Name Meaning Alina

Alina is a beautiful name, the origin of which has not yet been precisely established. Some historians believe that it has Latin roots and means “alien”, “other”, “other”. It is also associated with the Latin name Albina (lat. albus), which translates as "white", "light", "blonde". A number of sources believe that the name Alina has French roots and is derived from Aline (Aline), and some researchers believe that this is a form of the Scandinavian name Adelina, The meaning of which is interpreted as “generous”, "noble", "majestic". And, finally, the secret of the name lies in its ancient Germanic origin with the interpretation “noble”. The name is popular and widespread in the world.

The name Alina sounds very soft and tempting, but do not be deceived. Alinas are very irritable, capricious, stubborn and bold. They do not tolerate any comments, and everything should be just the way they want. Alinas are conflicted and it is very difficult for them to find contact with others. In childhood her negative features are especially noticeable, but with age they soften, Alina can find the strength to control herself, but only if this is her interest. Alina is proud and eager to command. Stubbornness, intolerance, the ability to move from one extreme to another make her not a very pleasant companion and a very unreliable friend. Many find her cunning and devoid of flexibility, everything that she thinks, she will surely say. But in Alina there are also advantages. She has a good memory, she grasps everything on the fly. She has creativity, loves to draw.

Alina Personality Traits

Associated Zodiac Sign: Aries ♈.

Ruling Planet: Sun ☉.

Feng-Shui Element: Fire 火.

Talisman-stone, Mineral, Metal: Beryl, Sapphire.

Lucky-Color: Blue, Crimson.

Mascot Tree: Chestnut 🍁.

Mascot Plant: Mint, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Violet, Jasmine.

Mascot Animal: Elephant, Baran, Deer, Dolphin, Swallow.

Lucky Day: Monday ☽.

Lucky Season: Spring 🌱.

Character Traits: Straightness, Vanity.

Spring Alina – the personality of a romantic and sublime, incorrigible fantasy. Differs in imbalance and nervousness.

Summer Alina – a fantastic, an incorrigible romantic. Somewhat unbalanced and despotic. It can be a model, a stewardess, an artist.

Autumn Alina – although it is hot-tempered, it is completely uninformed and kindly. This is a practical, resourceful and enterprising woman.

Winter Alina – different intelligence and speed of reaction, as well as determination. She knows how to carefully think through every step, and consistently go to the goal.

Character of name Alina

She miraculously knows how to keep herself in her hands, but in a certain situation she can also become aggressive. From an early age delivers parental troubles in education. She simply can not lead. By nature Alina is an extrovert. Easily adapts to the various situations that have developed around her, and to people. At the same time it is both objective and subjective. This duality of her character begins to manifest itself in childhood. The girl constantly feels the need to give herself away — to love, care for someone, to take care of someone. Parents should pay attention to this and surround her with care, then the girl will be affectionate and obedient. But in this desire to help, to protect, she sometimes shows an iron will, so do not let her sit on your head.

Alina is too excitable, but her condition does not pass into nervousness. She manages to hide the fire of her passions under the apparent coldness. If she conceived something, then it is impossible to dissuade her and in no case can one use force or try to suppress her aspirations. In this case, you need to use only convincing arguments. Sometimes it seems that she was born with a ready-made life plan. Everything is spinning at the pace set by her. This is one of those rare types for which there are no barriers, and even insurmountable. But Alina needs faith in herself, otherwise she can break down and be defeated.

Easily understands the deeply hidden secrets of others. It is impossible to hold. She has an innate sense of tact, is diplomatic, skillfully uses her abilities, has an excellent memory and a huge interest in life. Faith is the main engine of her life: if she believes and loves, she can turn mountains around, if she is disappointed, then everything turns into ruins. Parents — not authority for her. If Alina deserves punishment, do not be too soft. Love and demanding give good results. She herself is both strict and compliant. With individuals too harsh, but generally condescending.

Positive traits of the name Alina: Nature rewards Alina with a huge amount of talent. She is an excellent student at school, shows the ability to learn languages, creativity, sports. Alina easily adapts to almost any life circumstances. At the same time, it often shows purposefulness and iron will. A woman named Alina has high intelligence. Her subtle diplomatic abilities allow her to easily unfold any situations to their advantage. She has a great memory, great interest in the world around her. She is easy on people and likes to be in the center of attention. She skillfully and with pleasure is engaged in household chores, hospitable, loves to show off her culinary skills.

Negative traits of the name Alina: From an early age, girls named Alina begin to show the duality of their character. For all her sociability, she strives to command literally everyone, to occupy exclusively leading positions in everything. On this basis, conflicts often arise with teachers, parents, and peers. In childhood, Alina is difficult to educate, as she overreacts to attempts at exposure from adults. She does not tolerate any comments, often bold, ready to go to the conflict. Parents, even with age, rarely become an authority for the carriers of this name. Alina’s pride often prevents her from making a true and sincere friendship. They are often too critical, assess actions with all severity and intransigence.

Interests and Hobbies

Alina is an artistic, truly creative person who is fond of drawing and reading chivalrous novels. She likes music and various types of creativity, so she often turns a hobby into a profession.

Profession and Business

Alina is a capable, quickly grasping person who is able to work in a wide variety of fields. She can find herself in the field of engineer, research physician, artist, talented journalist and musician. But the young lady simply contraindicated professions that require constant communication with people (teacher, practitioner, salesperson), because the unrestrained nature of the girl will become a source and provocateur of conflict situations that will cost the employer dearly.

Mind and Health

According to the psychological type, Alina can be attributed to extroverts — since she easily adapts to life situations. As she grows older, Alina becomes more indulgent, her character becomes a little softer, but on a par with external softness, she still has many male features: stubbornness, intolerance, and boldness. She does not like comments, but with pleasure makes them different — everything should be just the way she wants. Alina is in conflict, so she is not always able to easily establish contact with others. Many consider her devoid of flexibility, because everything that Alina thinks — she will definitely say. But, miraculously, she will be able to find the strength to keep her excitable character in her hands, if she herself is interested in this.

Alina’s health is not so hot: she often suffers from respiratory diseases, and her weak points are the kidneys, lungs and bronchi, and her heart. Prone to prolonged depression. It is extremely important that she is in a normal emotional and mental state. To improve her health, she has shown long walks, breathing exercises, yoga, anaerobic exercises, ballroom dancing.

Love and Sex

Alina is confident in her attractiveness, she knows that she has a lot of power over men, and does not get tired of using it. When this girl is flirting, trying to please a man, she seems confident and relaxed. But if it comes to serious relationships, Alina often shows shyness and lack of complexes, which leads to a man perplexed. And although Alina is constantly surrounded by fans, she is not in a hurry to get married. It is difficult for her partner to come to terms with the fact that Alya is trying to re-educate him all the time, indicates how he needs to behave, what decision to take. She wants her favorite person to always look good, watch herself, earn enough and be able to satisfy her whims. But in return, this girl is ready for anything for her lover. If Alina is disappointed in love, she will not hold on to relationships that do not make her happy.

Alina radiates 9-point waves of sexuality that attract men like a magnet, but her libido is not developed to such an extent. She is aware of her attractiveness, and the overt desire of the representatives of the stronger sex draws attention to the ego and the woman’s pride. But this young lady is rather amusing herself with men, than she has a real intention to get close to someone in an intimate way. Despite the detachment and coldness, the carrier named Alina loves sex, easily reaches orgasm, but close relationships never capture her to the very bottom. She is an egoist with very large claims, quite constrained and squeezed, never thinking about a man. Often, sex serves for her as a tool that the girl deftly uses for her own purposes.

Family and Marriage

Alina gets married late, going through options and, as a rule, gives birth to girls, to whom she conveys her uneasy temper and charm. She is a hospitable hostess, but her character does not allow coexisting normally with her mother-in-law. In relation to children, it is very kind, fills marriage with a spiritual principle, although it does not like to be engaged in home life and the family budget.

In a family, it can show overt despotism, demanding maximum spirituality from a spouse and children, preferring to speak, but not act. The combination of these two qualities — the desire for spirituality and the fear of domestic problems leads to the fact that, divorcing her first husband, Alina remains herself. Loneliness becomes the impetus for excessive religiosity. Therefore, she can enroll in an organization related to communication on spiritual topics.

Alina Horoscope

Alina-Aries ♈ – impulsive and independent nature, with a touch of adventurism. She is almost devoid of sensuality, so she does not enjoy great success with men, but she can make a successful career in business. It attracts weak-willed and unsettled men.

Alina-Taurus ♉ – gentle and good-natured Alina, with a strong character. Principle, skepticism and pragmatism — the main qualities of her character. Material benefits are very important for her, so she only chooses a wealthy man for her husbands. At the same time, she is a sensual and kind person, to whom no earthly pleasures are alien.

Alina-Gemini ♊ – is a creative and curious person, always open to new acquaintances and knowledge. She adores male attention and needs it very much. A happy marriage is possible with a congenial person who will share her craving for knowledge and new sensations.

Alina-Cancer ♋ – a young lady whose character is characterized by frequent mood swings. She is very vulnerable and suspicious, her capriciousness borders on hysteria. Alina-Cancer is a very insecure person who is in great need of praise and encouragement. The main place in her life will always take a family, not a career.

Alina-Leo ♌ – is a narcissist and domineering person, ready to spend time and money to create her unique image without end. Natural modesty and uncertainty are carefully masked under the mask of pride and arrogance. She gets married solely by calculation, and most often this marriage turns out to be successful.

Alina-Virgo ♍ – is a secretive and silent person who is constantly engaged in self-analysis. Very unsure of himself, living in constant anticipation of betrayal and deception. But it also has a sharp mind, hardworking and conscientious. With external coldness, in her soul, serious passionate love can boil.

Alina-Libra ♎ – is a charming, kind and sociable person who lives in harmony with himself and the world around him. She is respected by her colleagues and relatives, and her children and her husband are very fond of her. But Alina-Libra absolutely does not know how to handle money, so her husband needs to keep finances in his hands, otherwise the family will never get out of debt.

Alina-Scorpio ♏ – a woman with an independent and very controversial character. For her, there is only one correct opinion — her own. Because of this categoricalness, she has very few friends, and in her personal life, she too often is alone. But at the same time she is not alien to the kindness and warmth, which are particularly pronounced in relation to her loved ones.

Alina-Sagittarius ♐ – is a light and pleasant young lady who does not walk, but flies through life. She is very lucky in life, good luck is always turned to her face. She does not accept injustice, lies, vanity and self-interest. Thanks to natural optimism, people are drawn to her, she easily finds a common language with both men and women. She can only be a husband who is easy on life.

Alina-Capricorn ♑ – very intelligent, restrained and ambitious Alina. Under the mask of coldness, there is a sensitive, kind and shy woman who is very much in need of love and approval. She is very hardworking and diligent, all her decisions are weighed and thoughtful. Her love and friendship is always sincere and unselfish.

Alina-Aquarius ♒ – is a purposeful and assertive person, but at the same time kind and sympathetic. She can be irritable and overly emotional. Alina-Aquarius sincerely despises all life stamps, is always ready to embark on any adventure, loves everything new and non-standard.

Alina-Pisces ♓ – is a very cautious woman who does not like surprises. But at the same time she is disinterested, able to empathize and sympathize. Negative qualities — melancholic, irritability and secrecy. Prone to idealizing his man, so often disappointed and falls into depression.

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