Name Meaning Elizabeth

Elizabeth is an ancient Hebrew name, derived from the name Elisheba, whose meaning in the translation is interpreted as “worshiping God”, “my God is an oath”, “conjuring by God”. Other forms of this name: Eliza, Elsa, Isabella, Olisawa. It has become widespread throughout the world.

Elizabeth is a stubborn, energetic and purposeful woman, ready to work hard for the sake of achieving her goal. When making any decisions, she is always guided by reason and logic, therefore it is not surprising that people around her often consider her a cold, pragmatic and insensitive woman, which does not correspond to reality (Elizabeth simply reveals her feelings only to the closest people).

Elizabeth Personality Traits

Associated Zodiac Sign: Cancer ♋.

Ruling Planet: Neptune ♆.

Feng-Shui Element: Earth 土.

Talisman-stone, Mineral, Metal: Amethyst.

Lucky-Color: Blue.

Mascot Tree: Beech 🍁.

Mascot Plant: Lilac.

Mascot Animal: Fox.

Lucky Day: Wednesday ♅.

Lucky Season: Summer ☀.

Character Traits: Optimism, Impulsivity, Strong will, Logical thinking.

Spring Elizabeth – is an active person living on the principle of "movement is life." She is kind, sensitive and responsive, but her vulnerability and resentment often become the reason for loneliness (people are not always ready to understand and accept those who are too keen on criticism or comments). The family life of spring Elizabeth will be happy only with a patient and loving man.

Summer Elizabeth – is the soul of any company, and all thanks to her sociability and her cheerful disposition. She can empathize, and she always does this sincerely, thereby attracting others around her. To connect her life, summer Elizabeth agrees only with a good-natured and sympathetic person, for whom it is important to help those who need it.

Autumn Elizabeth – is faithful to her beliefs and ideals, reliable and practical. You can always rely on her, which is known to both friends and relatives. Due to her strong character, autumn Elizabeth cannot arrange her personal life for a long time, moreover, it is very difficult for her to trust a man. Therefore, her chosen one will have to try to win the heart of this solid spirit of a woman.

Winter Elizabeth – has a subtle sense of humor that helps her cope with many life’s hardships. She is reserved and serious, but at the same time she has an extraordinary opinion on everything (and she is creative in solving any problem). The ideal man of winter Elizabeth is an ironic and self-critical joker who knows how to think unconventionally.

Character of name Elizabeth

Such a name for a girl like Elizabeth literally sets up a child for action, dynamics, changes. In childhood, Elizabeth grows up as a fidget, trying to be in time everywhere. It is recorded in all existing circles and sections, participates in amateur performances and all school events, including theater. With age, the character of Elizabeth becomes quite balanced, she does not succumb to evil influence. But behind her mock softness lies a very smart and cunning personality, who has more intelligence than imagination.

She has a remarkable sense of humor and knows how to become the center of the company, being open to communication and knowing how to make friends. This is facilitated by her honest and direct nature, but you can’t call the girl a brawler. Developed intuition allows her to easily choose friends and surroundings. Despite the fact that sometimes an intuitive feeling fails her, a girl can really assess the situation and her shortcomings. The mystery of the name Elizabeth hides nature, able to command, agile, well adapted to life circumstances, not losing indulgence and presence of mind.

Positive traits of the name Elizabeth: Curiosity, cheerful disposition, charm, mobility, desire to achieve a goal, active life position. As a child, Elizabeth usually grows up as a smart girl with developed logic, a penchant for exact sciences. Elizabeth strives for broad communication, she quickly finds a common language with new people, she has a well-developed sense of humor. Elizabeth is generous and can give the last, but with the threat of an unfair divide, she will not miss her.

Negative traits of the name Elizabeth: Sick pride, resentment, selfishness, reckless courage. Elizabeth often makes rash and impulsive acts, tries in any way to attract attention. This name is trying to be among the first and does not know how to lose. She often does not care about the desires and opinions of others. At school, problems with discipline are possible, since Elizabeth does not like to obey strict rules and generally accepted standards of behavior. In adolescence, Elizabeth can suffer from an inferiority complex, show rather stringent requirements for herself, trying to be better than she really is.

Interests and Hobbies

Elizabeth loves to pay attention to "home" entertainment. Elizabeth’s main hobby is needlework: she loves to sew, embroider and knit. In her free time she can experiment in the kitchen with new recipes, knit or embroider, master the hand-made to decorate her home with her own decorated sets or silk paintings. An equally significant place in her life is electronics and a computer. During leisure hours, she can go through new levels of the game or communicate with her friend on Skype or on a social network.

Profession and Business

Elizabeth always completes everything that has been started to the end, having acquired a good habit: first find out what she is working for, and only then get to work. The girl is not afraid of monotonous and painstaking work, has a quick, excellent reaction, the ability to notice even minor circumstances. But the characterization of the name does not give her a leading position in business. True, in the women’s team, she may try to become “at the helm”. And although her career is developing quite successfully, she has to go for this for many years. Elizabeth is interested in new technologies, but usually chooses such professions as investigator, teacher, radio and television presenter, administrator, manager, accountant.

Elizabeth cannot be called a careerist, for her the priority in choosing a profession and place of work is a worthy assessment of her work and the ability to bring people benefits. Elizabeth does not seek to rule, because she does not have pronounced leadership ambitions. In addition, she does not know how to synthesize information and single out the main thing from the secondary. Therefore, it is quite natural that it will be extremely difficult for her to conduct business independently. If Elizabeth decides to become a business woman, then it is better to do business with a reliable partner.

Mind and Health

By type of character, Elizabeth is choleric. This is a temperamental, masterful, sentimental, but at the same time balanced person who scrupulously applies to every little thing, often not noticing the main problem. One of her shortcomings is hypertrophied straightforwardness, due to which Elizabeth has conflicts with others. If you want to achieve anything from the owner of this name, then it is better to appeal to her mind, not emotions, while you should not go around the bush, it is better to express your position directly. Elizabeth does not always say what she thinks, and she does not hurry to do what she says either. Elizabeth often wants to seem much better than she is, for which she is ready to make every effort (it is very important for her to like everyone and make a favorable impression on others). In general, Elizabeth is a good psychologist who knows how to choose the right key to the heart of any person.

The value of the name determines the state of the woman’s body: if she is successful, then everything is in order with her health; if she has temporary difficulties in life, then it begins to fail. Elizabeth knows very well what needs to be done so that her physical and spiritual balance is in order, but rarely follows recommendations. The weakest organ is the thyroid gland. Owners of this name are also predisposed to gastrointestinal diseases and metabolic disorders, so she should pay special attention to nutrition. In addition, Elizabeth has an unstable nervous system, which can lead to nervous breakdowns and depression.

Love and Sex

Elizabeth has many fans, because she is sociable, attractive and has a great sense of humor. This woman likes educated, intelligent, educated and modest men who seek to find perfect love, in which there will be no betrayal, lies and omissions. But the impudent and too assertive men push her away. Such selectivity of Elizabeth leads to the fact that for a long time she is in a state of search for her narrowed.

Elizabeth is quite sophisticated in sex, enjoys every minute of a love act and remembers all the partners with whom she managed to achieve harmony. She calmly discusses intimate issues, but does not tolerate rudeness and pressure. The prelude and the end of intimacy are important to her. If the process is commonplace, then a woman can feel deep disappointment. As a rule, Elizabeth picks up shy and timid partners, and quickly "bites through" a person, finds the best way to communicate with him. And although she does not look like a sexy beauty, during the process itself it opens and blooms, dissolving in her love. Already only for this sincerity can she be loved in return.

Family and Marriage

In her youth, Elizabeth rushes into love, easily agreeing to a marriage, which may not be entirely successful. After all, this woman makes her choice, guided by emotions and passion. But she will surely do the work on mistakes and, in the subsequent attempt to create a family, will be as responsible as possible in choosing a partner who should be a reliable, caring and loyal man. Therefore, the second marriage is completely deliberate. But he is often unhappy, although the origin of these troubles does not come from Elizabeth. She does her best to preserve peace and tranquility in the house and takes care of all the household members. Elizabeth is a true one-love woman, therefore she will demand fidelity from her husband (she will never forgive infidelity, even if she loves her husband madly).

In any "situation" the family of a woman in the first place. Elizabeth belongs to the category of women who will easily give up their careers for the prosperity of their family. She manages to create a truly perfect little world, where literally everything is saturated with comfort and domestic warmth. Elizabeth’s husband must understand that his bright and temperamental chosen one at home turns into a soft and patient woman. If Mexican passions are important to a man in family life, then Elizabeth is not ready to give them. This woman knows how to leave her negative emotions outside the home, which has a positive effect on family life. The owner of the name Elizabeth is always very hospitable, friendly with her neighbors, she is a skilled housewife, although sometimes she is attacked by pettiness and pickiness.

Elizabeth Horoscope

Elizabeth-Aries ♈ – is a liberated, self-confident and proactive person who believes that risk is a noble cause. It is her adventurism and passion for adventure that is the reason that Elizabeth-Aries often gets into all kinds of unpleasant stories. This woman, in a hurry to live and not afraid to make mistakes, has a huge number of fans who surround her with care and love. Elizabeth-Aries is in no hurry to choose one of her boyfriends, as she is not ready for a stable and serious relationship.

Elizabeth-Taurus ♉ – this practical and prudent woman keeps her emotions under control, which helps her to move up the career ladder. Elizabeth-Taurus is calm, thorough and scrupulous, so she can handle any monotonous work that requires the utmost concentration of attention. But the female cunning and charm of Elizabeth-Taurus is clearly lacking, which negatively affects her personal life (this woman is not popular with men), although she will make a faithful wife and a wonderful mistress.

Elizabeth-Gemini ♊ – temperament, impulsiveness, excessive emotionality and absurdity Elizabeth Gemini often prevent her from living a calm and measured life. And all for the reason that she, without a twinge of conscience, throws herself into adventures that can have a rather dubious character. The windiness of Elizabeth Gemini becomes an obstacle to building her family happiness (this woman is irresponsible in the field of feelings). She plays with the feelings of men, and even marriage cannot prevent it.

Elizabeth-Cancer ♋ – is a gentle, soft, modest and insinuating person for whom life is a continuous process of throwing from white to black and vice versa (Elizabeth-Cancer is afraid to take responsibility, and therefore rarely makes serious decisions on her own). It is not surprising that her life often depends on another person who has influence on her. Men take advantage of the weak character of Elizabeth Cancer, who is again and again disappointed in the love and sincerity of men. She needs a sensitive and reliable partner who can understand her subtle soul.

Elizabeth-Leo ♌ – is a woman leader who loves to rule, rule, command. Her actions are always clearly planned and calculated to the smallest detail, and the arguments are undeniable and convincing. It is quite natural that those around Elizabeth-Leo are afraid and respected at the same time. Her pressure extends not only to colleagues and subordinates, but also to household members, therefore, getting along with this strong-willed woman is not easy (Elizabeth-Leo has long been looking for a worthy partner who will be strong and courageous).

Elizabeth-Virgo ♍ – calm, intelligent and educated Elizabeth-Virgo resembles a graceful and majestic doe, for which there is nothing more important than freedom. Such an image of an ideal and independent woman can repel men who do not know how to behave in her company from Elizabeth the Virgin. At the same time, men revere this woman and even idolize her. Elizabeth-Virgo will be interested not in a passionate macho who is ready to do crazy things for her beloved, but an erudite and well-mannered man, on whose shoulder you can always lean.

Elizabeth-Libra ♎ – you can always find a common language with this energetic, talented, and diversified woman, especially since Elizabeth-Libra is not only interesting, but also a very erudite interlocutor who knows a lot and knows how. It is not surprising that this woman can succeed in any field of activity, without exception. Elizabeth-Libra is the very charm and charisma, so men don’t have a soul in her and try to please her in everything. At the same time, she needs a reliable, loyal and selflessly loving her man, ready to pamper her lover and admire her.

Elizabeth-Scorpio ♏ – witty and straightforward Elizabeth-Scorpio has an amazing ability to instantly analyze the situation and immediately find the right way out of it. Moreover, her ardor is always under control of the critical mind, which is important in solving any problems. It is interesting that Elizabeth Scorpio knows how to admit her mistakes, which is unusual for representatives of this zodiac sign. She chooses a man for life long and carefully, because she is looking for a strong and strong-willed personality (to match herself).

Elizabeth-Sagittarius ♐ – energetic, active and quite categorical Elizabeth-Sagittarius does not like to "plow the sand". On the contrary, she prefers to set clear goals and objectives, which she expects from others. She always acts quickly and confidently, so any work argues in her hands. But still, the actions of Elizabeth-Sagittarius are often thoughtless in nature, which leads to errors and disappointments. Elizabeth-Sagittarius is a passionate and amorous woman, however, unfortunately, her feelings are short enough.

Elizabeth-Capricorn ♑ – this stubborn and assertive personality methodically goes to the intended goal, confidently overcoming all obstacles. At the same time, prudence and pragmatism make Elizabeth-Capricorn an insensitive iron lady, for whom the manifestation of emotions and feelings is something out of the ordinary. Communicating with such a programmed woman is far from easy, so she has no friends (others treat her with coldness, as they consider her arrogant and superficial). It is difficult for men to approach Elizabeth the Capricorn and destroy the wall of contempt and detachment that she raised.

Elizabeth-Aquarius ♒ – is a dual nature who devotes herself to work and care for loved ones, but at the same time absolutely does not let anyone into her heart. Like any woman, Elizabeth-Aquarius dreams of a beautiful and eternal love, but the realization that ideal relationships exist only in a fairy tale discourages her from hunting for her love. Such a melancholy approach to arranging his personal life threatens with longing, loneliness and even lingering depressions, from which only an attentive and loving prince can save her.

Elizabeth-Pisces ♓ – capricious, conceited and narcissistic Elizabeth-Pisces used to act exclusively as she sees fit, while no arguments of reason affect her, as well as the opinions of others. But still, in the soul — this is a kind, vulnerable and affectionate nature, who, fearing disappointment, puts on a mask of a daring and assertive woman vamp. With men, Elizabeth Pisces behaves calmly and coldly, loves to arrange various checks for her chosen one in order to convict him of insincerity.

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