Name Meaning Alexander

The name Alexander is one of the most common male names. Children are often called Sasha, and both boys and girls are Alexandra (Sasha, Shurochka). In other countries, it sounds like Alessandro (Italy), Alastar (Ireland), etc. This name originated from ancient Greek Alexandros and consists of two parts — “alex”, which means “to protect” and “andros” — “man”.

Translated from the Greek, Alexander is a "protector", "a preserving husband." This name has a strong energy, giving its owner such qualities as courage, confidence, assertiveness, imperiousness. The man, who was named by this name, always remembers that he is the namesake of famous military leaders who left a bright mark in history: Alexander the Great, Alexander Nevsky, Alexander Suvorov. This name has been very popular for many years.

Alexander Personality Traits

Associated Zodiac Sign: Pisces ♓.

Ruling Planet: Jupiter ♃.

Feng-Shui Element: Metal 金.

Talisman-stone, Mineral, Metal: Alexandrite.

Lucky-Color: Blue, Red, Green.

Mascot Tree: Fig 🍁.

Mascot Plant: Gladiolus.

Mascot Animal: Crab, Bull.

Lucky Day: Saturday ♄.

Lucky Season: Spring 🌱.

Character Traits: Ambition, Pessimism, Purposefulness, Emotionality, Justice.

Spring Alexander – not too intelligent, but watching himself, his speech. He wears an installation with elegant simplicity, and often cannot part with his old favorite tie. Does not complicate your life. Calm and balanced, somewhat slow in work.

Summer Alexander – enjoys success with women, but never abuse anyone’s disposition towards yourself. Disinterested. Able to be delicate and restrained, does not impose their opinions and mood. It has tolerance and a sense of proportion. Does not tolerate vulgarity and does not like quarrels.

Autumn Alexander – able to get along with people. Whoever he communicates with, he leaves a good impression of himself. Compliant, with anyone can find a common language. He works hard, and all his work is completed successfully. Constantly craving new knowledge intellectual with a lively and lively mind.

Winter Alexander – possesses enormous vitality, is very active, temperamental. Charming, like many people. In his spare time busy sports. In any case, always succeeds. Dexterous, practical.

Character of name Alexander

Many great people wore the name Alexander — Alexander Nevsky, Alexander the Great. The secret of the name hides a strong and purposeful personality. The nature of his domineering, stubborn, he is always ready to lead people. He has a creative nature and an original approach to many things. On the one hand, he is sociable, witty and decisive, but inside is sensual and very vulnerable. Does not tolerate psychological pressure.

Most of the men, named Alexander, show leadership qualities and seek power. Already in childhood, they want to lead their peers, but if their peers oppose, they become leaders in a group of children younger in age. When Alexander lacks perseverance and willpower, he can withdraw into himself, become timid and shy, especially if he sees that people do not consider him to be an outstanding personality, they perceive him as an ordinary person. In order for the complexes not to take possession of the owner of this name, it should be less dependent on the attitude of others to it. Showing independence, restraint and calm, doing the work to which he is most inclined, Alexander will be successful and will achieve credibility.

Positive traits of the name Alexander: Heroism, perseverance in achieving his goal, independence, although Alexander seeks to find refuge, care, peace and support in a strong partner, mother or wife. He is honest, even noble, almost always cheerful and sincere person.

Negative traits of the name Alexander: Power, conflict, instability of mood, touchiness, the desire to by all means prove their superiority. A man named Alexander is capable of dubious acts. He is very unstable psychologically, although rarely resorted to violence. Alexander justifies his actions in advance, fearing conviction. Luck helps him get out of unpleasant situations.

Interests and Hobbies

Alexander has been fond of sports since childhood. Therefore, it is better to give the child from an early age to any section. He also likes adventure novels, adventures. In training, he may lag behind, but books about weapons and stories become his hobbies. Gluing models of airplanes or cars also brings great pleasure for Sasha. As he gets older, he prefers real cars.

Profession and Business

Alexander has leadership qualities. Can skillfully manage any company or enterprise. He also responsibly treats any work and performs it in good faith. May chooses the profession of a builder, doctor, pilot. In any activity he realizes himself and succeeds.

Mind and Health

The man named Alexander has a sanguine temperament, with a slight bias towards choleric. This name is characterized by nobility, openness of mood and kindness. Alexander is well with imagination. He can often justify his actions, especially when he wants to avoid censure.

Alexander’s health is not always stable — he can easily overwork. He often suffers from lung diseases, so he is not recommended to smoke. Most often, he is plagued by pneumonia and bronchitis. Considerable harm to health does alcohol. Problems in the family or at work make him more sensitive and sentimental. Therefore, in the course of his life, he can acquire mental and nervous disorders. He is also prone to injuries — bruises, fractures, sprains, etc. Another vulnerability of Sasha is the gastrointestinal tract. Often he is being followed by gastric diseases, so from childhood it is necessary to pay attention to the nutrition of the child.

Love and Sex

A man named Alexander knows his worth. From his youth he draws attention to women and tries to make contact with them. A man named Alexander is able to separate the concepts of love and sex. Love is a deep and eternal concept for him, and sex is fleeting, not worth much attention pleasure. Often, he compares sex with sports. The oaths of love are capable of giving out right and left. He is in love, and the female gender loves him. Sasha’s sex life is spontaneous. In bed he is passionate and gentle at the same time, he does everything for the pleasure of his partner. However, do not forget about yourself. Years to 35-40, he usually falls in love once and for all. Loves his woman to the end of life and protects.

Family and Marriage

Alexander is strong and goal-oriented, therefore a woman should correspond to him. His wife must be strong, but a little weaker than himself. In the family, he considers himself the main. All relatives and friends should obey him without question, including his wife. If he gets what he wants, then there is no limit to his care and love. In marriage never changes. All his life he tries for the welfare and prosperity of the family. Waiting for the same attitude from his wife. With Alexander, family happiness must be built based on mutual trust and love.

Alexander Horoscope

Alexander-Aries ♈ – contradictory personality, eager for stability and independence. He always strives forward, and childishly believes that he will succeed. Alexander-Aries is very much in need of support and approval, he is very happy when he is praised. The more he will be praised, the more he will succeed in business and career. The man is loving, pouring compliments to the right and left, and the women are crazy about him. He achieves success with ladies largely due to his excellent sense of humor and ease of communication. You should not expect loyalty from him, he is not capable of it. But behind the external looseness, in the depths of his soul, a small boy sits in front of Alexander-Aries who is very much in need of maternal love. His beloved will have to be for him and his wife and mother. Such a wife for him can be a woman-Aquarius — after the wedding, this couple will become inseparable.

Alexander-Taurus ♉ – balanced, thoughtful Alexander, responsible and calm. He is never in a hurry, but will not retreat until he gets what he wants. Any of his hobbies, whether woman or work, never flashes instantly, but slowly inflames. Alexander-Taurus is a stubborn and conservative, he is not at all interested in someone else’s opinion. He knows the value of money, and will never throw it to the wind. But at the same time she likes to eat well and drink, therefore, extra weight is a very real problem. A man is not afraid of any work, any obstacles make him only stronger. But you should not annoy him — Alexander does not forgive anything and does not forget. Family for Alexander-Taurus is of great importance — he loves the home, and not noisy parties. In love, he is open and honest, and making him a decent couple is most likely for a woman born under the same zodiac sign.

Alexander-Gemini ♊ – charming, sociable man, easily adapting to any life circumstances. A great companion, he can keep up the conversation on any topic. He is restless and nervous, and whatever he is doing at the moment, he is eager to do something else. This is a highly volatile person, he can rarely complete the work he has begun, and he reacts painfully to failure. The biggest problem for Alexander is to make decisions and take responsibility. Impermanence and windiness are his lifestyle. He needs a state of love like air, but Alexander the Twin is serious about his serious feelings. As a wife, he needs an easy-going and communicating woman who will not load him with household problems. Such a partner for Alexander Gemini can be a woman-Libra — this couple has a rare mutual understanding.

Alexander-Cancer ♋ – an emotional, weak-tempered man who lacks self-confidence. He is hidden and inconsistent, but at the same time sentimental, gentle and very touchy. Does not like to take risks, always tries to walk in a roundabout way. The work is lazy, but loves good food and drink, as well as a chat. He is a fierce debater, and it is almost impossible to convince him. But he knows how to listen as well as he can speak, is able to sympathize, always ready to help. Alexander-Cancer has a sharp analytical mind, he is able to solve the most difficult task — the best expert in monetary matters is simply not to be found. Alexander-Cancer, like no one else, needs love, but he doesn’t know how and doesn’t like to flirt. He takes marriage very seriously, and his darling will be with him easily and simply. An ideal companion for Alexander-Cancer can be a Taurus woman — this union has every chance to last a lifetime.

Alexander-Leo ♌ – strong physically and spiritually, this man absolutely does not tolerate criticism. He is always number one, his goal is to rule and protect. Confident, vain and ambitious, but honest and open. He will never lie and play up to achieve the desired. At first glance, a man seems slightly arrogant, but on closer acquaintance it becomes clear that he is very vulnerable and sentimental. He is easy to lure money into debt, promotion, patronage, and even the promise to marry. Alexander-Leo does not like to listen to someone else’s opinion, and in case of failures he becomes gloomy and aggressive. The flattery, the feelings of other people are not worried at all. In love, jealous, does not tolerate competition. A happy marriage for Alexander-Leo is possible with a woman-Sagittarius — this union can rightfully be attributed to the most harmonious and successful family unions.

Alexander-Virgo ♍ – a leisurely, prudent Alexander, with a strong intellect. He always carefully considers his actions, and it often happens that in the end he does not make any decision. He is interested in everything that can contribute to his financial well-being and career growth. It never takes risks, especially when it comes to money. He believes that everyone around him should live by his rules, often too strict and picky. Romance is not his forte, therefore, among Aleksandrov-Virgo a large percentage of bachelors. All his women are like casting, which is not even aware. Alexander-Virgo is a big owner, and his chosen one should not give him a reason for jealousy. But he will be able to surround his spouse with warmth and care, in his family there will be no place for scandals and for clarifying the relationship. The ideal option for Alexander-Virgo would be a female Taurus — this couple will always be able to find a common language.

Alexander-Libra ♎ – is a romantic, pleasant-to-talk man who strives for harmony and balance. His life resembles a swing — he rises up and then flies down, but with all his strength he tries to keep the balance. Alexander-Libra is a very sensitive person, and he is experiencing hard failures. He is happy only when the world around him is in peace and quiet. The man hates scandals, and is very well versed in people. He is an interesting conversationalist, can not tolerate people rude and stupid. He always plays by the rules, as he has a keen sense of justice. Sasha is a materialist, he lives here and now, not thinking about the future. But indecision is also peculiar to him, especially in relations with women. A man is not very serious and is married — he prefers to take rather than give. He expects warmth and care from his wife, but he will become a loving and caring father to his children. A woman-Sagittarius can be a suitable companion for Alexander-Libra — astrologers claim that this pair has perfect compatibility.

Alexander-Scorpio ♏ – changeable, easily excitable Alexander, who is under the control of his nature. He always obeys his impulses and desires, and for this he is ready to overcome any obstacles, but he is not at all concerned about the consequences. He has hypnotic sensuality, and people are literally attracted to him like a magnet. Alexander-Scorpion is completely unpredictable, and the word “restraint” does not exist in his vocabulary. He never forgets good and does not forgive evil. Compromise and mercy is not for him, he does not give a damn about any conflicts. If Alexander the Scorpion is challenged, he will fight for life and death. His main problem — solving problems "swoop". He is devoted to his friends, but the same cannot be said about women. To marriage is taken seriously, it will require unconditional loyalty and devotion from its chosen one. For the sake of his beloved, he is ready to sell "the soul to the devil", to withstand any test. The Cancer woman will be able to make this woman truly happy — they will always be interested in each other.

Alexander-Sagittarius ♐ – is a gullible, touchy person who fears disappointment. He is a sentimental idealist, sincerely believing that every new love is the last. None of his connections lasts long, as in his nature — to create a problem where it is not there. He is secretive and changeable in mood, easily falls into a depressive state. He likes to always act in his own way, and he reluctantly makes concessions. In financial matters, practical, but generous. Cruelty is completely alien to him, he is a kind and gentle person. He reluctantly marries, and even having tied himself together by marriage, in his heart still remains a staunch bachelor. A woman will have a hard time with him, as Alexander-Sagittarius lives in his own world, in which he does not let anyone in. In the family, the man takes the position of accepting love, not giving. That wife will have to take care of the device of family life and comfort. The most suitable partner for Alexander-Sagittarius will be a woman-Aries — even the ancient sages argued that Sagittarius and Aries perfectly complement each other.

Alexander-Capricorn ♑ – is a calculating, persistent man, planning and systematizing everything. He is not the easiest and most cheerful character, as he is a pessimist and even a bit of a fatalist. But in his character also features such as kindness, a strong sense of duty, frugality, honesty and reliability. He is a homebody, does not like noisy gatherings and large companies. Sensible Alexander-Capricorn and in love trying to make plans, not realizing that feelings can not be planned. Loyalty is peculiar to this man like no one else — he sincerely does not understand why to change, if everything is okay. Only a very loving woman will be able to understand the complex, insecure nature of Alexander-Capricorn. He does not know how to show emotions and demonstrate his love — everyone will say his actions for him. An ideal companion for Alexander Sagittarius could be a Scorpio woman — their union will be long and strong.

Alexander-Aquarius ♒ – this man walks through life without straining mentally, not physically. He is capable, but natural laziness prevents him from achieving great success. No need to try to stir him up — he resists any coercion. No need to wait for him to obey — he is not capable of submission, and also avoids any bonds, even if it is a bond of friendship or marriage. Alexander the Aquarius is quickly bored, and he easily switches to other classes and to other people. He is a born orator and an actor with a gift of persuasion. Alexander-Aquarius is an intellectual and idealist, he knows how to go against society, never believes gossip, preferring to form his own opinion about a person or an event. In love, a man is selfish, he can enter into marriage only with the woman in whom he sees a friend and ally. He will be faithful to her as long as their friendship and mutual respect exists. Just be a wife and mistress, and at the same time not to share his views, will not work. In no case should his wife encroach on his freedom, control and jealous. In this case, the man himself — jealous and proprietor. To conquer a man with such a difficult character can female Gemini — this pair is made for each other.

Alexander-Pisces ♓ – is an impressionable, vulnerable man, easily depressed. He has a capricious, even cutesy character, melancholy and loneliness — his traditional companions. Alexander-Pisces is an insecure pessimist, but he also has such features as impressionability and sensuality, as well as the ability to fascinate people literally at first sight. He is responsive, so it easily falls under the influence of others, knows how to adapt to the situation. The man lacks organizational skills, he prefers to go easy ways, trying to avoid responsibility. He refers to the type of people who prefer to think long and not to act. By and large, Alexander Pisces is a very insecure man, who is in need of support and approval. Marriage for Alexander Pisces is a huge emotional shock, but as always, he quickly adapts to family life. It is important that his wife praise and support her insecure husband, even if she does not share his views. For him, a woman-cancer can become such a woman — their love flashes literally at first sight and lasts a lifetime.

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