. Her inability to succumb to others, and her own feelings makes her iron lady in any crisis situation. Characteristic of the name Albina speaks about her success in financial affairs or in any business related to work for the public, if she follows her own intuition.

Mind and Health

Women named Albina often intrigue. They can hardly sit still, they need to move, dance and sing all the time. Such women lack balance and stability. Often, for greater courage, they demonstrate their anger in order to impress others. Strive for an active social life. Overconfident. The will is strong, sometimes just despotic. The reaction rate is very fast, especially when it comes to loved ones. They are ready to protect them with their teeth and claws. Sincerity is expected from friends, and if one of them deceives, they are able to take revenge. Intuition is related to their impressionability. They are charming and charming, well able to use these qualities for the benefit of themselves.

Albins rarely get sick. They have excellent health, a hardened body and strong immunity. But they are prone to fat, so now and then you have to go on a diet. In old age, a woman is prone to swelling, the formation of tumors. There may be problems with the urogenital system. Therefore, Albina needs to constantly engage in sports, especially water sports. She absolutely can not abuse drugs, in particular tranquilizers. The name Albina makes her mistress vulnerable to stress. Because of this, she often feels overwhelmed, weak, tired. To improve overall tone and regain strength, a woman is recommended to increase the amount of calcium-containing foods in her diet.

Love and Sex

Albina is well aware of her own uniqueness. She pays a lot of attention to make-up and wardrobe, but scares fans off with arrogant arrogance. Does not like obsession, therefore, does not tolerate quick love with men. Everything must be measured and in time so that Albina does not feel humiliated. In choosing a partner is very picky. Hardly finds her ideal. The interpretation of the name suggests that she will be happy if she accepts a man with all his flaws and reconciles with her own. This does not mean that she should take every weak guy. Let him forgive him for imperfection. She opposes the appearance of married life and can be an excellent wife for men who do not adhere to traditional views on the role of sex in the family and on the so-called marital fidelity.

Sexuality is strong and manifests early. This means that Albina loves sex and does not hesitate to admit it. He may even become in the life of such a woman a kind of object of worship. Prolonged abstinence affectsAlbina very negatively. The lady named in such a way is active in the sexual life until the very old age. These women love to care for their bodies and to look after their figure. She knows how charming she is and knows how to use it. If she is comfortable with a man, she will give him an unimaginable tenderness. Nevertheless, Albina sentimental and more loyal friend than it may seem. Family and social taboos can contribute to the emergence of their sexual complexes.

Family and Marriage

An amorous character causes Albina to marry early. She is trying to keep this romantic feeling for a long time. She has no sexual experience, but she does her best to develop it. Not only meditation but also an attractive appearance helps her in this. When choosing a future spouse, these women think not only of love, but also of the material side of the issue. This means the presence of a certain mercantile spirit when choosing a husband. No less important is understanding.

The fate of Albina becomes an inseparable part of her husband’s life. She can be guided by his interests, adapt to the habits of her husband. Unnoticed by everyone, she becomes a professional butler in the house (the manager of the property and the household). She is very jealous, should be aware of the affairs of her husband, to know everything that happens at his work. Such a wife does not allow the spouse to become addicted to alcohol or to be a member of a “dubious” male company, to manage personal wages. A woman pays special attention to the development of children, often gives them to clubs, sports clubs, tries to choose prestigious educational institutions.

Albina Horoscope

Albina-Aries ♈ – is an ambitious, goal-oriented, diligent and pushy woman. She was not accustomed to retreat, faced with difficulties. Able to fight for their goal, never discouraged. He tries to rely solely on himself, preferring not to ask anyone for help. Become a reliable wife for a determined and active man.

Albina-Taurus ♉ – active, energetic, can not sit idle and five minutes. She has a penchant for a business that interests her very much. Sometimes she allows himself to speak in a commanding tone that annoys those around him. She is honest, never betrayed and offended. With her, a man will feel needed and protected.

Albina-Gemini ♊ – is a cheerful, cheerful girl who does not like boredom and loneliness. She has a holiday every day, you will not get bored with this. She likes to meet with friends, to shine in their company with charm and sense of humor. But she is not a housewife, not a caring mother, sometimes too frivolous.

Albina-Cancer ♋ – is emotional, vulnerable, but preferring to hide its feelings from other people. She loves when she is given compliments, praised, celebrated her abilities. Dreams of recognition and fame. Often goes into depression, rarely allows himself to open up to a person. Can not look at the world realistically, she needs a faithful and open satellite.

Albina-Leo ♌ – is a born business woman who seeks to cope with everything herself. She is reasonable and serious, a leader by nature, not able to dissemble and flatter. She doesn’t stand up when she is being pushed around or manipulated; she rarely listens to other people’s advice. Independent and self-sufficient in everything.

Albina-Virgo ♍ – is a smart, erudite, keen nature, with an enviable outlook and enviable hard work. It does not like big noisy companies, preferring to spend time reading a book or in the company of close friends. The relationship will be happy with a responsible and caring man. Able to sacrifice everything for the sake of creating a strong family.

Albina-Libra ♎ – has a smooth, calm character and the ability to like people. By all means trying to avoid any negativity, especially quarrels and scandals, but if they happen, it does not unsettle her. She does not betray and does not deceive, but is emotional and touchy — she can become depressed at the sight of frustration.

Albina-Scorpio ♏ – a girl grows incredulous, reserved, secretive and taciturn. Difficult nature does not allow it to be open and trust people. She is straightforward, but honest and fair. She has excessive demands not only on herself, but also on those around her, with whom she can be too straightforward and even harsh.

Albina-Sagittarius ♐ – is a cheerful, sociable, “soul of the company”, loves holidays and parties. It easily makes new friends, but in its judgments about people it can be superficial and naive. But the spouse with her will be easy and good — she will become an excellent mistress and keeper of the hearth.

Albina-Capricorn ♑ – is a hardworking, purposeful, attentive and responsible woman. She loves her job, puts all her strength there, forgetting about her personal life. Does not know how to relax, which harms her health. She needs stability and constancy. Appreciates material wealth — lives for the sake of prosperity. Will be for the family unconditional support.

Albina-Aquarius ♒ – eloquent, knows how to find an approach to a variety of people, skillfully manipulates. Uses quality data to move up the career ladder, as well as to achieve other personal goals. But she will never hurt a person — she tries to help everyone, even though she is selfish. The family will be the leader, domineering and arrogant - my husband will not be easy.

Albina-Pisces ♓ – the owner of a balanced, calm nature. Sometimes it depends too much on the opinions of others, although it makes every effort to appear independent. Compatible only with powerful and self-confident men. She knows, and she needs a leader in life. In the absence of such a leader would be too much subject to the opinions of others. She’s easy to manipulate.

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