Name Meaning Alexandra

The name of Alexandra — the female form on behalf of the Greek origin of Alexander, means — a defender of the people, courageous, reliable. This name came from Greece. The strong and domineering sound of this name creates an image of a mistress, solid and independent. It is full of dignity and significance, administrative authority and ideological integrity, based on the invincibility of its potential. Alexandra strives for truth, and strives much more in the male spirit than the bearers of many other names.

Alexandra is an independent, domineering and ambitious person. This woman of principle with unbreakable willpower radiates self-confidence, she bravely endures any adversity. But it should be remembered that Alexandra is woven out of contradictions, therefore it is not easy for others to understand her actions dictated by her mood. In general, impulsiveness and impulsiveness are characteristic of the owners of this name (it is because of these qualities that they often fall into very difficult circumstances, the outcome of which is not always positive). Such women, despite their prudence and pragmatism, are often guided by feelings.

Alexandra Personality Traits

Associated Zodiac Sign: Scorpio ♏.

Ruling Planet: Saturn ♄.

Feng-Shui Element: Water 水.

Talisman-stone, Mineral, Metal: Alexandrite.

Lucky-Color: Blue, Red, Green.

Mascot Tree: Jasmine 🍁.

Mascot Plant: Gladiolus.

Mascot Animal: Bull.

Lucky Day: Tuesday ♂.

Lucky Season: Autumn 🍂.

Character Traits: Ambition, Purposefulness, Emotionality, Truthfulness.

Spring Alexandra – whimsical, conceited and narcissistic. She always puts her interests above all else, which adversely affects not only career building, but also the creation of a family hearth. However, if Alexandra learns to appreciate what she has and respond with good to good, then fate will reward her with material and family well-being. In general, spring Alexandra — a restrained and incredulous nature. She is demanding of herself and others, so she has few friends, although she is a great friend who will always give a helping hand and never betray.

Summer Alexandra – quick-tempered and vindictive. It is better not to annoy her if you do not want to be in the very center of the intrigues woven by her. She has excellent leadership skills, but can not always correctly assess their capabilities and correctly distribute the forces. To achieve the goal, the summer girl Alexandra is capable of much, including betrayal. At the same time, it needs support, care and understanding. She yearns for love, warmth and tenderness (for her beloved and loving man, she will definitely become the perfect wife and skillful mistress).

Autumn Alexandra – thorough, overly scrupulous, picky and picky. Surrounding people often compare her with a grumbling old woman, whom the sun shines heavily, the fog catches melancholy. Such an attitude towards life can lead to nervous breakdowns and depression. Therefore, it is very important that positive and cheerful people surround the autumn Alexandra, who easily relate to all the surprises presented by fate. Next to them, it will flourish, and its life will sparkle with new bright colors. But still, Alexandra’s main goal is a large and strong family, for which she will live and create.

Winter Alexandra – has a unique talent to create problems for herself, which she is far from always able to cope on her own. It is not surprising that she considers herself to be the most dangerous enemy by right, because it is always difficult to fight with her shortcomings. Alexandra, born in the winter, has a strong character, they are ambitious, stubborn and self-confident, therefore criticism in his address is always perceived as extremely painful and negative. Only relatives and friends can point out its shortcomings, without fear of receiving an angry tirade and sarcasm in response. On the whole, winter Alexandra is a devoted and honest woman who cannot forgive betrayal and lies.

Character of name Alexandra

Alexandra is just a bunch of contradictions. Strangers are sometimes not able to understand what mood she is in and what she is going to do. For her to get into a hopeless situation is a usual thing, because the sharp character makes the girl sharp on the tongue. In addition, the flighty seldom gives her the opportunity to think about her decision and do the right thing.

The mystery of the name of Alexandra is that the temperament of his owner is more like the character of a strong "man" than the character of a fragile lady. But she hides all her harshness behind the femininity, mystery and sexuality of her appearance. Though Alexandra is very charming, but she always tries to hide it and demonstrate indifference to everyone and everything.

Communication with people for her is a necessity, not a desire. All around, including her parents, she tries to make slaves. However, this does not prevent her from having a heightened sense of justice. But Alexandra’s morality is very shaky and changes as the girl is comfortable in a particular situation. But if Alexandra considers someone to be her friend, she will stand behind him, always support and try to smooth out any conflict. She has a lot of friends, but she rarely opens her soul. To lose her trust is simple: one day is enough to lie, and she will never forget the betrayal.

Positive traits of the name Alexandra: Alexandra’s main talents are her diligence and hard work. Thanks to these qualities, the girl can achieve good results in any business that she has undertaken. Well can develop sports career Alexandra. This is precisely the area in which its masculine (male) qualities can manifest itself most fruitfully. Alexandra can love sincerely and selflessly. For her chosen one she will be both the best friend and faithful companion in life. A bright feeling will transform the warlike nature, and it will become tenderness itself.

Negative traits of the name Alexandra: To instill in Alexandra the desire for order is an impossible task. The girl will be capricious in response to the entreaties of the elders to collect the scattered toys, and as soon as the older households plan a grand cleaning, Alexandra will find a thousand reasons not to participate in it. Leadership habits of girls do not always lead her to victory. Thirst to take the initiative, and attempts to lead someone can fail, because, despite the male character, Alexandra often lacks confidence. Love of power can affect the family. Forgetting that the role of a woman is to create home comfort, Alexandra will try to enslave, subjugate her husband to her principles, which sooner or later will lead the couple to divorce.

Interests and Hobbies

In her youth, Alexandra prefers sport and shows remarkable purposefulness, achieving high results. Alexandra’s main passion is travel, and she can easily spend several days in a tent in the countryside, although she loves a comfortable rest. Although Alexandra and a girl, but housework - it is not for her. She likes to watch matches at the bar, rather than standing at the stove, baking cookies. In marriage, she would rather watch football with her husband or go to a kebab than communicate with moms. She loves reading and analyzing information from books.

Profession and Business

Self-assertion for Alexandra is very important, for this she goes to a higher educational institution. The main thing for her in choosing a profession is the lack of monotony and routine. Often chooses the profession related to travel or medicine. In some cases, opting for accounting or education. From a tomboy as a child, Alexandra reincarnates into a businesslike and self-confident woman, which allows her to make a successful career. Up to 30-35 years old, Alexandra’s professional activities come first, but the emergence of a family changes her priorities.

Alexandra is very ambitious and even conceited, so she will not give herself up to work at 100%, unless she feels material returns and career prospects. From Alexandra get a great business woman, because she loves to rule and lead. High performance and assertiveness will also help her succeed in business.

Mind and Health

Alexandra is a choleric person. Inquisitive and somewhat extravagant, Alexandra eagerly learns the world around her, but at the same time she creates her own small world, which is very difficult to get into. New acquaintances start up always with caution, especially if in her youth suffered a betrayal. It is difficult for her to forgive and forget insults, therefore in her soul a hurricane of emotions often rages, although outwardly Alexandra is always restrained and cold. Often, the actions of Alexandra are dictated by a momentary impulse, by some unconscious desire to prove something to someone. Such rashness leads to negative consequences, but Alexandra will never regret or lament what she has done or said, because she considers herself always right.

From a very young age, Alexandra has good and good health, but still she needs to pay special attention to the work of the nervous system and respiratory system. In addition, due to its excessive mobility, it is subject to injury. However, with age, sleep and menstrual disorders may develop.

Love and Sex

Alexandra impetuosity is manifested on the love front. She quickly falls in love, her feelings are passionate and sincere, but very quickly love develops into indifference, and sometimes irritability, especially if Alexandra’s elect does not work on relationships, does not bring bright colors to them. In addition, this woman, even being in a relationship, does not want to part with her independence. Only great love can curb this temperamental and freedom-loving woman, ready for the sake of true love for sacrifice. It is very important that the man of Alexandra showed concern, love and attention to his darling, gave her signs of attention and did not forget to talk about his feelings.

Alexandra feels often physically satisfied with sex, but she is always not enough. She does not know how to take the initiative, so the partner should take everything on herself. She does not speak on intimate topics, because she cannot find words to express all her feelings. As a rule, the partner must himself guess whether she agrees to a close relationship. Alexandra herself never shows her approval. Sex for the owner of such a name is only physical satisfaction, often not bearing any higher feelings and emotions.

Family and Marriage

Although Alexandra rushes into the pool of love with her head, she is not in a hurry to legitimize the relationship with her chosen one, fearing to lose her freedom, therefore she gets married late. At the same time, the spouse chooses very carefully and scrupulously, given his material status, intellect, economy and readiness to devote himself to the family and upbringing of children. Such an approach to choosing a life partner ultimately brings its fruits: Alexandra’s family life is stable and prosperous, relationships with her husband are trustful and tender, and children grow up in an atmosphere of love and understanding.

Alexandra is a wonderful hostess who knows how to equip home coziness and create comfortable conditions for all family members. For a spouse, she is not only a loving woman, but also a devoted friend, a reliable partner who will not leave in a difficult moment. Alexandra is an excellent mother who knows how to build relationships with her children at any age, while she never orders children, but advises and recommends, believing that even a child has the right to his own opinion and vision of what is happening. For Alexandra, a house is not only a fortress, but also a meeting place with friends and relatives, who always feel comfortable and at home with her. Alexandra’s relations with her mother-in-law are not very good, so she will do everything possible to live separately from her, although the doors of her house will always be open for her husband’s mother.

Alexandra Horoscope

Alexandra-Aries ♈ – is a temperamental, enthusiastic and often unpredictable woman who does not endure boredom and loneliness. In addition, pessimists and grumblers, always dissatisfied with life, evoke the longing for Alexandra-Aries. After all, Alexandra herself always looks into the future with faith and hope. Alexandra-Aries - nature is in love, while often falling in love and passion she takes for real feeling, which leads to disappointment. This woman needs to learn more soberly to look at everything that happens and be guided in making decisions by reason, not feelings.

Alexandra-Taurus ♉ – serious, pragmatic and sensible Alexandra-Taurus never takes the cue from feelings and emotions. Therefore, others consider her a callous, tough and cold woman, incapable of real sincere feelings. But this is not the case. Alexandra-Taurus knows how to love, just the manifestations of her love are restrained and verified. She is attentive, gentle and caring towards her partner, who feels her love. But to win such a woman is not easy: flowers, serenades and promises for her do not play much importance. Only the actions of a man can confirm the seriousness of their intentions.

Alexandra-Gemini ♊ – cheerful, active, energetic and imposing Alexandra-Gemini is easy for life. Neither the snow, nor the heat, nor the pouring rain will spoil her mood or force her to turn off her intended path. This woman attracts interesting and extraordinary people, so her life is full of adventures and unusual events. Alexandra, born under the sign of Gemini, has many admirers eager to unravel her secret, to become a part of her fascinating life. But this woman is in no hurry to build a serious relationship.

Alexandra-Cancer ♋ – the tender, sensitive and vulnerable Alexandra-Cancer deeply worries not only her own, but also other people’s misfortunes and misfortunes. She is good-natured and responsive, so it is her who is chosen as the shoulder on which to cry. If it is not a matter, it will definitely help with sensible advice, while reading notations will not. Alexandra-Cancer is a charming woman, endowed with charm and charisma, who is not easy to resist. It is not surprising that she has many gentlemen who are ready to fight for her hand and heart, only now she is waiting for the only one whom she will devote all her life.

Alexandra-Leo ♌ – authoritative, expansive and self-confident Alexandra-Leo is used to trying to achieve everything she planned, and by any means, not really thinking about the moral and ethical side of the issue. Such unprincipledness in combination with authoritarianism becomes the reason that she has no friends, although in the depths of her heart she sincerely wishes to find a true friend whom she can entrust the most intimate secrets. In the man, Alexandra-Leo values, above all, stability, reliability and seriousness. Passionate, but unpromising relations do not suit her.

Alexandra-Virgo ♍ – restraint, scrupulousness and pragmatism are characteristic of Alexandra-Virgo. She methodically goes to her goal without any special ups and downs. She will prefer the measured course of life to an interesting, but filled with surprises, a succession of situations and circumstances. First, Alexandra-Virgo will strive for material independence, then carefully choose a life partner, after which she will focus on building a family idyll. Therefore, she needs the same reasonable and calm man.

Alexandra-Libra ♎ – feminine, sophisticated, gentle and elegant Alexandra-Libra makes a pleasant impression on others. She charms, enchants and envelops her softness. To her are drawn strong men who see in Alexandra a fragile woman who simply needs to be protected from all the evil that is invariably present in the life of every person. But in fact, Alexandra-Libra is a strong-willed and tough enough person who can stand up for herself. This woman will pay attention only to a self-confident man who is ready to take responsibility for himself and for her.

Alexandra-Scorpio ♏ – is a person of mood, and the fickleness of this very mood occurs so lightning that Alexandra-Scorpio herself cannot explain why the sharp white turned black and the black white. It is not easy to communicate with such an unbalanced person, so she has practically no friends, although Alexandra’s extravagance draws many interesting people, bringing newness and vivid emotions into her life. Alexandra-Scorpio is difficult to find not only friends, but also a soul mate: fleeting novels replace each other, while Alexandra herself is waiting for a real feeling.

Alexandra-Sagittarius ♐ – active Alexandra-Sagittarius always knows everything about everyone, she is the concentration of the most interesting events. Inaction for her is tantamount to death. But excessively active participation in other people’s destinies can lead to the fact that people around her simply stop trusting her secrets and let her into her life, and this already threatens with loneliness. It is interesting that Alexandra-Sagittarius does not let anyone into his soul. There are many short-term novels in her life, whereas she does not want to tie herself together for a long time, fearing the loss of independence.

Alexandra-Capricorn ♑ – careful, prudent, pragmatic and restrained Alexandra-Capricorn never loses self-control. She will definitely find a way out of any critical situation, since her decisions are based on the voice of reason. People around her respect her for her strong character, tact, discipline and responsiveness. On the love front, Alexandra-Capricorn does not always win a well-deserved victory, since men are afraid of her strong character and integrity. In addition, this woman rarely gives vent to her feelings, and men also need words of love, not coldness and estrangement.

Alexandra-Aquarius ♒ – closed, vulnerable and touchy Alexandra-Aquarius often thinks about the meaning of life. She is interested in history and philosophy, mythology and secrets of the universe. The realities of modern life care little for her, so many consider her eccentric. She does not know how to violently express her emotions and feelings, considering this to be something indecent and completely unnecessary. Alexandra-Aquarius acutely perceives criticism in his address. Moreover, their independent views will defend to the bitter end. She is looking for a man who will be for her initially faithful friend, and only then beloved and lover.

Alexandra-Pisces ♓ – the charm, mystery and charisma of Alexandra-Pisces are beyond question. And she skillfully uses these qualities to win her place under the sun. Men are ready for her heroic deeds, forgetting that appearance is often deceptive, and therefore one should not blindly trust the ease and ease of Alexandra Pisces. After all, this woman is looking for a reliable, serious and responsible man who can cope with her uneasy temper. Important for her when choosing a satellite is the material side of the issue.

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