Name Meaning Emilia

The origin of the name Emilia causes a lot of controversy and controversy, which indicates its great popularity among different peoples. Translated from Latin, it takes the meaning of “strong”, “diligent”, “strong”. According to the second version, this is a female form from Emilius, which arose from the Roman generic nickname Aemilius and means "rival". Some researchers consider it a variant of the Greek name Emilios, derived from the word “aimylios” — “affectionate”, “flattering”.

Emilia, despite her melodious and gentle name, has a strong character and strong will. She does not follow the advice of others, preferring to learn solely from her mistakes. Proud, purposeful, but at the same time vulnerable and responsive, she is very demanding of herself and others. This woman never forgives mistakes to anyone. Not only that, she will definitely avenge the grievances inflicted on her, and she will do it exquisitely when the offender least expects this. But nevertheless, it should be remembered that to one degree or another the character of Emilia also depends on the time of year in which she was born.

Emilia Personality Traits

Associated Zodiac Sign: Aries ♈.

Ruling Planet: Uranus ♅.

Feng-Shui Element: Metal 金.

Talisman-stone, Mineral, Metal: Cornelian.

Lucky-Color: Orange.

Mascot Tree: Poplar 🍁.

Mascot Plant: Sweet pea.

Mascot Animal: Jellyfish.

Lucky Day: Saturday ♄.

Lucky Season: Spring 🌱.

Character Traits: Emotionality, logical thinking, activity, exactingness.

Spring Emilia – is persistent and straightforward, inquisitive and open to everything new. She is charming, smart and prudent. At the same time, she is a cheerful and good-natured woman who will never refuse help or friendly advice (and she has many friends, because it is always easy and interesting to talk with Emilia on any topic). Interestingly, the demanding and picky Emilia knows how to admit her mistakes. It’s quite difficult for men to get along with her because of her willfulness and excessive freedom of love, with which she will not part with under any circumstances.

Summer Emilia – is a calm, balanced and peaceful woman who is ready to devote herself to housework, caring for children and her husband. She will prefer the preparation of the next culinary masterpiece for her family to career growth and gatherings with friends. In this case, the man next to her will never be bored, because she will always be an unsolved mystery to him. Even as a housewife, Emilia can realize herself as a graphic designer or florist. Her main hobby is books that give her food for thought and thought, therefore, she is always ready to answer any question.

Autumn Emilia – is a born entrepreneur in whose hands any business argues and burns. She is busy from early morning until late at night, because it is important for her to be the best of the best, and for this it is necessary to work tirelessly. Public and organizational work is her horse, but she absolutely does not have time to clean up the apartment or make dinner. It is not surprising that her personal life is adjusted quite late, when she fully realizes herself in the chosen field. But she also approaches the creation of a family responsibly and professionally, because marriage is also work, and not easy.

Winter Emilia – is active and energetic. For her, there are no impossible tasks. At the same time, she is unlikely to spend her energy on arranging the family hearth and household chores. Building a career and recognition is her main life goal, while the family goes by the wayside. This woman is a realist, she soberly looks at life, therefore she does not expect gifts from fate. Romantic impulses are not peculiar to her, therefore she chooses a soul mate, guided by calculation and profit, and this does not mean at all that she will be unhappy in family life.

Character of name Emilia

For a girl named by this name, every day is a stepping stone to a new achievement. Mind, judiciousness and a leading position in society make it beyond its adult years. Emilia begins to show a wayward character from a very young age. She does not accept teachings and refusals. He does not like the imposition of someone else’s opinion, even parents. I’m used to solving it myself. The versatile characterization of this name only emphasizes the stubbornness and courage of its owner.

Emilia is an obedient girl, an affable woman, albeit somewhat unbalanced. This is a strong personality, full of energy. In childhood, she loves adult society more, and later on, more often men become her friends. An optimist in life, she is endowed with a good sense of humor. At the same time, such a girl is unstable, she is always drawn to something or to someone new.

Positive traits of the name Emilia: Emilia is the owner of a sunny, welcoming character. Personal charm helps her achieve success in any business. This is a passionate nature that strives for new things in all areas of life. She is a proponent of progressive views and can easily break with old habits and attachments. She has a sense of humor, she is always ready to support those who know how to joke. She is not upset over trifles and is optimistic about the future.

Negative traits of the name Emilia: Sometimes Emilia becomes irritable when she sees slow people next to her who are trying to curb her haste. Her desire for constant change can lead to not very pleasant events in life. For Emilia, public opinion is very important. Often, she will behave in a certain way, only because she will be confident in a positive assessment of others. This can be very frustrating. Without taking personal interests into account, she can completely become dependent on other people who simply will use she.

Interests and Hobbies

Since childhood, Emilia is a creative child, eager for new knowledge. Her main hobby is books. The girl gladly grows rare varieties of flowering plants and is sure to achieve success in this. In addition, she sings and dances beautifully, and if her parents give her to acting classes, their child can build a brilliant artistic career.

Profession and Business

Emilia has excellent logical analysis capabilities, has developed intuition. Therefore, the profession of a police officer, tax service, and customs may become ideal for her. It makes a wonderful health worker or diplomat. She is a responsible specialist, owns oratory techniques. An innate sense of beauty, a personal, creative approach to business allows her to also prove herself as a designer, fashion designer, stylist.

A woman with this name can be successful in business, luck is often on her side. Emilia’s business lady succeeds: she knows how to make contacts, has an entrepreneurial spirit, and can benefit from any situation. And if you add practicality and prudence to all this, then there will be no doubt that Emilia’s business will flourish. But you cannot earn big money because of excessive generosity.

Mind and Health

By the type of character, Emilia is choleric. A wonderful sense of humor, irony and pragmatism save her in the most difficult situations. She is demanding and critical in relation to herself and others, but at the same time is straightforward and honest. Of course, there are times when she plays "for the public", but she does this not out of cheating or coquetry, but solely for the purpose of deriving certain benefits from it. Others can perceive Emilia’s coldness as arrogance, her restraint as isolation, but for close people she is always open and responsive. At the same time, it is really difficult to name the emotional owner of this name.

Since birth, Emilia has excellent health, she rarely gets sick. But frequent breakdowns, nervousness in words and deeds have a devastating effect on the body. As a result, she may have neuroses, speech defects, blood diseases, skin diseases. Emilia name owners are advised to pay attention to the digestive system and bone condition.

Love and Sex

A man for Emilia is primarily a friend and like-minded person, and only then the object of love and passion. And since it is always harder to find a male friend than a lover, the search for the second half can drag on indefinitely, from which Emilia herself does not suffer at all. A man who may be interested in this demanding woman must be erudite, serious, reliable, faithful. Emilia needs a partner with whom she can build an ideal family, and love will be her foundation or friendship is a secondary issue. The chosen one of Emilia must understand that behind the coldness and pragmatism of this woman there is temperament and tenderness, it is simply not easy to reveal such faces in her. Emilia will not scream about her love, she will show it in other ways: he will button his beloved coat on all the buttons in cold weather, bring an umbrella forgotten at home if it rains. It is interesting that Emilia does not consider the material component in choosing a man, since she believes that welfare is a joint matter.

In intimate relationships, she is quite picky and strict. He knows and feels men, prefers intellectual partners. More often influenced by the mind than the heart. She does not accept casual connections, so her trust must be earned. Sex for Emilia means everything when she loves a man, and nothing when she is indifferent to him. Therefore, in an intimate life, she behaves either as a temperamental temptress who does not know shame and prohibitions, or as a prude, for whom sexual intercourse is nothing but a way to prolong youth and satisfy her physiological needs.

Family and Marriage

Emilia selects a candidate for spouse thoroughly and for a long time, therefore she marries more often after 25 years, or even later. Her chosen one should have the angelic patience and wisdom of Solomon, otherwise the marriage will not “last” for a long time, because Emilia’s capricious and wayward is not easy to endure. And, of course, a man should take into account the fact that Emilia will be the generalissimo in the family. Often, Emilia’s first marriage fails, and the separation is violent: it is mutual accusations, insults, and “debriefing” on the topic of who is to blame for the fact that “the best years of life were wasted”.

Emilia is hardly a model hostess. On the contrary, she does not like to do household chores, so she tries to delegate them to her loved ones. She is ready to work days and nights, but 2-3 hours spent in the kitchen morally empty her. Moreover, if necessary, she will gather a dinner party, and she will cover it on the table, and she will wash a mountain of dishes, and bake pies. Parenting for Emilia is a sore subject, as she tries to be strict and kind at the same time. As a result, the children do not understand what she wants from them, and behave as she herself in childhood — wayward. True, having matured, children always find support in her, so they go to her for any advice. A calm family life without storms and passions can develop in Emilia with a phlegmatic husband who will avoid quarrels and give his chosen one complete freedom of action.

Emilia Horoscope

Emilia-Aries ♈ – sociable, open, good-natured, cheerful and sincere Emilia-Aries simply immersed in the love of others. She is always welcome in any company, because she is calm, conflict-free and erudite. In people, this woman always tries to discern the best qualities, while she often turns a blind eye to shortcomings - but in vain, because such idealization of people ultimately leads to strong disappointments. In a man, she appreciates reliability, courage, care and romance. Emilia-Aries’s chosen one is a knight, while Emilia herself is a princess.

Emilia-Taurus ♉ – purposeful, assertive, energetic, independent and ambitious Emilia-Taurus in everything and always relies solely on herself. She was not used to bowing her head to difficulties - on the contrary, any trials that fell to her lot only temper her already strong character. Emilia-Taurus has no authority, she will zealously defend her opinion (even if it is erroneous). This woman is focused primarily on her career, but sometimes you need to think about relaxation, not to mention personal life.

Emilia-Gemini ♊ – is a sweet, charming, vulnerable and touchy Emilia Gemini is naive and trusting, which is why she suffers because she is surrounded by people who use her kindness. She will come to the rescue without further ado, and absolutely disinterestedly. Emilia should learn to say no if she wants to have real friends who will not betray or deceive. She will have a personal life with a courageous, responsible and wise man who will become for her not only a husband, but also a mentor.

Emilia-Cancer ♋ – is a serious, responsible, practical and judicious woman who, with all her restraint and coldness, is unsure of herself. For Emilia Cancer, the support of loved ones is very important, their praise and recognition. In general, this woman depends on the opinions of others, therefore, when making fateful decisions, she is guided more by the advice of others than by her desires and ideas about life. Emilia-Cancer will be happy with a man who will take on the solution to all her problems, in return she will be ready to devote her whole life to him.

Emilia-Leo ♌ – charming and charismatic Emilia-Leo, despite its attractiveness, repels hot-tempered and aggressive. She is intolerant of the shortcomings of others, while she considers herself ideal. Men are initially attracted by her bold image, but over time they become disillusioned with Emilia, who manifests herself in a relationship as a real egoist. She needs a man who will not just love her, but worship her, only finding such an admirer is not very simple.

Emilia-Virgo ♍ – a passionate, comprehensively developed and gifted Emilia-Virgo is constantly in a state of finding a creative path. Her life is filled with diverse events: theaters, exhibitions, cafes, a sports club, a library. It is not surprising that there is practically no time left for personal life. Therefore, Emilia-Virgo needs a passionate man who will gladly share with her all the joys and hardships of a creative life.

Emilia-Libra ♎ – this woman does not like hustle and bustle, so she tries to avoid crowded companies and does not attend entertainment events. Prefers to relax in the circle of old and time-tested friends. In general, for Emilia-Libra, the center of the universe is her family, for which she lives. She devotes all her free time to her husband and children, lives by their problems and victories. Career for this woman is not important, although she often achieves a lot in the professional field, because she is responsible, executive and compulsory.

Emilia-Scorpio ♏ – straightforward, tough and demanding Emilia-Scorpio is never a hypocrite. But often her directness hurts and offends, which absolutely does not interest her. Emilia herself does not tolerate moralizing and criticizing, since she considers herself an ideal. This waywardness and the presence of double standards leads to the fact that it is extremely difficult to communicate with her even to relatives and friends, not to mention colleagues and just acquaintances. She is looking for the perfect man with a strong character who can curb her difficult temper. Only here a strong man is not always ready to endure the difficult nature of his chosen one.

Emilia-Sagittarius ♐ – a vulnerable and quivering soul hides behind the firm and strong character of Emilia-Sagittarius, which needs support, care and understanding. She is afraid of disappointment, so she has few friends, but they are tested by time and life difficulties. Emilia-Sagittarius is looking for a man who will be, first of all, a friend and like-minded person. Love for her is not passion. It is a feeling that is reinforced by trust and understanding.

Emilia-Capricorn ♑ – responsibility, discipline and determination are inherent in this woman, who slowly but firmly walks along the path of life, worthily overcoming all obstacles and difficulties. Emilia-Capricorn will not betray, will not deceive and will not be a hypocrite. She devotes all her time to building a career, but at the same time she dreams of a beautiful and romantic love story. She rarely falls in love, and for the sake of a loved one, she is ready to sacrifice many things, including her career.

Emilia-Aquarius ♒ – traveling, meeting new people, self-development — this is what Emilia-Aquarius lives for. This cheerful, energetic and friendly person is attractive to herself, so she has many friends who adore her for her easy temper and responsiveness. But Emilia, born under the sign of Aquarius, does not tolerate loneliness, therefore she marries early, choosing a man with an active lifestyle, who will necessarily share the passion of his other half for traveling, as his wife’s wife.

Emilia-Pisces ♓ – a shy, vulnerable, distrustful and timid Emilia-Pisces leads a fairly closed lifestyle. She is in no hurry to let new people into her world, let alone open her soul to them. She has few friends, but she really values them. This woman dreams of a beautiful love story, in which there will be romance, and passion, and devotion, and unearthly love. Emilia Pisces is suitable for a calm man with a sense of humor, who will teach his beloved to enjoy life.

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