Name Meaning Alice

Beautiful name Alice has several interpretations. According to one of them, it has French roots and is derived from the ancient name Alis — a short version from Adelais, the meaning of which is translated as "noble family", "noble class". Also, its origin is associated with the Latin word "alis", which means "wings". And, finally, some historians believe that, translated from Old German, it acquires the meaning of "baby".

Alice is a responsible, honest and straightforward woman who will not give an offense to the weak, and she can stand up for herself too. She is fair and sincere, therefore she is surrounded by open and responsive people, for whom the word “mutual aid” is not an empty phrase. In people, she values such qualities as loyalty and reliability. However, do not underestimate the fact that the character of the season, which accounts for Alice’s birthday, largely influences the character.

Alice Personality Traits

Associated Zodiac Sign: Virgo ♍.

Ruling Planet: Jupiter ♃.

Feng-Shui Element: Water 水.

Talisman-stone, Mineral, Metal: Tourmaline, Cornelian, Crystal.

Lucky-Color: Orange, Violet, Electric.

Mascot Tree: Willow 🍁.

Mascot Plant: Alpine rose.

Mascot Animal: Electric eel, electric ramp.

Lucky Day: Monday ☽.

Lucky Season: Autumn 🍂.

Character Traits: Sensitivity, Rich imagination, Truthfulness, Ambition, Honor, Passion.

Spring Alice – flexible and accommodating. It cannot be called a principled person (on the contrary, she does not know how to defend her position, which is why she often suffers, because she lives a “strange” life, and not her own). Indecision of spring Alice prevents her from building a brilliant career, as well as creating a friendly family in which peace and tranquility reign.

Summer Alice – is a real lucky one, because it is luck that helps her to cope with various troubles and problems without any problems. Moreover, she takes an active part in all those activities that take place around her. Her sincerity, gentleness, sociability and cheerful disposition contribute to the fact that summer Alice’s life is filled with positive moments and bright colors.

Autumn Alice – smart, attractive, unselfish, generous and reliable. She does not want to be in the center of attention, she doesn’t know the feeling of envy. All her actions are dictated by the desire to help people, while she does not require anything in return. The house of autumn Alice is always open for close people, because this woman considers responsiveness and kindness to be the basis of any relationship.

Winter Alice – is a temperamental, impulsive and extremely emotional nature, with an unbridled temper. Her willfulness, categorical and love of freedom, both attract and repel at the same time (especially for men who are afraid of the straightforward Alice, who lives by her own rules). Among the positive qualities of winter Alice, I would like to point out kindness, openness, justice and generosity.

Character of name Alice

The meaning of the name Alice reveals a very charming, lively girl, adored by all and similar to her dad. With age, her character does not change — she still remains the universal favorite (although these features are inherent, as a rule, born in spring or summer). A girl with that name very quickly “ignites”, but at the same time she never rushes into the “pool with her head”, and despite her natural kindness, can say a decisive and firm “no”.

The secret of the name of Alice lies in the psychological ease, perseverance of its owner, insane sexuality and falling in love, but also in the ability to betray. She is extremely reasonable, pragmatic and thrifty, very disgusting and clean. It has a bright, characteristic only for her individuality, natural grace and, in fact, is an aesthetics, loving everything beautiful. Self-esteem is inherent in a woman since childhood, but she never infringes upon the dignity of other people. Its main drawback is laziness.

Positive traits of the name Alice: Alice since childhood Alice is distinguished by mobility and optimism that goes with her until her old age. She is kind and responsive, always ready to provide support; Increased sensitivity makes it rather touchy, however offenses do not linger and pass quickly. The girl named Alice is very sociable and has a good sense of humor.

Negative traits of the name Alice: To the negative traits of the character of this woman can be attributed to her reverie. She loves, like the heroine of the famous fairy tale by Lewis Carroll, to be mentally transferred to another reality. In her early years, the girl lives with dreams, for which she does not make efforts. Alice does not have enough perseverance to make plans a reality. The owner of the name can remain throughout life in the illusory world of their fantasies.

Interests and Hobbies

Alice adores beauty and worships her, therefore all her hobbies are connected with everything that is “beautiful”. A girl, for example, can collect exquisite dishes or figurines, get involved in shopping or horse riding. But whatever she chooses, it should be beautiful and aesthetic. Alice loves to attend exhibitions, theaters and concerts. She does not think of life without a good book and communication with friends. But her main hobby is traveling.

Profession and Business

Ambitious, responsible and executive Alice is not alien to career aspirations, and, being carried away by the work, she can absolutely forget about arranging her personal life. She chooses her profession for a long time and carefully, taking into account such criteria as career growth and the opportunity to show her leadership skills. Alice is a diligent performer, and the “simple” specialties are the most suitable for her. The owner of this name can make a good doctor, an architect, a design engineer, a philologist, a journalist. If she has a creative “vein”, she can become a good artist.

If we talk about Alice, the boss, she is harsh, serious and principled, but she prefers a constructive dialogue with subordinates rather than putting pressure on their weaknesses. In business, Alice can succeed because she has an entrepreneurial acumen, pragmatism and calculating. In addition, she knows how to quickly and correctly assess the situation and make the only right decision.

Mind and Health

By type of character, the owner of the name Alice is a sanguine person. The girl is able to complete even the most hopeless business, but on condition that she will receive any benefit from it. Purposefulness and self-reliance help her cope with the most difficult tasks. Alice is a true friend who never betrays, while among her friends there are both men and women. But friends should be more supportive of Alice’s contradictory character, her emotionality and temperament, because any criticism deeply hurts this sensitive and sensitive girl. A lot of trouble brings the owner of this name and her love of freedom, which prevents to build a stable and harmonious personal life. And if Alice’s male character is added to the above, it becomes clear why it is sometimes difficult to find a common language with this woman.

Since childhood Alice has good health, so often she devotes little time to maintain it. And in vain, because lack of sleep, poor diet and failure to comply with the regime may, over time, adversely affect Alice’s general condition. The girl does not spare herself at all, which ultimately can lead to a nervous breakdown, anorexia, insomnia and other similar phenomena. Special attention should be paid to the autonomic nervous system and genitals.

Love and Sex

Alice - nature is in love. She loves men’s attention and gladly responds to the flirtation of the opposite sex with flirtation and coquetry. The charming Alice does not lack fans, who shower her with compliments and try to please everyone. But only a strong and reliable man with a difficult character, whose life will be full of passions and emotions, will be able to captivate this woman. It should be noted that romantic relationships occupy one of the most important places in the life of dreamy Alice, who dreams of the pure and eternal love that legends are made of.

Alice is a temperamental and passionate person who plunges into the world of lust and pleasure with pleasure. The girl loves long, sophisticated sex. Especially appreciates in the partner not only the mind and its life experience, but also sexual opportunities, although it often prefers just beautiful men. If not brought to excitement, then intimate intimacy turns into a boring and unpleasant duty for her, and she quietly breaks off the bond that does not bring her pleasure, trying to maintain friendly relations. In bed, this woman is a pronounced leader, unable to maintain her passion for independence and freedom.

Family and Marriage

Alice is not in a hurry to marry, but her independence is to blame for everything, with which this woman is extremely difficult to part with. In addition, passionate novels that do not end in anything but disappointment, for a long time discourage her from marrying. It is also important that next to her Alice sees not an earthly man with her flaws, but a real knight "without fear and reproach", who is very, very difficult to find. As a result, Alice gets married quite late. Whether character, or fate forced Alice to choose the husband of a complex person. It is interesting that the owner of this name is not looking for material benefits when choosing a spouse, on the contrary, she is ready to share all the life with him, but only if he always exposes her strong and reliable shoulder to her and will love her dearly. Alisa believes trust and honesty as the basis of her married life, but she will never be able to forgive the betrayal of her lover.

Alice cannot be called an ideal hostess, but she is far from being a slut: so, in her house she is clean, warm and comfortable, but she doesn’t like household chores, therefore she does housework with reluctance. Alice loves and appreciates her husband, so if her other half is experiencing mutual feelings, then their family will definitely be happy. Children are a separate story in the life of Alice, because she loves them more than anything else. She gives a lot of time and mental strength to games with children and their all-round development. However, you should not try the patience of this woman, who can be strict and even categorical, and with both children and her husband. But thanks to her kindness and responsiveness, all conflict situations are resolved quickly. In addition, long, strong and stable family relationships are very important to Alice. A representative named Alice is very hospitable and knows how to receive guests so that they are as happy as possible. She tries to gather at home a spontaneous company of people, preferably those who would be useful to her and her husband.

Alice Horoscope

Alice-Aries ♈ – hard work, dedication and discipline help Alice-Aries to achieve his goal. In addition, she knows how to properly "submit" themselves in society, which contributes to the establishment of the right dating. Despite her sociability, Alice-Aries prefers to keep surrounding people at a certain distance, so she has very few friends. The man of this woman must have patience in order to gain the trust and love of Alice, who will test her chosen one for a long time before trusting her heart to him.

Alice-Taurus ♉ – there are no authorities for Alice-Taurus, she never listens to someone else’s opinion, therefore she makes many mistakes in her life that could have been avoided. This woman admits her mistakes extremely rarely, and even with great difficulty. Not surprisingly, Alice-Taurus is experiencing problems in both professional and personal life. Only a tough man will be able to get along with her, who will be able to subordinate Alice-Taurus to his will.

Alice-Gemini ♊ – at first glance, Alice-Gemini gives the impression of a cheerful, open and contented girl’s life. However, the first impression is deceptive: in fact, this is a serious, prudent and self-analyzing woman who is afraid of being disappointed, and therefore fears to trust anyone. Alice-Twins man should be sensitive, kind and understanding, then she will give him real warmth and endless caress.

Alice-Cancer ♋ – is a gentle, sensitive, and vulnerable person who is easily offended. Alice-Ruck is unsure of herself, she is not able to stand up for herself or to defend her point of view. This woman tries to seem strong and independent, which is good at her, but sooner or later Alice-Cancer gets tired of playing a role and locks in herself. The party of such a person can make only a confident man who can protect Alice from all worries and troubles.

Alice-Leo ♌ – is an ambitious and ambitious girl. Alice-Leo is an excellent organizer and leader who is listened to by subordinates and respects the authorities. Her straightforwardness, rigidity, and some rudeness repel those around her, so Alice-Leo should be more sensitive and tactful with others. Alice will connect her life only with a reliable and domineering man who will take over the solution of her problems.

Alice-Virgo ♍ – is a comprehensively developed person who is intelligent, erudite, but alone. Alice-Virgo prefers to spend time alone, while the noisy companies are trying to avoid. She is well versed in music, literature and painting, so she never gets bored. She has few friends, but they are all loyal and reliable. She needs a soft and sensitive romantic man who can surround Alice-Virgin with love and care.

Alice-Libra ♎ – is a smart, tactful and delicate woman who tries to avoid conflicts. She is friendly and polite with everyone, even if she does not like the person. This behavior helps Alice-Scales feel comfortable in any company. The main priority for her is the family, to the construction of which she approaches responsibly, choosing a wealthy and authoritarian man who is ready to obey without question.

Alice-Scorpio ♏ – this calm and balanced woman suffers from loneliness, because she has practically no true friends with whom she could pour out her soul. And all for the reason that Alice-Scorpio used to solve all the problems on their own. She does not know how to trust people, which is why she really suffers, because she needs the usual friendly communication. She can connect her destiny only with the person who can win her complete confidence.

Alice-Sagittarius ♐ – sociable, cheerful, open, cheerful and energetic Alice-Sagittarius makes friends and admirers without any problems, but all her relationships (both friendly and personal) are quite superficial, since Alice herself is not good at people. The personal life of Alice-Sagittarius is reminiscent of a kaleidoscope of passions and emotions, while it lacks such components as stability and constancy.

Alice-Capricorn ♑ – is a woman with an active lifestyle, she hurries to live, so she takes on several cases at once, which ultimately leads to the fact that not a single Alice-Capricorn case brings to the end. She loves her job, so she devotes almost all her time to her. Alice’s chosen one should share her passion for her work, but at the same time he should teach her beloved to rest.

Alice-Aquarius ♒ – is a peace-loving, kind and sympathetic person who does not tolerate quarrels, scandals and conflicts. Alice-Aquarius loves noisy companies and fun friendly gatherings, but loneliness hurts her. Men are attracted by the ease of communication and the carelessness of this woman, for whom it is extremely important that her partner share all her hobbies and lead an active lifestyle. In addition, Alice the Aquarius can not restrict freedom, otherwise she will decide to break off relations.

Alice-Pisces ♓ – the dreamer and romantic can be called Alice-Pisces, who lives in her illusory world, divorced from everyday realities. She constantly makes plans that are hard to bring to life, and Alisa Pisces understands this very well, therefore she needs a down-to-earth, practical and even calculating friend who will lower her lover from heaven to earth.

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