Name Meaning Anastasia

Anastasia is the female form of the once popular male name Anastasius. From the ancient Greek language Anastasia translates as "resurrected, revived, revolting, immortal." It is not surprising that it is common for Anastasia to overcome all the burdens of life with ease, reborn for new beginnings and accomplishments. Today Anastasia is one of the most popular names.

Anastasia is an example of tenderness, femininity, charm and a certain childish immediacy. Anastasias are romantic and dreamy, which does not prevent them from showing diplomacy, cunning, assertiveness and perseverance at the right moment. The owners of this name are distinguished by their vitality, which can be envied.

Anastasia Personality Traits

Associated Zodiac Sign: Aries ♈.

Ruling Planet: Uranus ♅.

Feng-Shui Element: Water 水.

Talisman-stone, Mineral, Metal: Malachite, Opal, Emerald.

Lucky-Color: Dark green, Orange.

Mascot Tree: Oak 🍁.

Mascot Plant: Orchid.

Mascot Animal: Siamese cat.

Lucky Day: Sunday ☉.

Lucky Season: Spring 🌱.

Character Traits: Intuition, Seriousness, Weakwillness, Idealistic.

Spring Anastasia – is distinguished by immense romance, amorousness, emotionality and penchant for tears. “Spring” Anastasia often chose the profession of actresses, artists, radio presenters, photo models, i.e. the area of activity where emotionality and liveliness are valued the most.

Summer Anastasia – a friendly and very sociable person. She easily makes friends in any company, quickly goes to contact, and is always responsive to the requests of others.

Autumn Anastasia – is more secretive, and prefers to carry everything in itself. They are often attracted to science and analytics. Can become a teacher, scientist, lawyer.

Winter Anastasia – quite restrained in the expression of emotions, they are distinguished by a sharp mind. "Winter" Anastasia more economical, spending money only on the necessary things, and sometimes even seem a little stingy.

Character of name Anastasia

The secret of the name lies in the fact that it is usually called the desired and long-awaited daughter, but one cannot say that the child grows up spoiled. She really is allowed a lot, and Anastasia is a universal favorite, but the girl is very sincere, sympathetic and kind. The rich imagination often takes the little dreamer into the fabulous world of fantasy, which is easily seen in the character of an adult Anastasia. Parents need to put a lot of effort to cultivate in the girl diligence and the ability to concentrate, without being distracted by dreams. These skills will be very useful to her in the future.

Anastasia is a good helper in household affairs: she cooks well and maintains order in the house. An adult bearer of the name has a very soft and responsive character, knows how not to give out secrets and often becomes the keeper of other people’s secrets. You can always turn to her for help. However, with all the "fluffy character" — is a strong-willed and inflexible personality, which is impossible to buy or force to commit a despicable act. She has excellent analytical skills and a practical mindset, which in most cases helps her answer “no” to those who wish to use her as a free or cheap labor force.

Nevertheless, Anastasia is still very naive, and this is the cause of frequent love disappointments in her youth. The girl creates the impression of a self-confident person, but this is not quite so. For all its morality, a harmonious person sometimes indulges in a deal with a conscience, for which she has for a long time to justify herself in the soul. Being a sociable introvert, she has a wide range of character changes — from uncontrollable fun to protracted depressions.

Positive traits of the name Anastasia: This is a beautiful, intelligent, gentle, dreamy girl. She has a well-developed intuition. In the depths of her soul, she is religious, although her religious inclinations can be directed to unusual, non-traditional forms of religion. Even if, by virtue of education, Anastasia is far from religion, then spirituality, romance and a tendency toward idealism in her will be strongly developed. The name Anastasia attracts people to her, she is a favorite of her father. The girl named Anastasia is a good student, her knowledge, if not brilliant, then deep. It determines the subject or topic of interest and can work in this direction painstakingly.

Negative traits of the name Anastasia: Distinguished by the name of the name is variability of mood, melancholy, helplessness in front of evil and cunning people, inability to take decisive action. Too spoiled Anastasia grows uncollected, lazy and capricious. Often she gives up when you need to fight desperately for your happiness. Anastasia is of little interest, the external form of life. She is not vain, not subject to dependence on the opinions and interests of her friends. She can come to terms with the difficult circumstances of life, waste her rich spiritual and intellectual potential on trifles.

Interests and Hobbies

Even as a child, Anastasia was fond of needlework — knitting, sewing, which in time can turn into a professional activity. Shows deep interest in natural science and physical laws. She adores decorating. She loves to travel, while it does not matter — she will have to sleep in a tent or in a room in a luxury hotel.

Profession and Business

Human-loving Anastasia always chooses a “helping people” profession: doctor or teacher, flight attendant, social worker, journalist or lifeguard. She easily attracts people, but is able to show severity if necessary. The team resembles a diligent high school girl and can inspire by example. He copes brilliantly with business negotiations, but an independent business is too heavy a burden for her. In any case, the chosen profession allows you to provide the necessary level of financial independence.

Anastasia still in her youth begins to plan her future and set high goals, but at the same time she lives in her imaginary world, in which there is no place for a practical business world. But if Anastasia sets herself a goal — to conquer the world, she will fulfill it, although wealth as such doesn’t care much for her. The main thing is to have enough for all those things that will create coziness and comfort for her and her family. To achieve the goals Anastasia will help her qualities such as perseverance and perseverance.

Mind and Health

Most of the carriers named Anastasia — choleric type of character. They have a quick response and mobility, they can not sit in one place for a long time. They are strong-willed and balanced people, who still have such qualities as irritability. Anastasia’s mood changes very quickly, which is why it is often difficult with them, especially considering the fact that they are often immersed in their own world. They require constant attention, both in the family and at work. Anastasia’s self-confidence and coldness can become an obstacle in communicating with people, while Anastasia will not sincerely understand why people around her are biased, because in fact she is kind and open.

Strong health Anastasia, unfortunately, can not boast. After all, it is famous for its workaholism and carelessness in relation to itself. For the fair sex with this name are characterized by problems with the nervous system, pancreas, kidneys, spine and intestines. Anastasia should pay special attention to the climate in which she lives, because excessive dampness can lead to lung problems and the development of allergies. And yet: Anastasia’s often carelessness is fraught with accidents and car accidents.

Love and Sex

Gentle and graceful Anastasia in the eyes of men is feminine and defenseless, she wants to protect, groom and cherish. Immediately make a reservation that Anastasia enjoys increased attention from the strong half of humanity, she has a lot of fans, but she does not waste her love on trifles. She cannot be called amorous, because even she is extremely responsible in choosing a partner, weighing all his minuses and advantages. Anastasia, accustomed to increased attention from her parents (especially her father), will not tolerate next to a weak man who is unable to make independent decisions. And it is not surprising, because Anastasia does not know how to resist cunning, lies, deception, and, consequently, the protective functions will automatically fall on her man’s shoulders. Anastasia often chooses her other half in the likeness of her father. Anastasias are very jealous, but this character trait is compensated by what they can forgive.

The intimate life of the sexual and charming Anastasia is very diverse: she not only has a developed imagination, but also knows how to deliver truly unforgettable feelings to her partner. Anastasia does not hesitate to talk about sex, while not forgetting to endow her partner with compliments and words of love. She is full of warmth, tenderness and eroticism. But she also demands the same from her chosen one: he must not only be gentle and affectionate with her, but also know a lot about love joys (otherwise Anastasia will lose interest in him, which will lead to a search for a more worthy object of attention). Anastasia is among those women for whom sex is a source of joy and bliss, and, therefore, should not be neglected. But only physical enjoyment is of little interest to Anastasia, because the spiritual component is no less important for her, she needs to trust the partner and feel his love, only then Anastasia can fully enjoy herself and deliver inexpressible feelings to the partner.

Family and Marriage

Anastasia gets married early, because winning her heart at a young age is not difficult, because she is sensitive, romantic and dreamy. If the early marriage did not take place, then the next union is possible already at a mature age, when a woman already fully imagines what her husband should be. She needs a strong and reliable shoulder on which to lean. Often her people are elected in the form, because with them she feels protected. Anastasia is a faithful and caring wife who is not interested in adventure "on the side."

Anastasia is a good hostess (although lazy attacks also happen to her, and often). She completely devotes herself to the children who are the center of her world. Anastasia gets along well with her husband’s relatives due to her open nature and loyalty, so the problems with her mother-in-law are safely avoided. Noisy companies and night entertainment, she prefers a quiet relaxing holiday in the family circle. Anastasia is not conflicted, hospitable, her home is a full bowl, and you can add legends about her love for original things and gifts. Her cheerfulness and support help to maintain the fire of love throughout her life.

Anastasia Horoscope

Anastasia-Aries ♈ – the personality is straight and stubborn utterly. As a rule, her actions are dictated by mood, and therefore it can be difficult to predict them. But this woman will definitely not beat around the bush, but will directly declare her attitude towards someone or her goals. Move Anastasia-Aries from the planned path is impossible, her stubbornness will move mountains. As air, she needs fresh love experiences, so she has many partners.

Anastasia-Taurus ♉ – nature is soft, restrained, sensual. She strives for a calm, measured life, always determines for herself the main Goals and priorities, which she adheres to. With all its softness, Anastasia-Taurus stands firmly on her feet, she is not peculiar to hesitation or absent-mindedness. It cannot be said that she has an excessive number of fans, but she will simply adore her only partner.

Anastasia-Gemini ♊ – is an extraordinarily intelligent, literate woman with a great sense of humor. She is inquisitive, she has a sharp mind and a rich imagination. Anastasia-Gemini tend to grab for several cases at once, but to bring them to the end do not have enough patience. She is impetuous in the field of feelings: she practically falls in love at first sight if a man likes her, but also unexpectedly can stop loving her.

Anastasia-Cancer ♋ – a woman unpredictable, has a deep intuition. Often, intuition and tells her how to act in a particular case. Anastasia-Cancer is extremely emotional, her partner often organizes “scenes of jealousy”, confusing him. This is an incredibly seductive woman who loves to play with the feelings of men, then inflaming passion, then becoming indifferent.

Anastasia-Leo ♌ – is an energetic, self-confident person. She was not accustomed to talk for a long time, she immediately “takes the bull by the horns” and goes into battle. For the sake of their goals and interests, such a woman will decide on anything. She often clashes with others, as she always tries to express her own opinion and present it as the only correct one. In all Anastasia-Leo seeks to outdo his partner, dictate his will to him. If you agree to give in, then you will not find a better partner.

Anastasia-Virgo ♍ – a charming and friendly, but extremely meticulous lady. She has the highest ambitions, and if she gets down to business, then with all the scrupulousness and responsibility. Anastasia-Virgo is being held rudely, she doesn’t stand on ceremony with her fans: the weak will simply be crushed, and the strong will try to “get it” with her demands or ridicule. Meanwhile, she is an excellent hostess, and if she falls in love, she will be a faithful and understanding partner.

Anastasia-Libra ♎ – a woman sublime and elegant. There is a constant need in her to help someone, to force someone to change in her best direction. To do this, Anastasius-Libra has an incredible supply of all sorts of female tricks that she applies to the right and left. This lady makes an indelible impression on men, but she is able to deftly get rid of overly obsessive fans. She needs a partner who will be able to understand and accept her for who she is.

Anastasia-Scorpio ♏ – nature is extremely temperamental, explosive, uncontrollable. She would not allow anyone to interfere in her plans or give her advice. She is ready to fight with the whole world for the sake of preserving her individuality. Anastasia-Scorpio is harsh in words and deeds. With men, she behaves provocatively, and winning her heart is no easy task. The more this woman loves, the more strictly she will stick with her chosen one, in every possible way avoiding falling into dependence on him.

Anastasia-Sagittarius ♐ – a woman is straightforward and categorical. Often, she remains misunderstood and irritates others, as she is wont to speak openly, sharply and mercilessly. Anastasia-Sagittarius does not accept coquetry, considering it to be antics and stupidity. If she does not like the man, she will say so, and if he is interested in her, she will immediately give a positive answer.

Anastasia-Capricorn ♑ – is a cold-blooded, strong, stubborn personality. She has a critical attitude towards people and life. Her will abound to achieve the most difficult goals. In relation to men, Anastasia-Capricorn tries to keep herself deliberately cold, even cynically, but with this she only spurs their interest. It is impossible to penetrate into the secrets of her inner world: this woman trusts only herself.

Anastasia-Aquarius ♒ – is a good-natured, honest, somewhat enthusiastic nature. She is independent to the bone marrow, and neither the pursuit of career growth, nor affection will force her to give up this freedom. Best of all, Anastasia-Aquarius acts alone, does not like excessive attention and compliments. She is ready to give her heart to a person who will abandon attempts to claim her independence, and herself will give him complete freedom.

Anastasia-Pisces ♓ – is a charming, sophisticated woman. She has a tender, vulnerable soul, which she carefully hides behind mock rudeness. The peace of mind of Anastasia Pisces is securely hidden from others, she reluctantly shares her thoughts. Rarely what man will resist her beauty and femininity. Anastasia Pisces readily flirts, as a rule, she has a rich love experience.

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