Name Meaning Aurora

Aurora — an unusually beautiful female with a deep meaning. For many, it causes associations with the sea, the cries of white gulls and the “songs” of ships peacefully swaying on the waves. Such picturesque paintings are presented in vain. After all, the mystery of the origin of the name Aurora goes back to the amazing Ancient Rome. Translation of the name Aurora from the Latin language means "sunrise" or "morning dawn". In Roman mythology, the so-called goddess, who patronized the morning dawn. She was the sister of the god Helios, the ruler of the sun. The image of the winged goddess Aurora was put on ancient Greek vases, where she proudly sped towards the horizon in horse cart. Her robes were “burning” in red and yellow, and a shiny sun disk shone above her head. In her hands she held a torch and vessels with fresh dew. Dewdrop symbolized the tears of Aurora, who yearned for her son killed in the war for Troy. The name is popular in many countries around the world.

The secret of the meaning of the name Aurora is revealed through the character of its owner. Unpredictable and spontaneous Aurora can not sit still. She is in the eternal search for something else unknown, because and so strongly attracting. However, this behavior does not mean that Aurora is not reasonable. On the contrary, even rushing headlong into the pool, the girl will be able to find the right solution under any circumstances. The Greek roots of the name affect the tastes of Aurora. Her image is always elegant and flawless, and therefore there is no end to the fans. But the wayward nature of the girl often confuses the boyfriends, because only surrounded by her closest friends, Aurora removes the mask of impatiens. Aurora’s own name is a matter of pride. She often behaves like a goddess. Because Aurora may suffer due to high self-esteem. Although for the sincere kindness of the character of the girl, the willingness to always come to the rescue and share the wise advice of Aurora can be forgiven much.

Those who decide to call their girl Aurora should gather their will into a fist in order to raise a truly full-fledged member of society. After all, our heroine is not from simple children, she is a restless person with her own vision of the situation and personal self-conceit. It is necessary to take into account its versatility and love of creativity, not to suppress these skills in it, but on the contrary, to try to develop them. The meaning of the name Aurora for the girl leaves its imprints from early childhood. Origin from the goddess is transmitted to her almost through the blood. Little Aurora begins to command everyone, for her there are no authoritative personalities, she herself is on her mind. On the one hand, this is good, because the influence from the outside is alien to her, and she will not follow the mob, but on the other hand, it becomes dangerous for the parents, because Aurora does not take their opinion into account.

Aurora Personality Traits

Associated Zodiac Sign: Taurus ♉.

Ruling Planet: Moon ☽.

Feng-Shui Element: Metal 金.

Talisman-stone, Mineral, Metal: Pink chalcedony, Obsidian, Lead.

Lucky-Color: Pink.

Mascot Tree: Willow 🍁.

Mascot Plant: Almond.

Mascot Animal: Turtle, Camel, Donkey, Mole.

Lucky Day: Wednesday ♅.

Lucky Season: Spring 🌱.

Character Traits: Energetic, Strong Will, Impulsiveness.

Spring Aurora – is a fickle and unpredictable and emotional girl. Talented and knows it, moreover — often has high self-esteem. She is cheerful and optimistic, makes rash decisions, but tries to learn how to control emotional outbursts. He does not like responsibility and is in no hurry to lose his freedom by creating a family.

Summer Aurora – is a special romantic, enthusiastic, sensitive. He is well versed in people, acts on the basis of logical thinking and common sense, knows what he wants, strives for a goal in spite of everything. She has many friends, but prefers to spend time in solitude or the environment of the most devoted personalities. She likes to travel (including to distant lands), spend money left and right and make an indelible impression in society.

Autumn Aurora – nature is feminine, beautiful in body and soul, but firm and independent. Active and energetic, does not sit still, wants to move and improve, is impressionable and does not know how to miss. Her companion will have a hard time - not everyone will be able to come to terms with its effectiveness. Sober calculation is always present in her life, so she doesn’t so often encounter surprises. Everything started by Aurora will certainly be patiently brought to the end.

Winter Aurora – charming and friendly, but silent and closed in itself, shy and does not like to be in the center of attention. Balanced and persistent, but also gullible — gullibility does not play into her hands, in the future there will be many insults, frustrations, revelations and betrayals. But her chosen one will become an exemplary wife, loving, tender, and the mother will be excellent, so to speak, exemplary.

Character of name Aurora

Since childhood, the baby shows her character, she is quite capricious. Differs eccentricity and quick temper. Growing up, she fantasizes a lot and gets offended when they refuse to believe her. Almost never perceives her criticism (even sound) and very stubborn. Parents have to constantly prove their authority, but Aurora should not be punished, she remembers offenses for a long time. In education, you need to show tolerance, but act quite tough. It is difficult to dissuade her from doing one thing or another, but the use of force is unacceptable. Best to try negotiations. The suppression of Aurora’s aspirations is fraught with a loss of faith in herself. The baby learns moderately and at the same time is distinguished by perseverance, coupled with the lack of special intelligence.

The girl does not feel craving for studies, but she is distinguished by assiduity, which allows her to achieve certain success. For Aurora, peace is important, she is very careful and very suspicious. Does not tolerate interference in their inner world and does not recognize the advice. Possesses excellent intuition and prudent mind, but rich imagination makes it difficult to achieve goals. He tries not to attract attention, so the girl’s friends and fans are few. Young Aurora rarely spills out their strong emotions. She tries to keep herself in hand, keeping cool and balanced. However, from the side of a teenager, it is often possible to suppress others.

Adult Aurora is persistent and is characterized by excessive self-confidence. He does not listen to advice, always acts in his own way, which often leads to frustration. A woman with the name of the Roman goddess tries not to express strong emotions, keeps herself balanced. He likes to suppress others, imposing his opinion. Her spouse very often suffers from this, as the overbearing and proud Aurora tries to control and care for him. But she is able to control herself in time and leaves good chances for a trustful matrimonial relationship. She never becomes discouraged by accidental defeats, which only reinforce her persistence many times over. She tries not to give in to outside influences, because for Aurora there is only her correct opinion. Skillful actions are not always accompanied by proper restraint, which leads a woman to defeat.

Positive traits of the name Aurora: A strong and domineering woman throughout her life does not recognize the authorities, she does not allow anyone to change her mind. The exceptions are her children, who caress her mother to her side. Aurora does not recognize defeat, trying to achieve the goal, but it does not always happen. There are exceptions. Women with the name of the goddess, born in spring and summer, have a more flexible character and perfectly adapt to the surrounding reality. This allows them to quickly move up the career ladder and maintain good relationships with others.

Negative traits of the name Aurora: Aurora is an unstable person who does not know what she wants at one time or another. Has an outstanding intellect, when she wants, she is very sociable and witty. A woman is woven of contradictions, she is unpredictable and inconsistent, yet elegant and outrageous. Watching his own appearance, but may appear in society in an unsuitable attire. All life surrounded by fans who try to please her. Aurora is constantly trying to manipulate them. It is very easy to offend her.

Interests and Hobbies

Despite the apparent coldness, Aurora loves noisy parties where she can transform beyond recognition. Aurora’s favorite hobby and the best way to relax is to travel. Musical by nature, she loves to dance and sing. Girls bearing this name, creative natures. Many of them write poems and draw well. If a woman is married, she usually enjoys cooking and knits amazing clothes for her children and grandchildren. She is able to turn her hobby into an additional source of income, because she is pragmatic and loves to live in prosperity.

Profession and Business

Calm and stability — the main criteria by which Aurora chooses a profession. She must be able to grow to the top, otherwise the woman will gain experience, and then immediately jump to another company. She is attracted by nature and animals, the upbringing and education of children, trade and accounting. If he wants, he moves very quickly up the career ladder. An excellent position for Aurora will be the place of the administrator (the woman perfectly holds her subordinates in her fists). If work brings a good income, then the woman is completely transformed, forgets her whims and habit everywhere and everyone to express their opinions.

Material well-being is never its main goal. This is only a means to a decent existence. However, the girl is experiencing hard if the income of her spouse exceeds her own. If she wants, she can successfully realize herself in the advertising or modeling business, as she naturally has good taste. Other employees of the team are left with envy to observe the tenacity with which this businesswoman gives herself to work.

Mind and Health

The girl begins to get sick from birth, often gets cold and may suffer from allergies. Growing up, Aurora is often under stress, many women with this name are regular patients of neurologists and psychiatrists. With age, a disease associated with calcium deficiency, osteoporosis, can occur. Sedentary lifestyle can lead to osteochondrosis. Also should pay great attention to the teeth and gums. To maintain health, Aurora requires fresh air, good nutrition and a complex of vitamins. Doctors strongly recommend the ladies, whom parents gave the name of the Roman goddess, to regularly take a rest at the resorts and health resorts. This will help strengthen their weak immunity and reduce their susceptibility to colds and viral diseases.

Love and Sex

Aurora is constantly surrounded by many fans, many men pay attention to the mysterious and inaccessible girl. But this does not mean that they are ready to destroy this ice shell of arrogance, in order to release the true feelings of the owner of the name, so many simply retreat. And in vain. Under the strict mask in reality lies a gentle and romantic nature. It is because of the strict severity of the owner of the name can be lonely. And for Aurora herself, this behavior is the norm. An unpleasant discovery for her will be the fact that the opposite sex sees in her a woman incapable of sincere expression of feelings. But having truly fallen in love, Aurora will change completely. To be loved, she can give up her principles, become softer and kinder.

Aurora is very faithful in love. Although in intimate relationships, it may, up to a certain point, hide their emotions. Intimacy for her is a kind of game. But if a man manages to inflame the flame of passion in her, a volcano of passion will break free. Partner Aurora listens very sensitively and tries to fulfill his desires, although in fact she herself is not averse to dominating relationships. It is easier for Aurora to learn and discover the depth of sensual sexual relations, relying on his own feelings, rather than resorting to the advice of the Kama Sutra or similar literature.

Family and Marriage

Aurora passionately dreams of a family, but sometimes does not find a man who becomes her husband. In personal relations, Aurora, however, as elsewhere, was used to being a leader. Gentlemen are frightened by her inconsistency and imperiousness; many simply cannot see in this elegant and calculating lady a very vulnerable and subtle personality. To build a strong and trusting relationship with a man, Aurora will have to work hard. And this work, above all, should be aimed at changes in their own behavior, because the external inaccessibility and pride of a girl can prevent her future husband from seeing her sensitive heart and romantic disposition. A girl will marry if she is completely confident in her choice.

She needs a man with a soft and pliable character who will not argue and defend the primacy. If the husband turns out to be a leader and tries to drag the blanket over himself, there will be constant disputes in the house, and nothing good will come of it. If a woman with the name of the goddess finds her love, then the husband can count on her loyalty and loyalty. In everyday life, Aurora is strict, so her second half will share responsibilities for the execution of household chores on a par with her. With her close people, Aurora is patient, ready to make concessions to them, she approaches the care of children and housekeeping with trepidation. Mom from it turns out great. Children will be surrounded by care and attention. The trusting relationship between mother and child will help to easily carry out the process of education.

Aurora Horoscope

Aurora-Aries ♈ – will grow impulsive, unpredictable, overly emotional, sensitive and energetic. She is in love and constantly thinks that she is falling in love for real, but in the end she is disappointed and suffers from a perfect mistake.

Aurora-Taurus ♉ – is a sensible, serious and talented girl. Before acting, he ponders over all his own actions for a long time. Dislikes frivolity. Looking for a serious relationship with any partner, with whom he will create a couple, transience, passion and love, it is her, she wants love.

Aurora-Gemini ♊ – is cheerful and thinks very optimistic, is endowed with a good sense of humor, the soul of the company that fits into any society. Minus one — too trusting and does not understand people, often makes mistakes in the assessment of others and falls into depression at the slightest pretext.

Aurora-Cancer ♋ – is a vulnerable, infantile, naive nature that needs endless support, is not independent and indecisive. Lack of responsibility and determination. Without the support of a reliable companion of life will not achieve anything. But charming and sweet.

Aurora-Leo ♌ – is complex in character, but smart and delicate, knows how to present herself beautifully and knows how to win over people. Does not know how to control emotional outbursts, is hot-tempered and aggressive at times, but sometimes on the contrary, it is kind and responsive. Recognizing her mood is impossible ...

Aurora-Virgo ♍ – closed by nature, constantly in solitude, thinks mostly pessimistic. Her task is self-expression and material wealth, which is difficult for her to achieve.

Aurora-Libra ♎ – two-faced, on the one hand, kind and feminine, and on the other, firm and aggressive. This zodiac paired with the origin and significance of the name Aurora can create a particularly complex and uncommunicative. She has many goals, but all unattainable, often succumbs at the sight of obstacles and is afraid of responsibility.

Aurora-Scorpio ♏ – is an adventurous, extraordinary person with many hobbies. It takes up a lot of work right away, and far from everything brings it to the end, makes many mistakes and often gives up at the sight of obstacles in its path. It needs a strong and powerful partner, reliable and loyal.

Aurora-Sagittarius ♐ – weird and sharp person with a bunch of features. Impermanence, non-commitment, unpredictability, activity, energy, efficiency - this is not all its advantages. True, you cannot build a family life with this, because it does not want to part with freedom.

Aurora-Capricorn ♑ – kind and sympathetic, benevolent and good-natured, cautious and balanced, prudent and calm, ready to help at any time. Her husband will be a kind and compliant husband, but she herself does not need support, but eternal impulses.

Aurora-Aquarius ♒ – secretive, silent, not sociable, hates adventures and adrenaline, loves peace of mind. He makes plans for every single day, prefers a solitary and independent pastime instead of noisy entertainment. Her husband will have to be patient, for she is boring.

Aurora-Pisces ♓ – is a friendly, tactful, charming, trustful, eloquent, sociable girl, but does not understand people and ascribes to everyone the features that they do not have from birth. She is in love and takes love for sincere and pure true love, as a result she suffers.

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