Name Meaning Diana

The female name Diana has very ancient roots, as evidenced by the existing forms of the word in the languages of the modern peoples of the European continent. In mythology, the name goes back to the famous Roman goddess of the hunt and the moon — Diana. It is translated from Latin by the phrase "the messenger of health and good deed" or as "divine".

Diana is charming, sensual and emotional. She can not remain indifferent to the grief of other people, so it is quite natural that the owner of this name has many friends (but she has no enemies). Despite her kindness and responsiveness, Diana can easily be called the owner of a strong and firm character. This is a leader by nature, who at the same time does not seek to prove his superiority. The main thing is that pragmatism and rigidity should not develop into dryness and excessive demands on others, bordering on cruelty.

Diana Personality Traits

Associated Zodiac Sign: Leo ♌.

Ruling Planet: Moon ☽.

Feng-Shui Element: Metal 金.

Talisman-stone, Mineral, Metal: Diamond.

Lucky-Color: White.

Mascot Tree: Pine 🍁.

Mascot Plant: Forget-me-not.

Mascot Animal: Fallow deer.

Lucky Day: Sunday ☉.

Lucky Season: Summer ☀.

Character Traits: Practicality, Principle, Emotionality, Intuition, Temperament, Responsiveness.

Spring Diana – a real Amazon, accustomed to achieve everything that conceived, through not only their hard work, but also female charm. She is stubborn, persistent and ambitious, which helps to overcome any difficulties in life. With men, spring Diana is a flirtatious, wise and courteous womanly, so she has a lot of fans. But she will stop her choice only on a man checked by time and circumstances.

Summer Diana – tricky and witty, she is perfectly able to adapt to existing circumstances, which contributes to moving up the career ladder. In addition, this woman combines such qualities as intelligence and spontaneity, conservatism and originality, which attracts people to her. In men, summer Diana appreciates kindness, openness, honesty, and dedication. But she will never forgive betrayal.

Autumn Diana – hardworking, intelligent, self-confident, but overly stingy. She loves to receive, while not giving anything in return. Such a life position can lead to the fact that in her life there will be practically no people with whom she can open her soul. With men, autumn Diana has a rather complicated relationship, since her chosen one simply has to be perfect and perfect.

Winter Diana – responsible, prudent and pragmatic. Her actions are directed solely by the mind, so it is often difficult for this woman to make real friends (and Diana herself is in no hurry to trust people). In relations with men, winter Diana is cold and restrained, which negatively affects her personal life (she creates a family mainly after 30 years).

Character of name Diana

The secret of the name hides a strong, proud and firm female character. Diana is an energetic, purposeful person. The girl knows how to win trophies, defend and preserve independence. Outwardly leisurely and calm, she is in fact inclined to commit bold and unexpected deeds.

In childhood, such a child amazes with responsiveness, sincere kindness and open bold character. A girl named Diana loves nature, animals, active boy games and competitions. In his youth, he is an independent and even arrogant person who does not contact with strangers. There is no sentimentality in her character. Such a woman is guided only by logic and calculation. It is difficult to fool her, as she is a wonderful psychologist.

Despite the exceptional ability in many areas of life, the owner of the name Diana strives to be realized in the family. She tries to create an atmosphere of warmth and mutual understanding, which she always lacks. Charming and very cute, she commands respect by independent judgments, unexpected and courageous actions.

Positive traits of the name Diana: In a girl, emotional subtlety is combined with a rare depth of feelings. In her character, some smoothness, slowness fused together with hardness. Her sensuality does not prevent her from holding herself in her hands, although excessive self-control often becomes the cause of some constraint in communication. However, the balanced behavior of the name Diana easily reads passion, and if her self-esteem is undermined, aggression is inevitable.

Negative traits of the name Diana: Among the negative traits of Diana’s character are rancor. She does not forgive offense for a long time, she is able to take revenge. Able to overcome any setbacks, mercantile, trusts only trusted people, so the circle of her friends is very limited. Another unpleasant moment: it is rarely sincere. Diana can be overly strict and demanding of subordinates and herself.

Interests and Hobbies

Diana is a creative person, and therefore her hobbies are connected with the sphere of art: it can be drawing, embroidery or writing books. The owner of this name loves to travel, but on condition that the conditions are comfortable. Diana is keen on sports, especially loves horse riding, attends fitness clubs, achieves success in graceful kinds of competitions, such as gymnastics and figure skating. Her innate endurance and strength helps her in this. The girl easily given languages. This hobby sometimes turns into her profession.

Profession and Business

Diana is responsible, executive, stubborn, objective and fair, so she can cope with any profession, but she prefers the kind of activity in which there is no monotony. So, Diana will like the profession of doctor, nurse, politician, public figure or diplomat. But in the chair of an accountant, researcher or clerk, this woman will not stay long, because she does not possess such qualities as perseverance and scrupulousness. The greatest success awaits Diana in creative professions related to communication (this may be such areas as theater, music, literature, painting). Due to her dedication, communicativeness and analytical mind, Diana easily makes the right contacts and quickly moves up the career ladder, but at the same time, she will never betray or forgery to attain her position.

By her nature, Diana is a born leader with excellent organizational skills, so running her own business is easy for her. With her subordinates she can be harsh, but always extremely fair. She is an authoritarian leader, knows how to subordinate the collective to herself, organize the working process, suppresses the initiative, solves all issues on her own. In business, it can generate ideas, translate projects into life, make good money. With competitors fighting mercilessly. It is interesting that she often does business not so much to achieve material well-being, but to prove the fact that women are no worse than men and are able to cope with serious duties that require concentration and concentration.

Mind and Health

Diana is melancholic. She is a born wrestler who is not afraid to go against the system and speak to people in person what she thinks of, which is why she often has problems. But do not think that it is easy to ruffle, on the contrary, even in anger, she does not lose control of herself. The owner of this beautiful name is distinguished by unyielding will, activity and an increased sense of justice, so it is unlikely that it can be drawn into a dubious adventure. Diana is balanced and used to hiding her feelings, which often prevents her from building her personal life. She treats life failures calmly (she prefers to solve all problems through logic and reason, but in no case does she have feelings). It is impossible to influence Diana’s opinion, since she is always firmly convinced that she is right (such confidence can border her with arrogance and vanity). She considers herself a strong woman, therefore she doesn’t recognize other people’s weaknesses, and she feels completely shameful and humiliating. For this reason, she rarely befriends women, as she despises emotionality, tearfulness, and weakness.

Diana is a naturally strong woman, despite the external fragility of the figure. Diana’s weak points in terms of health are the liver, stomach, and reproductive system. In addition, it is susceptible to respiratory diseases. Therefore, she should pay special attention to the work of the immune system (she is shown hardening and frequent walks in the fresh air). Challenges to her health are chronic stress and nutritional abuse with preservatives, chemical food additives.

Love and Sex

Diana is capable of deep feelings, while the process of winning a man is important for her (it is not surprising that Diana prefers to take the initiative in her hands). At the same time, she is also waiting for decisive action, romance, sincerity and depth of feelings from her chosen one (Diana will appreciate the partner who can surprise her day after day). It will open only reliable and strong man, which will be one hundred percent sure. But the man of Diana must accept the fact that this woman does not always know how to express her feelings, which does not at all indicate their absence. This woman does not like to discuss her personal life with her friends, and she will not tolerate such behavior from her man.

Diana, cold in appearance, is actually very sensual and temperamental, except that only a gentle and loving man, who will be concerned not only with her desires, but also with her partner’s preferences, can awaken these qualities in her. The intimate sphere for a girl is extremely important, because it is physical attraction and pleasure that give her energy. There are many prohibitions in sex for Diana. She does not tolerate temporal relations, random novels. Diana’s partner should take into account the fact that this woman loves forethought even in the sexual sphere: so, for maximum pleasure, she needs both a special atmosphere, and comfort, and a certain chic. This is a very passionate nature. She seeks to fully satisfy her feelings. If the partner does not suit her, frankly speaks about it. The rupture of such a relationship is logical for the behavior of the girl.

Family and Marriage

Diana never lacks male attention, so she can allow herself a long and careful choice of who agrees to start a family. Despite this, most often her first marriage is not very successful, especially if it was concluded in his youth. And the reason is that the owner of this name is not ready to part with its independence. In addition, Diana absolutely can not obey, which significantly complicates the construction of family relationships. In the second marriage, Diana tries not to make mistakes made in the first union. It is important for her to build a trusting relationship in which there will be no secrets and omissions. It also happens that Diana is getting married very late, as she is waiting for the perfect man who will be strong and handsome, smart and financially secure. In the event that the chosen man does not meet her high requirements, she will not be afraid to part with him, and she will also become the initiator of the divorce.

Diana strives to create a safe and strong family, because only with her family she finds peace and spiritual harmony. At the same time, she agrees to become an ideal hostess, but on condition that her husband takes upon himself the financial support of the family. In addition, for Diana, a husband is not only a loved one, but a loyal and passionate lover, as well as a wise adviser. The main problem of Diana is the inability to switch: so, if at work she was spoiled by her mood, then she will surely transfer all the negative to her household. Therefore, she needs to learn to distinguish between working and home mood. In the family, Diana tries to take a leading position, and if she cannot do this in the open, she becomes a “gray cardinal.” Interestingly, this woman will not get along with a weak-minded man. Diana is a loving, tender, attentive and caring mother who does not accept physical punishment (moreover, she even raises her voice for children extremely rarely).

Diana Horoscope

Diana-Aries ♈ – is a naive, kind, and vulnerable woman whose charm is hard to resist. There is absolutely no trick or greed, it is open and sincere. It is not surprising that Diana-Aries attracts people who are in a hurry to share with her their joys and sorrows. In relationships with men, she is very trusting, which often leads to bitter disappointments.

Diana-Taurus ♉ – this calm and sedate woman is able to find a common language with those around her, in which she is helped by the unique ability to fascinate people at first sight. Diana-Taurus always brings everything started to the end, which contributes to its promotion along the career ladder. But to win the heart of this woman is not easy, because she immediately reveals lies and flattery.

Diana-Gemini ♊ – this woman is characterized by frivolity and extravagance (such people are called tranquillants). Diana Gemini does not spare money on entertainment and the acquisition of beautiful, but often unnecessary things. She sincerely hopes that on her way will meet a beautiful and rich prince who will transform the life of Diana into a real fairy tale. But life is not a fairy tale, and this must be remembered.

Diana-Cancer ♋ – responsive, compassionate and good-natured Diana-Cancer is very insecure: she is constantly plagued by doubts, especially when her words or actions can offend a person. As a result, this woman tries to stay apart, although she longs to be useful. Relationship with men Diana-Cancer builds on the same principle, that is, closes and avoids any courtship.

Diana-Leo ♌ – temperamental, sensual and freedom-loving Diana-Leo constantly seeks to assert herself and achieve recognition. Power, energy and leadership qualities help her achieve the desired, and often she does it sharply and toughly, regardless of the feelings of people. Diana-Leo will always try to subordinate her chosen one to her will.

Diana-Virgo ♍ – self-confident and self-sufficient Diana-Virgo is rarely considered with someone else’s opinion, as she considers only her own right. This woman is accustomed to rely only on herself, therefore she doesn’t need friends. The prudence of Diana-Virgin leads to the fact that this ambitious woman for a long time chooses an ideal husband who must be beautiful, smart and rich.

Diana-Libra ♎ – responsiveness, peace-lovingness and sincerity of Diana-Libra make her an indispensable assistant in any undertakings. In addition, she has the ability to see in the surrounding only positive qualities. But such gullibility is fraught with frustration. Diana-Libra dreams of a strong family, so in every fan he sees, above all, a potential husband and head of the family.

Diana-Scorpio ♏ – the ambition of this woman knows no bounds. Diana-Scorpio is ready for much to achieve its goal. Her rudeness, toughness and sharpness repel people, so she has almost no friends. The main goal of Diana-Scorpio is to make an indelible impression on others. Men are attracted by the image of Diana the conqueror, therefore there are many novels in her life, which are accompanied by constant clarifications of relationships.

Diana-Sagittarius ♐ – categorical, selfish, but at the same time objective and fair Diana-Sagittarius does not like it when something goes not according to the plan drawn up by itself. She was used to the fact that others listen to her authoritative opinion, while she herself will not listen to anyone. In men, Diana-Sagittarius appreciates reliability, responsibility and honesty. He loves her to be nice and long courted.

Diana-Capricorn ♑ – willpower and fortitude are the main traits of Diana-Capricorn, which is respected and respected. With her confidence and energy, she charges those around her. This woman is able to adapt to the circumstances, which helps her to deal with various troubles. Diana-Capricorn is serious about love, so she will not waste time meeting with a man for whom the relationship is just a game.

Diana-Aquarius ♒ – the capricious and extravagant Diana-Aquarius can even bring bright colors to the boring and monotonous work (the main thing is that she should not be hindered from displaying her creative nature). This woman has a bright future, full of joy and unforgettable events. Diana-Aquarius is in love and passionate. In addition, she will never fully belong to her chosen one, the reason for which is her love of freedom.

Diana-Pisces ♓ – charming, feminine and soft Diana-Pisces does not like (and does not know how) to command, but the performer from her will turn out to be excellent, because this woman is diligent and obligatory. Diana Pisces is peace-loving and responsive, she will not impose her opinion or criticize her opponent. The chosen one of this woman will be very lucky, because there will always be an understanding and loyal woman next to him.

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